The Wolf That Changed America
NATURE Comic Book - "Lobo: King of the Currumpaw"

View and download the new NATURE Comic Book: “Lobo: King of the Currumpaw.”

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Illustrated by THOMAS YEATES
Lettered by TODD KLEIN

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  • Marcia Clark

    I love this program! The one on Lobo brought me to tears! Thank you for presenting this wonderful story.
    P.S. I am a 71 year old grandmother!

  • Akira K.

    This was a sad program, but it shows that wolves can be important to the earth. Why else would it exist if it were harmful? I’m a wolf-lover, so I say this was one of the best episode of Nature yet! Thanks!

  • Ronald Delphin

    I would like to buy the dvd

  • Dan Preszler

    I was especially happy to see this program. My wife & I had just traveled through northern New Mexico this last summer and noticed the scenery that was depicted. I’ve forwarded your comic book story to her in hopes that she will share it with her 5th grade students. Thanks!

  • Angela

    One aspect of this program bothered me. They covered up the real way Seton and his men killed Lobo’s mate. Seton didn’t just shoot her at point blank range as the Nature episode would suggest — according to the record, he and his friends lassoed her and pulled her in opposite directions until her body ripped apart. Although this woud be horrible to show in any documentary (and would be probably be easier to simply mention offscreen), I feel it’s imortant to highlight the unbeleivably cruel and inhumane way wolves were killed by humans back then. It wasn’t just a case of economics — there was a really insane and irrational hatred that enabled seemingly “normal” people to do unspeakably brutal things. Mentioning this incident may make people see Seton in a much different light, as well as the whole campaign to exterminate wolves in the lower 48 states.

  • jan birin

    wow, this was a great doc. . Please send me the phone # which was given after the show as i would like to order the D.v.d. Thank you for such great t.v.

  • Keith Robins

    Can you buy a book about this?? This was a wonderful show..

  • Andrew McFarland

    This was an eye opener. I have always loved the wolf and what thay have stood for. This doc. just sulitifies my beliefs in this beautiful animal. If possible I would like the DVD of this documentary. I would appreciate a phone number or e-mail address. Thanks.

  • Ty Landthrip

    Very educational for us all. We all have a right to exist, animal or man! It is ashame that with some of the lesson’s we all must learn come with such a high cost. I am sure Mr. Seton felt the same!

  • Kevin

    Quality Show. Thanks for putting it together!! I found Seton’s story very compelling.

  • M Brown

    Many of Seton’s writings are still in print. Get “Wild Animals I Have Know” for Seton’s story “Lobo: King of the Currapaw”. Also, Lobo’s hide is on display at the Philmont Museum and Seton Library at the BSA’s Phimont Scout Ranch in New Mexico.

  • shane mc sweeney

    Halo my name is Shane Mc Sweeney im from ireland and just seen the story of lobo and it was the best story i ever herd it was just a beautiful story thank you for putting it together

  • Shelly

    A new generation needed to see and hear the story that began the environmental movement for all of America. Thank you for your hard work and perseverance to make it possible.

  • Alice Jaquelyn

    Wonderful, thank you for this important story. Sadly, these amazing animals are still being killed and trapped in the Southwest and there are only about 50 left in the wild right now. People who want to help restore lobos can go to and get involved.

  • Adam Hall

    I love this story and it made me look at wolves differently. I brings me tears every time I see it.

  • Jacquelynn

    i love the story of Lobo, i have always loved nature and i am planning on going to Yellowstone after my schooling and follow these amazing creatures and learn more about them.I to am sad about the story and i to have the love for wolves and want to help stop people from hurting them and leave them alone and save them for generations to come.

  • Donna Knight

    How can I buy the DVD?
    What a wonderful story. I want it for my grandchildren who are very avid students of wildlife conservation.

  • Annaline

    I think its awful what they really did to Lobo’s mate Blanca. How can anyone be that cruel? It’s just sickening. I luv
    wolves! I love animals! I love the nature channel!

  • Katie Yoder

    Remember reading this when i was about twelve. Man it was a trip to see this playin three years later on nature. i went back onto my shelf this afternoon and read the story again. it makes me cry every time, especially the ending.

    “I took the chain from his neck, a cowboy helped me to carry him to the shed where lay the remains of blanca, and as we lay him there beside her the cattleman exclaimed: “there, you WOULD come to her, and now you are together again”
    -The legend of lobo, Earnest Thompson Seton

  • Luna H. Dirus Wolf

    I feel so bad for Lobo, the first time I saw the video it was on Youtube and I feel so freaking bad for all the wolves in the world, especially Lobo (I know he would die sooner or later but killing Blanca and then him? That’s just plain evil to me :’( ) :’(

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