The Wolf That Changed America
Video: Lobo Disarms Metal Traps

Week after week, Ernest Thompson Seton tries new tactics to capture and kill Lobo, but Lobo foils his efforts again and again — even recognizing and disarming Seton’s powerful metal traps.

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  • Robert Hill

    I would like to purchase this video. Where can I order a copy of this video?

  • Collee

    I viewed this PBS special last evening- I can’t get it out of my mind! Lobo – so hard to trap – unable to be trapped – Love made Him accessble to Heart Break!

    I still question the Love Lobo and Blanca shared and can’t still bring tears when thinking about their story – “Seton is an Angel” to bring this strory forth@ It is beautiful!

  • carole price

    The PBS special about Lob was one of the best animal stories I’ve ever seen.


    first of all yes my real last name is wolff spelled with 2 f’s this touched me to i have lived in most all US states but in montana still these beautiful and most misunderstood animals r shot on site.I have spent most of life fighting to protect perscuted wildlife great and small at age 32 this Thomas Seton story has fueled me again I WILL NOT STOP Damon Wolff

  • Marc McFarland

    Hehehe way to go Lobo. It boggles the mind to think that people were so (and still are) ignorant. The wolves only resorted to preying on the ranchers livestock because they(the ranchers) pushed out the wolves natural prey species through converting once free and wild lands into grazing-land for their cattle. Why is it that we as a species with our pathetically short life spans believe that we have the right to impose our will upon the land. The land that has existed for eons before us and if we don’t ruin it will continue to exist for eons after we are gone. I would really like to see the North American Grey Wolf restored to its natural habitats throughout the lower 48 states and especially here in Arizona were I live.

  • Rik Tuls

    Know what, I clicked on the play button but instead of watching a man chased a smart wolf I saw this: you can’t see the video in your region because of rights restriction…Haha, If that was the case, then please the next time that a video could not be played because I’m situated in Mars and– I need to get a license from humans to watch it–block it all together from even playing any trace of it in my planet…Disappoinment was an understatement. I was angry as a wolf!

  • Robert Lee

    Great show! Stupid “rights restrictions”. :-(

  • Lynda Holly

    Seton had the opportunity to raise above his ignorance and prejudice, and he failed. I think he realized that, but too late. I cannot find any admiration within me for his penance afterward, and with any kind of luck it haunted him every night for the remainder of his life.

  • Belle

    Every man has his price, eh?

  • Tom Porter

    Often in life, humans destroy the thing they love most. Thank you PBS for a great program.

  • sue

    I was broken hearted to watch this magnificent wolf Lobo felled not by the great ingenuity of man but by his great love for his beloved Blanco.

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