The Wolf That Changed America
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In 1893, a bounty hunter named Ernest Thompson Seton journeyed to the untamed canyons of New Mexico on a mission to kill a dangerous outlaw. Feared by ranchers throughout the region, the outlaw wasn’t a pistol-packing cowboy or train-robbing bandit. The outlaw was a wolf. Lobo, as locals simply called him, was the legendary leader of a band of cattle-killing wolves that had been terrorizing cattle ranchers and their livestock. It was up to Seton to exterminate this “super-wolf.” The ensuing battle of wits between wolf and man would spark a real-life wilderness drama, the outcome of which would leave a lasting effect on a new and growing movement in America: wilderness preservation. Buy the DVD. This film premiered November 23, 2008.

  • Alyce Hudnell

    I was so amazed and engrossed by this story of Ernest Thompson Seton & Lobo. Thank you all who are responsible for this film. I will promote others to watch it.

  • Frances

    It made me cry. I’m also from New Mexico, and the University of NM mascot is the “Lobo”. There is a statue of the him on the campus that now has new meaning for me. Thanks for this program.

  • Maki

    I could not watch this without tears… What a great show, thank you PBS. This will be one of my favorite Christmas gift to many of my friends and family….
    I want more people to inspire by this incredible real story of Lobo and Seton..

  • Lee Bidgood, Jr.

    Too bad this is not available until Dec. 26. I loved the program, but wanted to give it for Christmas, not later.

  • Heather Clotfelter

    Very well done and meaningful. What a wonderful lesson for us all. Our whole family enjoyed it from our five year old up. Thank you for making it available online to watch again.

  • Paul Forte

    Excellent!!!!!!! This show has brought out some deep feeling I’ll always have for the nature of New Mexico. Thanks PBS

  • wayne raasch

    I am vegetarian so that wolves, bobcats, mountain lions, bears,coyotes, may live

  • Brian L

    Fantastic program! The storytelling format was a departure from the usual Nature format and made it all the more entertaining to watch. I have already added Seton’s “Wild Animals I Have Known” to my Christmas list to learn more about Lobo and the man.

  • Lisa F

    Wow! Thanks for this inspiring program. It touched me deeply and i have been researching this incredible story since this program aired a few days ago. I was horrified to read another account of the killing of Blanca, Lobo’s mate, here:
    At least Seton was strong enough to reflect on his actions and change his attitude. Much good came as a result, and i hope that we can all learn from Seton’s experience.

  • Daniel DeVey

    Seton’s story was introduced into our family several generations ago. We were always deeply moved by it. It taught us that animals have a soul, and to not take that soul lightly, but to respect it. I was so pleased that you did this program.

  • David Thill

    I was so moved by this documentary that I have decided to spend a weekend in late January at the International Wolf Center in Ely, Minnesota to learn more about the wolf & its way of life. Thanks for putting this program together. It definitely confirms my thoughts that all animals have a soul & that we are the caretakers of their lives.

  • Alexandra

    This was a really really great program. It shows that we really need to preserve the wolf population and other endangered species as well and this coming from a man that killed wolves shows that people can really change their perspectives on how we view all animals whether they’re predators or not

  • Scott

    Wow, what a great story. I found out that I still have tear ducts after all these years. Perhaps this video could thaw the cold hearts of those who still seek to destroy this amazing creature?


    IT S V E R Y N I C E

  • nicholas candito

    This was one of the best, well put together,nature stories I’ve seen in a long time. Excellent!

  • Betsy Johnson

    Great program. I only wish that the program had made clear that a very important reason for reintroduction of the wolf and other large predators is that the entire ecosystem depends on large predators being a part of it. When they are not there things get out of balance very quickly. This is very true on the east coast where no large predators exist.

  • Steve

    “I am vegetarian so that wolves, bobcats, mountain lions, bears,coyotes, may live” Yeah we eat so many Wolves around here Im tired of them looking for some coyote…Oh give me a break, Billions of Chickens a day die, millions of cattle die daily, I dont think you make a difference. Wolves are absolutely an outstanding animal, Im a hunter but not a killer. Great program.

  • Charlie Salomon

    My Grandfather, Julian Salomon, attended Seton’s camp in Cos Cob, CT around the turn of the century and was a member of the Woodcraft Indians. The summer camp I attended, Tanager Lodge, was founded by another Seton disciple (and Grandad’s best friend), Fey Welch, where they carried on the traditions of the Woodcraft Indians.

    One of the things that always stuck with me over the years was the 12 Woodcraft Laws:

    1. Be clean, both yourself and the place you live in.

    2. Be strong, understand and respect your body.

    3. Protect all harmless wildlife, conserve the trees and flowers.

    4. Hold your word of honor sacred.

    5. Play fair, for foul play is treachery

    6. Worship the Great Spirit and respect all worship of him by others. (There’s novel concept)

    7. Be brave, for courage is the noblest of all gifts.

    8. Respect your elders and otherwise show them deference.

    9. Obey. Obedience is the first duty of the Woodcrafter.

    10. Be kind. Do at least one act of un-bartered service daily.

    11. Be helpful. Do your share of the work.

    12. Be joyful. Seek the joys of being alive.

    I spent 5 summers there in the mid 1970s and I can still recite them.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  • BlueCornMoon

    Lisa #9
    Actually,the horrific murder of Lobo’s mate Blanca was described in the Seton story as follows at the Baldwin Project site:
    “We each threw a lasso over the neck of the doomed wolf, and strained our horses in opposite directions until the blood burst from her mouth, her eyes glazed, her limbs stiffened and then fell limp.”
    I read this story as a small child & my tears just poured at this scene,Lobo’s reaction & how the story ended.It still brings tears.How anyone could do such a heinous thing to a living creature who was just trying to survive the way nature intended is beyond me. Man is indeed the most dangerous creature on the planet. And Gov. Palin has sanctioned killing wolves from helicopters in Alaska.They even allow killing pups in their dens. We really haven’t come all that far have we?

  • Bonnie

    This was excellent. It was a tear jerker for me. All the way through I wished for a happy ending but I knew the “irony of life and death would prevail.It really upsets me that we as “man” believe we actually have the right to say who or what is evil or good and destroy that accordingly. As my grandfather used say “If you want to see the devil; look in the mirror. Seton found out the hard way that this old saying was true of himself.

  • Aaron

    Check out the Seton Legacy Project at
    for important info about the entire Seton Legacy.

  • Robert M. Jeresaty,M.D.

    Your program was excellent. Seeing Lobo die in dignity I am reminded of the beautiful poem by Alfred De Vigny: the death of a wolf(La Mort du Loup),part of it could serve to describe Lobo death. You will be able to get a copy of the poem with a poor translation in English by googling “La Mort du Loup”.

  • G.

    Hoi, waarom praten jullie allemaal Engels. Ik praat tenminste nog fatsoendelijk Nederlands.

  • Jaren Schindler

    A sad story but things like animals can change our lifes forever. Our life is animals if we kill for fun you are the monster not the animal! You might think I am wrong but look at nature for your self wach the Deer the Elk or what ever animal you will see life. Seten was the father of nature and BSA (Boy Scouts of Amaica).

  • charley

    those wolfs look scary they are bigger than my bulldog and she fights other dogs ang wins but we give hewr a spacen

  • BlueCornMoon

    Here’s Alfred De Vigny’s poem: the death of a wolf(La Mort du Loup

    It does indeed remind you of the death of Lobo

  • Jon Davis

    It is easy for me to understand the conflict within Ernest Thompson Seton; my own father grew up on the plains of Wyoming, where as a young man he broke colts, hunted deer and elk (his family raised cattle but sold them for cash and ate primarily venison), and trapped fur-bearers to make money. And I still recall reading “Wild Animals I Have Known” as a child, and I spend part of each summer in Wyoming with my grandparents; it was a wonderful part of my childhood.

    But as an adult my father became more in touch with the beauty of nature, as the west we loved became overrun with “progress”; my father was an avid fisherman well into adulthood but he stopped hunting, and he preferred to walk rather than drive.

    I am thankful I got to spend so much time in the “wilderness” with my father, but I am glad that most people of we westerners now realize that we can’t continue to exploit nature, that as Aldo Leopold, the father of the Gila Wilderness wrote, the deer may fear the wolf, but the mountain fears the deer.

    And like most New Mexicans, I wholeheartedly support the re-introduction of the Mexican gray wolf in New Mexico, a program which has languished horridly during the Bush administration, and I also wholeheartedly support the Citizen’s Plan to increase our wilderness lands in NM; for more information see

  • Jeff West

    This is tragedy with a constructive ending; a nice story, told well.

  • Malachi Stewart

    This is AWESOME! Great Video! 5 Stars.

  • Billy

    Good viedo…sad…4 stars

  • Steve M.

    I cried and cried. The brokenhearted Lobo dies, taking with him the spirit of his wilderness.
    My home too is gone. I watch California, once deep and rich with flora and fauna, die. The flowers of my childhood are extinct, the seashells are gone, the streams are dry – all replaced by weeds and ignorant trackhomes.
    My mother was raised on abalone and salmon – and fed the extra to the chickens. They are all gone and so is the spirit that was California of her time.
    Poor Lobo watched as the immigrants and invaders swept away his home and took even his beloved Blanca.

    Truly, PBS has been a window to a wider for my entire life. Thanks you PBS – I hope to leave my inheritance to you PBS someday.

  • yvonne

    When will men learn that all animals (humans included) experience love. It is what we were create out of and is the common thread between all living creatures. Why does the human species think it has the right to take that away from animals? When will we learn to share this world out of nothing but pure love?

  • Yellowbird

    I sincerely hope that Ernest Thompson Seton went to HELL for killing wolves and everything else that he wanted. Not only do I hate Seaton for this MURDER, but I hate ALL ranchers and refuse to buy any of their bloody product. To HELL with all of them. I have never felt so incensed.

  • nature lover

    “Yellowbird” why do you hate Seton? he is the reason we still have some love for nature left on the earth. I know it took him killing a lot of it before he realized what was wrong with what he was doing but at least now we have some laws (thanks to him) which out law killing of wild animals. I really feel we need to show films like this to governor of Alaska. How cruel of her and her people who sit of wolf/ bear skin to give a interview on national TV.

    Very good film. I hope we revive back to all the natural resources we had 100-200 years back in this country and the world.

  • esmeralda

    i hope this voied and i think this

    love esmeralda

  • Earnest Thompson Seton Program on PBS | Scouting News

    [...] can watch The Wolf That Changed America [...]

  • Alice W. Fowler

    “The Wolf That Changed America” was beautifully produced, and F. Murray Abraham did an amazing job of narrating, considering how heart-breaking the story was. He’s just a truly great actor who never lets his feelings interfere with telling the story in an objective manner. I love to look at animals, especially wolves and bears, as well as outdoor scenery, but oftentimes their stories are just too devastating for an animal lover like me. Can’t we have a cheerful or hopeful story about wolves sometime soon? Maybe one about someone who adopted wolves, made great pets out of them, saved their offspring? That would be so much better than downers that tell all about animals eating each other.

  • Dr. Kevin R. Linam

    A fantastic Nature program! I showed to my life science classes. Typically,my students don’t really watch educational programs with alot of focus, but this one is different! I attended UNM and played football for a short time in 70’s and never knew the significance of of the Lobo, now I understand! I and my students really enjoyed the story and the great outdoors. A wonderful educational video! Dr. Kevin R. Linam, Science Teacher, Atmore, Alabama

  • robbie

    Has anyone compiled a report on the range/ranch where Seton trapped Lobo? This would make a great PBS program on its own. I hope someone has considered this! Thank you.

  • William E. Chamberlain, Jr.

    I have dealt with wolves on a daily basis for 23 years. I live in the mountains in northern Nevada and I presently live with 15 of them. Like Seton & Smith, I know first hand the social, ecological, and physcial value of wolves. Our hatred for wolves today is based on conditions and fabrications of the past. It is verifiable fact that their presence in the wild has had sigificant benefits beyond what anyone first thought when reintroduction of them was first considered. Wolves are an essential peice of Mother Nature’s complicated puzzle, and are to be recognized for their contribution to it. Without all the parts of nature in play, ecological imbalances naturally occur. With the vast number of ecological imbalances of today, we are undermining the environment in which we live, and jeopardizing our future on this earth.

  • William E. Chamberlain, Jr.
  • Wolf lover #1

    this was awesome i love it i know that Lobo and Blonka are happy in heaven today.

  • Kenzo

    Lobo, a true American martyr. What an amazing spirit. But without Seton, the messenger, we would know nothing about Lobo. They are both play equally important roles in this story.

  • Oisin Coughlan

    A sad but grate story.. This film is a real eye opener.

  • Benjamin Biswell

    Wow! An amazing story that I’ll have to share w/my grandfather, my hero and ultimate example of a true animal lover. Many lessons to be learned from this story, respect for the beauty, intelligence and innocents of nature, our responsibility to creatures that don’t have the power to ultimatly protect themselves from humans devastating actions and idealogy, the great power that the loss of love can cripple us by, and the power that love instills in us. Thank you PBS for having this available online so I can share it with all of my friends and family. And yes ‘naturelover’ I agree please would someone share this with the Gov. of Alaska and all those in positions of like power. For god sake I want to be a grandfather someday and it breaks my heart to think that any part of nature will be out of reach to my grandchildren.

  • James Kim

    I was very sad when Seton almost killed Lobo. I thought he would. When he didn’t kill Lobo, I cried. When Lobo died for real, I cried more.

  • james warner

    A captivating story.I have always been fasinated by wolves and nature. Thankyou PBS

  • Andrea Cowart

    This both ticked me off and made me cry. I know he was trying to atone for his sin, but the wolf was the one who won and had the soul. Grief can kill an animal’s soul and will to live, just like it does our. Another point that shows animals and nature as far smarter than humans will ever be. Just my opinion!

  • Rafael Muñoz

    I’m Mexican I can’t understad all but I realize that it’s an amazing and powerful history.

  • jessica

    I love learning more and more of this amazing creation(Wolves) so misunderstood and yet still honored by some. Please show more great Nature films.thanks.

  • heidi

    The story is there; and the lesson that can be learned from this account isn’t all that hard. It’s having the willingness to REALIZE that this existing Earth isn’t “all about us” as in “this earth belongs to Us People and WE decide what can or can not share this space”. Wake up, Homo Sapiens; look around you. There’s becoming less & less of what once was. And we certainly have the Intelligence to fix that. That is, some of us do. Like Mr. Seton, those of us who do, can share what we know to educate others. Thank you, PBS, for sharing these films & documentaries for our learning.

  • njeri

    this story changed my life for the better

  • JeneseE’von

    This is such a beautiful story and yes a definite tear jerker. I don’t believe Mr. Seton ever attempted to allow Lobo to live because how then would he collect his bounty. I believe after he killed or allowed the defenseless (trapped) Lobo to die God allow him to see the error of his way. God show him what an absolute idiot he had been. How could he, an alleged naturalist, have hunted and killed/contributed to the death of such an absolutely beautiful, intelligent creature. We humans are ordained to have dominion over these, as well as all other, creatures and as such we are the caretakers… Mr. Seton was correct in casting Lobo as the honorable one in his story…

    I appreciate the redemption of Mr. Seton in that, he never murdered another wolf, he dedicated the remainder of his life to educating the rest of us, the story still caused me to cry and made me exceedingly angry with this Mr. Seton. Again, the love of money is the root of all evil. Not twenty five pieces of silver this time but a thousand, dirty, U.S. dollars.

  • Mae

    I cried like no other during this series. Ugh. It was so depressing. :(

  • Dustin Schrank

    It really sucks that it takes the killing of a beautiful creature like Lobo and Blanca to bring about the kinda of change that was needed, so I can only hope thier sacrafice was not in vain. Shame on you cattle ranchers that still to this day cant understand that all of Gods creatures have the right to exist. Thank you PBS I really enjoyed the film.

  • Dustin

    Shame on you ranchers that still to this day advocate the killing of wolves. They were here before us. We have no right to kill them. If they kill your cattle invest in a better fence or MOVE. Don’t expect a predator animal not to follow its natural instincts. We are not the only creatures on earth with rights to it. Every creature has the right to live free the way nature intended.

  • susan

    Everyone should see this as it is one of the most touching examples of why we need to leave this place better than we found it. I am very impressed with this whole PBS site.

  • Jill

    heartbreaking and wake up call for all. Let’s stop Sarah Palin now and go to Defenders of wildlife and take action of her ariel shootings now. Save our precious wolfs now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Heidy Jacinto

    I have always respected the way of the wolf. Wolves are ment to thrive and live in the wilderness alone. I have always had a Passion for wolves ever since i was born. I am inspired every day by my dog because her mom was a wolf aswell, just like Blanca. I now really know how Seton must have felt with Lobo.

  • Ming

    I am not even half a conservationist, and still unsure how much protections wolves desever, but I am touched by Seton’s reflection upon nature, and his poetic portraits of his thought and emotion. Thank you!

  • Yu

    This show is the only one that makes me actually cry. Poor Blanca and Lobo… I love wolves so much. T_T

  • Aaron Clausman

    Emotional, meaningful, educational, beautiful, Brilliant! I would have to say wolves are the most fascinating creatures on this planet, we need to see more of them! I give this film top rating. Thank you PBS/Nature! Oh yeah, Sausha Seus, you did an excellent job!

  • Brittany Fisher

    I dont think I could watch that show again about Lobo. It was just to sad for me and I hate to be sad. I cryed when Lobo died I cant stand to see the life of an animal taken away.

  • Daithel Tisdale

    Wow i never herd about this story i know about colege football and new mexico. This was a good show i would love to see more like them.

  • Fitz R

    Now I know what the University mascot is all about. This is another incredible story about people ineviteably being deeply touched after the observance of wolves. Seton is as valuable to this country as any other Americans. Bless our national park systems!

  • zoe oppriecht

    lobo was very intresting even how he got caght even though i a eleven it is intresting

  • Tangential Musings On Lobo, King Of The Currumpaw « cyberaxis

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  • amir

    respect the wolves habitat

  • Heidy Jacinto ( agian)

    People need to respect wolves! there is no reason in shooting one. For example in the show, “Wolf’s rain” there is a man with a half dog named blue, who hunts down wolves but in the end, he regrets what he has done. this is just like seton, when he regreted killing lobo and blanca!

  • Amy

    So very sad, I couldn’t help but tear up especially because I have a mixed breed dog that looks pretty wolfy, and I’ve met several wolf hybrids (not that I promote that) who are just the sweetest dogs.

    I’ve always been fascinated with wolves and hope that many others see this video. Fantastically done.

  • Erica

    What a great story. Those ignorant individuals who are using helicopters to hunt wolves in Alaska need to watch this!

  • Brooke

    The wolf has been one of my favorites forever. There is just something about the wolf… Anyway, the video is beyond words, it’s so amazing . Anyone with a heart would cry. I give it 5 out of 5 stars without having to think about it! I’m devoted to the wolf, I never have, or will, kill a wolf, the worlds most inspiaring creature. Seton may be one of the best men ever known, and Lobo the best wolf ever known. I’m getting that book right away!!! As for the wolf with all its dignity, live… free.

  • Barb Nezgoda

    I was heart broken to see how Seton was trying to kill the wolf. I had a wolf he was one of the Best Animals I ever had, He Loved Me and my Family and was very Protective of us. It was one of the saddest days of my Life when I had to put my Bo (Wolf) down. I still think of him and become very sad. I will never be able to replace him. Barb Nezgoda

  • John Church

    Howdy, I own two runtly hybrids and they are just sweethearts. My Chow Shepard cross is lots more aggressive.They have human eyes which can look into your soul. You can’t forget they are wild at heart tho’(AS IS EVERY ANIMAL INCLUDING PEOPLE WHEN IT COMES RIGHT DOWN TO SHOWTIME). They were bounty hunted out in the West and they know man and guns. In back woods ex-USSR the un-armed folks truly do fear being chased down and eaten. No guns = No fear. Wolves or politicians need to be loved but not let out of your sight. If they DO go bad, they should be put down, before more blood is let. If you have enough room and time for a life mate, not a possession, come on over to “Wolf dogs need homes” a social site that fosters out adoptable wolves and hybrids.

  • Lisa Prozzo

    Never underestimate the power of one.

  • Nicole

    I loved Lobo’s story, it was touching and sad, but I have always loved animals, especially wolves so my view of them hasnt changed. I think that wolves are beautiful creatures and if we look closely enough they reflect alot of behaviors that we humans do, such as playing, eating, and even spending time with the family. They deserve to live as nature intended them to…in peace. If only everyone could think like most of us and learn to value and protect the Wolves, I belive if they did they could see a better perspective of the animals in this world…maybe then there wouldnt be so many endangered species and we wouldnt be losing the animals we love so much…

  • Lucy

    This was absolutely beautiful! I love animals and it was great to see the similarities between wolves and humans. I did not know about Earnest Thompson Seaton before, it seems that his encounter with Lobo was meant to be…because it lead him to become a protector of nature and wildlife.

    I am thankful for his work and all other people who are still fighting to protect the land we live in and the wildlife. People need to respect mother earth and all of its children.

  • karen gohler

    thanks for the video, I wonder when will ever learn we can live in harmonywith animals and nature Once its gone will never get it back. The man who spoke for the wolves today thank you what a great job you have. its a shame this isnt in the schools more..

  • Mike

    Video is awesome. Touches your heart as you hear the story and amazing of how the relationship between a wolf and man changes. Learn to come about,its sad that Lobo died because of a broken heart

  • Roxy

    Absolutley beautiful, awesome and inspiring story.

    Is there a parallel between this story and Cloud, Challenge of the Stallions, Airing in October here on PBS, and the previous 2 Cloud shows?

    I think so.

    Same intruder – cattle, but also mining, drilling, all sorts of stuff…

    Maybe there will be another “awakening” to what is occuring to our wilderness, one can only pray and work for such a day.

    For as already said by karen gohler above “Once its gone will never get it back.” The Wild Horse is another symbol of the destruction of our Public Lands, for greed and profit. INCORRECTLY portrayed as a varment, INCORRECTLY portrrayed as starving to death, INCORRECTLY portrayed as damanging the ecosystem, by those that want the land.

    Its all tied together – “see UTubes “Bush, Oil and Wild Horses” and two other UTubes “Robert Redford – BLM”.

  • Jay Mize

    I Jay Mize was the first to legally kill and tag a wolf in the great state of Idaho and proud of it.

  • Jay Mize

    You can see my story on youtube (wolf that cried boy)

  • Glenda Jasper

    Totally awesome thanks for the story, unfortunately we have some that rather kill our animals than live by them, if they only knew why the animals was in their presence they would think a lot different than they do..what goes around comes around

  • Anna

    This story is amazing it was hard to watch the female die but I love the story it is really nice Bravo

  • Lauren

    that was bueatiful! i cant think of a better story. I cried when they killed Blonka. Nut i thought it was still a happy story when seton brought the pair back together. My favorite animal is wolves and i wonder why people hat them i mean they a lot like us. they eat sleep and have the same feelings like us extreme love for loved ones they do whatever they can to survive and fight and claim territory. Thank you for the story it was great! :) :)

  • Goody

    WOW! What a powerful story of Love, Sacrifice, and Determination to make what was wrong RIGHT!

  • May – Harriet Seppola

    I wish all wolveshaters in Norway and Sweden could see this film.
    Iam so tired of listen to all those who wants to kill these beautiful and intelligense animals.

  • Ken

    This story was put together very well. People can learn a lot from wolves. They stay together like a family, and they have just as much emotion if not more than people. Wolves are truly beautiful creatures. They are protectors not hunters.

  • Marc McFarland

    Seton was to later write, “Ever since Lobo, my sincerest wish has been to impress upon people that each of our native wild creatures is in itself a precious heritage that we have no right to destroy or put beyond the reach of our children.”

    I really, really hope that they(the grand diversity of living organisms) will still be around for my children and their children and so on! Won’t you come and help me and others like me to see to it that they do? If so then find an organization that puts the earth first and our needs second and join me and many others to help save what remains.

    One Student Biologist
    AND THE BSA(Boyscouts of America)

  • Connor

    This was an amazing story, i found it very powerful, people should really wake up this should be required to watch in every school. People need to wake up and understand that Nature is more than just bunch of stuff ” God put there for us ” haha rediculous. the time will come when nature strikes back at mankind and i hope that she is unkind as we have been to her. it almost makes me feel embarrased to be human. Imagine if we lived like the native americans embracing our life and the nature around and learned to live with love, not fear. VIVA LA LOBO!!!!!!

  • Humanistic Psychologist

    For me personally, it was the love between Lobo and Blanca that touched me deeply and in a profoundly fundamental way. (I realized that there are many other notable and important subtext and issues in need of serious exploration eg: nature VS mankind destruction, conservationism VS industrialization etc), however it was the theme of love that spoke the loudest within me.

    No matter how many battles you’ve won,
    Vast territories and geographies you’ve conquered and explored,
    Or the crown that you’ve worn for decades,
    Without love, life is meaningless…

    Lobo, your deep sorrow howls will always be heard in my heart.
    Humanistic Psychologist

  • Andy

    First, I have to say this is a great story, I felt love and pain from it and too cried! I had a similar experience, not with a wolf but with a coyote. I am a hunter, I have been a hunter since a boy. I have hunted many animals birds rabbits deer bear elk and cougar. As a boy I didnt feel or understand life and death and how important both are. The reason I am giving this part of my history is for you the reader to know that how much experience I have with a gun and hunting because of what iam going to say! In 2002 I was working on a ranch, this ranch has no electricity if you need it you have to go start the generator, they still cook with wood stoves. I love it there its like a time warp some of my best memory’s are from there. My friend and I where tracking cows (open range) to see where we wanted to get the rest of the hands together and start are push in herding up the cattle. My friend and I were small talking about life, are subject was how the TV is a baby sitter, and how it pa louts the mind of children so badly. So you you know my friend was a real cowboy( he past this last year of cancer 31 he was) his work was his life didnt make much money but he lived rich. We were riding horse back talking about these things and a coyote comes across our way, I looked at Jess and said I got this one! The coyote was around 25 to 30 yards straight in front of us, in my mind I was thinking he is a bold one. Instead of pulling out my rifle I chose my pistil, (the pistil that I am good with at 50 to 70 yards on a 25 yard target) brought Gus (the horse) to a 3 o’clock to the coyote to better my aim. Pulled down on him and shot, shot under him he didnt move, shot again, under him again, shot again over him 3 shots and he still didnt move so i shot again under him, and he still didnt move I got off Gus to take a standing shot and I did and again I missed. I took a few steps tords the coyote and he started to walk, a real slow walk tords the edge of the bluff, I looked back at the quite Jess and said did you see that, he said with a look of disbelief ya I did. I walked to were I saw the coyote last going over the bluff got there looked down and there he was less than 10 feet from me looking at me eye to eye! I My eyes gassed into his as his gassed into mine for a good 5 seconds me in disbelief him in why! I could of shot him but I didnt it was like he was telling me something! I turned and walked away and as he did, both of us looking back at one another, me disbelief, him with freedom and no concern of me! Got back on my horse and Jess and I didnt say another word about it, we didnt say much for the rest of the afternoon. This day changed me. I will never shoot or kill another coyote! Every time a coyote comes within my path I stop look and love and admire the freedom they have! That coyote tought me something and I will never forget the courage he showed me!
    This really happened, my heart was changed forever! I am not a good speller, my grammar sucks, but please dont let my lack of education take away the change of my life and what happend that day!

  • Jeff Schwartz

    All things bright and beautiful,
    All creatures great and small,
    All things wise and wonderful,
    The Lord God made them all.

    Each little flower that opens,
    Each little bird that sings,
    He made their glowing colours,
    He made their tiny wings.

    The rich man in his castle,
    The poor man at his gate,
    God made them, high or lowly,
    And ordered their estate.

    The purple-headed mountain,
    The river running by,
    The sunset, and the morning,
    That brightens up the sky;

    The cold wind in the winter,
    The pleasant summer sun,
    The ripe fruits in the garden,
    He made them every one.

    The tall trees in the greenwood,
    The meadows where we play,
    The rushes by the water,
    We gather every day;–

    He gave us eyes to see them,
    And lips that we might tell,
    How great is God Almighty,
    Who has made all things well.

    – Cecil Frances Alexander
    1818-1895 / England)
    (And YES – The first 4 lines of this poem – were used by James Herriott for his books!!!!!!)

  • Ann Kelly

    Having loved wolves,dogs and all living animals since forever, it is heartening and humbling to read such deeply heartfelt comments.

    Anyone who even questions what side of the fence they are on after watching this film, should bow their head in shame and take a closer look at theirselves.

    The message of the story of lobo and blanco is a profoundly spiritual one and one that deserves to be told for the rest of time!

  • Emily

    Keep wolves in the wild, but away from people.
    They are and always will be predators regardless, and do not need to be sauced up with human emotions. Respect them for what they are, but don’t under-estimate their nature.

  • Bill E

    Another source of a great book by Seton – Biography of a Grizzly – the story of Wahb.

  • Eddie cho

    It was long but nice i like this yay but what was the book title? still yay good happyfaceeeee I like the Why part

  • Paul

    Vary interestng film,
    I love animals after watching this I had decided to name my “New born” kittin “Lobo” cause I have a funny filling the he might be a terrier. Well thanks to all that were responceable for this film.
    Thanks paul.

  • David

    That was sooooo touching! I almost cried when Lobo died! I recomend anyone to watch this!

  • Bill Christiansenb

    Seton was right when he said we have no right to decide which animals live or die. I remember going to the Grand Canyon in the 60’s and 70’s, and listening to the rangers talk about how they got rid of the cougars in the park to protect the deer. After they were removed the deer bred out of control and started starving to death because there wasn’t enough food to go around for the increased numbers of deer. The deer population plumeted all in an effort on our part to help protect them. We can not be so arrogant as to think we know better than nature how to handle the environment. This story is an inspiration for how we should all take a second look at nature and try to preserve it the way that nature intends it to be, not as we wish to change it to our specific needs.

  • Bobster

    Beautiful. Very touching and even emotional. Reminded me somewhat of how I felt after watching the movie “The Bear.”

  • Singh

    Just like anything else, this also requires a delicate balance & our responsibility towards mother nature.

  • Hector DLC

    Great Story, I couldnt sleep and turned on my t.v and tuned to pbs at 1 am. I thought it was a story about wolves and how dangerous they are. But then I was so moved about the story of LOBO and Blanca and how smart these animals are. I now have respect for these animals. Thanx PBS

  • Blainer Wolf lover

    Being an admirerer of wolves since learning of them this account merely deepened my disgust for how we at the top of the food chain behave.
    I thought of the closing line in the gorrilla movie ” it was beauty that killed the beast ” As lobo filled his role as alpha he outwitted/ thwarted Seton at all his atempts.Although blanca’s role was romantic & passionate it did infact lead to his demise.Tragic also is that they seemingly had no pups to continue their line.
    A continuation & expansion of lobos blood line would have been a nice touch of retribution to the weakling cowboys & ranchers who could,nt deal with the lose of 1 cow a day after they themselves butchered millions of bison.

  • Sloan

    Like most people here I found this Lupine love story to be very touching and inspirational. On reading more about Ernest Thompson Seton, Lobo, the King of the Currumpaw text and New Mexico history I’ve become skeptical on whether this wolf tale is completely factual. First, was the locality of the beautiful Currumpaw Valley really accurate or was this area simply Corrumpa Creek in Union County and exaggerated into a valley? Second, did this giant Gray Wolf really exist as Seton described him and was a huge $1000 bounty really offered by cowboys for Lobo? And finally, the photograph supposedly taken by Seton of Lobo doesn’t seem to match the Lobo pelt/ photo in Seton’s library/ museum. It seems to be lighter and darker in areas. So far as research, I’ve been unable to locate a single contemporary account of this famous wolf’s existence in New Mexico in the years before and after his demise at Seton’s hands. Seton’s story seems to be the only example.

  • savannah

    I love wolves they are soo pretty. This story is soo sad to me.

  • Tinuviel

    Now is the time for your tears…actually, it was almost beyond tears…
    i’m sure that Lobo and Blanca are together for eternity in the Happy
    Hunting Grounds of paradise…It was truly heart warming to read some of the commentaries about this video–so many kindred spirits voicing some of the same feelings going throughj me–it made me feel there’s some hope still for the susvival of some of our brother and sister species on this marvelous blue planet—-
    Special thanks to BlueCornMoon for reminding me of DEFENDERS OF WILDLIFE–
    I shall renew membership—-
    Considering that wolves and dogs are practically the same creature, it’s a
    comment on humanity that they claim to like or even love the one, while
    disliking or even hating the other–is it that people can only “love”
    what they think they can control or dominate, while they fear what they
    cannot? If we don’t let go of our fears and stupid ego, we’ll never truly
    love and live in peace with the rest of the world-humans or otherwise.
    I once knew a she-wolf that belonged to someone-she would wander around a semi-rural neighborhood-just to see her inspired respect from her demenour and appearance–you didn’t feel like you could just walk up to her and pet her like with most dogs, you felt that you should introduce yourself first, and then ask permission to touch her–that to me was beautiful- she was definitly an equal-you could feel it–and when you saw dogs around her, you could feel that she felt they were rather stupid and annoying–I believe she probably felt they were a degenerate race–I felt it too, for next to them, she was a queen–there was that sense of dignity.

  • brian

    I think the story of seton and Lobo is one of the best love stories I have seen in many a year.

  • Sloan

    Seton’s tale reads more like a Arthurian legend than a factual account. It has numerous childish allusions to fantasy and wolfish royalty. As many posters here, Seton seems to have had little understanding of the nature of wolves and the hierarchy of their packs when he first wrote this story for Scribner’s Magazine in 1894. In my opinion wolf packs operate more like a football team than Seton’s royal/ military unit. Big beta males (linebackers) take the position of protecting the Alpha male quarterback and the rest of the team by standing guard, walking out front and testing traps, while the Alpha male (Lobo), alpha female (Blanca) betas, omegas, etc. have their own roles. My guess is that Seton had little experience watching wolves in the wild, so he borrowed from newspaper accounts and other authors to expand on his Lobo, King of the Currumpaw story. Imminent naturalist John Burrows later credited Seton as the chief instigator of the Nature Faker Movement in Yellow Journalism. Sadly, brutal wolf killings continued for another 50 years after Lobo’s supposed death until wolves were virtually extinct in the continental United States. Thank God for Canada, scientists and various organizations that brought the real wolves back home.

    Nature Fakers Controversy

  • Rebcka

    It is not fair!! I cant watch the videos from Sweden :( I wached Cloud Challange of the stallion yesterday and now and want to see the rest of the Cloud episodes and also this one.. Does someone know if there is some other page I can see this episodes??

    // Becka

  • jim

    WHY. believe this word and you will see the truth…believe…

  • Zach

    Amazing. I was not expecting to tear up but… that love story was breathtaking and heartbreaking. I love how Lobo’s death resulted in Seton’s change of attitude and continued effort on the part of the wild. Thank you for this video, I’ll be sure to share it.

  • Gloria

    Wonderful film– thank you. I barely could bring myself to watch it, it was so emotionally done.
    Funny thing… a fly was buzzing around indoors here while the film was running, and I was thinking ‘Why do we have to put up with these pests! Kill it!’
    “All creatures great and small…”

  • C. Guthrie

    When will the original show of Seton & Lobo be on tv again. Have friends who missed it & would like them to have a chance to see it. What a great show.
    Thank you for giving us a true & informative show.

    C. Guthrie

  • Coywolf

    Wolves are neat and my favorite animal.
    BUT remember, they are dangerous. If a wolf threatens me, any other human or my pets I will not hesitate to shoot it (or any other animal). Animals are basically organic computers. They have no soul. Humans are not on the same level as animals. We weren’t created that way.

  • Parker


    You’re way off. Anything that lives IS a soul. A wolf and a human are different because the human FORM has intelligence, enough so to understand what is God. A wolf cannot understand what is God, its body was not created to do so.

    A wolf IS a soul in a more conditioned state or form of life. Actually, your statement, although likely not intentional, was very arrogant. If you think about it, the way you reason, some humans would have no soul either. As many humans are basically like animals; they eat, sleep, mate and defend themselves and nothing more.

    In truth, evolution and creation are not opposites. They’re more like two sides of the same coin. This you would know if you had more accurate and complete knowledge. Please read the Bhagavad-gita As It Is for perfect knowledge.

    Hare Krsna

  • heather

    i loved wolves all my life my grampa dusent like them so he never really understand why i liked them so much i need to send this to him so he can see that they are smart and caring animals then maby he will know why theses animals are loved so much
    and to a comment above this one there are more like humans then most think they are they eat sleep take care of there families will protect each other with there lives and are vary smart
    they have rules in there pack and disciplines they ones that brake the rules
    so to me they are like us in so meny ways and some time just to me they seem to be better then us they hunt to live people hunt for profit most of the time

    and i wish Lobo and his mate had lived but Seton still changed they way he did
    i lived in Alaska theres a lote of wild wolves there even i have seen one they are one
    animal i never want to see gone

    .p.s. sorry about the long rant ^_^

  • ricky vazquez

    i love any animal and we people have no rights to exterminate nature but right now we are killing our world and nobody care about it .i hope by the time the sons of our sons they can enjoy the nature and the animals like people like us who care about it and do what it take to restore the habitats and the ecosistem i really no understend people who kill animals for pleasure they have no rights and we have to start to do something about it im a big fan of ernestthompson setons books and i really apreciated what he do for nature .

    p.s ricky love nature and respect the animals

  • Peter Bird

    This was a wonderful video. I recently read the story “Lobo the King of Currumpaw” and found the story very touching. As a boy scout and animal lover I have a deep respect for nature, but this program and Mr. Seton have made me even more determined to help the wild and study its organisms. I loved it!

  • abigail

    this is a real exsample of how cruel man is .
    such a touching story it made us all cry

  • enrique prado

    i loved the program and made some thinking .
    in the past i lived in nevmexico now i live in southern mexico and its all the same we are finishing our wild life fast

  • alex

    not available in my country :|

  • cheryl

    Ok, first and most important, KILLING IS WRONG!
    does not limit us to a species!
    Second, this story proves they love have emotional bonds ect…
    And finally, animals have as much right to live as us!

  • ryukyu

    I still tear up every time I read about him.

  • samantha

    I iove this……IT MADED ME CRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Eliseo Solaita

    But sadly Obama put his faith in Ivy League college degrees with East Coast connection-s and gave them the Treasury, despite the fact that Geithner was publicly outed as a tax cheat himself. Obama is more naive than I had expected. And with less a learning curve. Or is equally “guilty” of working with Republican-s to kill America. Not sure which. But very disappoint-ed. personal essay,essay writing,leadership essay

  • Ariane

    Have seen this film on swiss tv the last weekend and was very moved. The “love” between Lobo and Blanca was so beautiful to see and then human nature comes and destroys everything. Kills the wolves… Fortunately Mr. Seton learned about this – but too many people don’t. Think about people killing Delphins, Wales, Seal babies, bears in Asia etc. etc. WHO are we to decide about to live or die ? It’s all about the money…(then one forgetts about sympathy and humanity)

  • Lisa Lopez

    A wonderful story yet sad. Wolves are so very intelligent and help our ecosytem and the wild environment. So many things man does not understand which is so very sad. My Indian ancestors seen the wolf as sacred. A true hunter and understanding of mother earth which they wanted to see in themselves. The true bond between man and wolf was special. They walked along one another with a true understanding of how beautiful yet strong and keen they are. I hope and pray our government can see past the farm industry and those who are fighting to extinct such a beautiful animal one of God’s many creations. In the bible it states what animals man is to eat and what animals we are not to eat. A animal which eats grain or plant life is for us to feast on. Those animals that eat plant life and other wild meat, we are not to partake in and is a sin and judgment will be cast. We are human for which we do not understand. This is true. That being said, we too have morals and it is not morally right to slaughter such an animal. I pray things change. I pray it takes one or two to see the true meaning of the wold and find other means to work with the farmers to better secure thier livestock. Its a chance you take for farming. It is the wilds way of life and they should not be tortured for thier ways of life. RIP Blanca and Lobo and all the ones who have been lost.

  • Pure Deception

    I cried inwardly….after reading the commentary of people who watched this and allowed their emotions to be manipulated and twisted against cold, hard, reality. I love wolves, they are beautiful and noble creatures. They are
    also predators, dangerous and destructive when left unchecked. I do not claim to be an expert. I am only a person
    who has done their research and is beginning to realize what is really going on. The wolves that now roam in Yellowstone and surrounding areas are devastating big game populations by killing newborn elk and deer and severely maiming adult animals. They maim livestock and other domesticated animals to the point that they have to be put down. Show me a photo of loving wolves and I’ll show you a photos of half-eaten hunting dogs. Show me a photo of a mother and pups and I’ll show you a photo of a pregnant female elk, where wolves have torn out the fetus and left the rest of the animal to rot. And I’ll show you a moose, with its face nearly torn off, still alive, and cattle with horrific wounds on their hindquarters. Our government is TRAMPLING over the ranching industry to guard a destructive predator, and only now are people living in the West fighting to protect their property and livelihood. I urge you to just once look through the eyes of the rancher and hunter, back away from environmentalist, pro-wolf information, and see what the real impact of wolves is.

    Genesis 1:28 “And God blessed them; and He said to them, ” Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it; and rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”

    God has given us a command to have dominion over the earth and its resources, meaning we are to use and manage what He has given us wisely, WOLVES INCLUDED. What is being promoted here is worship of mother earth and exalting it far above what God considers to be most precious, humans, created in His image.

    Romans 1:20-25 ” For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen through what has been made, so that they are without excuse. For even they knew God, they did not honor him as God or give thanks, but they became futile in their speculations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing to be wise, they became fools, and exchanged the glory of the incorruptible God for an image in the form of corruptible man and of birds and four-footed animals and crawling creatures. Therefore God gave them over in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, so that their bodies would be dishonored among them. For they exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator , who is blessed forever. Amen.


  • Searle

    I always loved wolves (who were really scary) when I was a kid, even though the last one had been killed off at least 50 years before. So Ernest Seton’s story is moving and inspiring – a founder of the Boy Scouts and the movement to protect our National treasures in Parks.

    I work to reverse the population pressure which has threatened so many other species, and if unchecked will continue to encroach on wild habitat throughout our country and the world.

    Visit our website to learn more, join our eMail list and follow our blog.

  • Brian K Miller

    Are we going to use Biblical scripture to justify wolf killing (or extinction as many would want)? Pure Deception? Where to begin….God hated man so He decided to KILL off mankind, except for those in the Ark. Hum….Sounds kinda radical to me. After the flood, this was said by God, as written in Genesis:

    Genesis 8:17. “Bring out with you every living thing of all flesh that is with you, birds and animals and every creeping thing that creeps on the land, that they may breed abundantly in the land, and be fruitful and multiply in the land.”

    Is that plain enough?

    Here is another good one…Job 12:7-10.

    “But ask the animals, and they will teach you,
    or the birds in the sky, and they will tell you;
    or speak to the earth, and it will teach you,
    or let the fish in the sea inform you.
    Which of all these does not know
    that the hand of the Lord has done this?
    In his hand is the life of every creature
    and the breath of all mankind.

    We could go round and round, and on and on. Its best for people to use their own brain and common sense to sort things out as God would have them do! Let’s make room for the wolves!

    Brian K Miller

  • brian miller

    Great show!

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