The Venom Cure
Video: Cone Shell Conotoxins

A textile cone hunts other snails. Its proboscis contains a harpoon, loaded with a powerful venom called conotoxin. It paralyzes its prey so it can be sucked from its shell and devoured. Other cone shells have developed a venom that’s effective for hunting vertebrates, like fish.

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  • les spielvogel

    that was a striated cone
    you should identify it accurately
    it is not geographus

  • Bruce Livett

    In the first sequence involving envenomation of a small mollusc the attacking cone shell looks like Conus textile. In the second sequence involving envenomation of a small fish, the attacking cone shell appears to be Conus striatus

  • Brandon Gauthier

    They’re right they have top scientist i think your the one whos wrong!

  • dotk

    I feel sorry for the fish.

  • john breadman

    Wish i knew about this venomous little creature before I handled them on the beach in Thailand.
    Luckily was not subject to it’s sting !

  • accurateman

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