Video: Herbie's Leash Training

Strong-willed Herbie takes a lesson in obedience.

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  • Katie

    Thanks for the effert , but I really didn’t get how this video was supposed to help with walking my dog. You also might want to make a video on getting dogs to stop barking at other dogs along the walk.

  • Mary Zoller

    I am really disappointed to see this training technique being used as it was promoted in 1962 and has since been replaced with more positive methods that are force free and encourage dogs to choose to heel with you. Training has come a long way now that we understand how dogs think and learn, what motivates them and how to apply operant and classical conditioning. I wish you would do a program on this.

  • Deborah A Frenette

    I found the way she screamed at this dog quite unpleasant. With NeuroModulation (NMT) (www.nmt.md) animals can be helped without force or this verbal abuse. It is really a new way, using the control system of the mind over body, yes it does exist!

  • Carolien van Baaren

    What a very stupid woman, old methodes and the dog is clearly bnot heappy!!!
    nothing more to be said….. other then old methodes I hope nobodey wil do this!!!!

  • Bobby Hoskins

    You need to turn your headphones down if you consider that screaming. She didn’t raise her voice, she used a correction sound and while I think she could have used another method to get him to lie down, having him submit to her before they start their walk is a good way of reinforcing her postion as alpha and getting him to walk calmly, without pulling. Herbie was uncomfortable with this technique but he was never in pain – the way he bounced up when she called his name (and praised him- which you neglect to mention) shows he was perfectly happy. Chances are, she only used this method to get him to lie down because he wasn’t used to verbal commands from her yet.

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