True Adventures of the Ultimate Spider-Hunter
Photo Essay: Spiders from Around the World

  • Ritsuka


  • dan Maddalena

    honestly I didn’t think this was very good.It mainly covered turantulas . No poison ones and very few spiders in general 10? and they called this a spider hunter?and the essays were too short to be called essays.

  • Rayne Adams

    Very good information

  • freda

    i think it was very usefull just what i needed fantastic pictures

  • sarah e. sherrell

    Awesome information i even got to research it on the computers at my school! I am in third grade thats why i am in school. Anyway I think if someone needs information about some thing GO HERE. :)

  • Abby

    Eeeeewwwwww!!!!!! I hate spiders.

  • Steve Ness

    Give us more of the ultimate spider-hunter, please.

  • Carmela

    I have a photo of a spider that I found in my basement. I would like to email or post the photo to see if anyone can tell me what kind of spider it is.

  • adrianna gonzalez

    woah! that is very dangerous! be careful

  • adrianna gonzalez

    you are crazy! my mom says so by the way, i am 19

  • adrianna gonzalez

    oh boy that is dangerous! get away big fat leaf!

  • esperanza the third

    hey i am so scared of spiders how did you get ashot so close to them?

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