Unforgettable Elephants
Video: An Elephant is Born

The whole family gathers around for an emotional welcoming of Echo’s newborn elephant.

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  • mai

    five years old Karina wants to watch with her two years old brother

  • Diane Bourdeau

    I taped this show and enjoyed every moment and have ordered two copies of the DVD. Unforgettable is right – I am crazy about elephants and actually recently had the wonderful opportunity of riding one in Cambodia! I also sponsor two orphans through the David Sheldrick Foundation. Beautiful work over those ten years.

  • Helen Foley

    I watched Mr. Colbeck’s tribute to elephants the other evening, and must admit it took my emotional meter from the highest highs and to the lowest lows. I’ve always loved elephants and believe they are not only very smart, but exceptionally sensitive. Other than the lack of indoor plumbing, I envy his career path and would love to do what he does.

  • Joyce Levin

    This was the best, most fantastic documentary I ever saw about elephants. I was in tears of sadness and joy. I thank the photographer for dedicating all these years to film this. I had no idea elephants behaved as they do until I saw this film. Why would people want to see elephants in zoos and the circus where they could never see what elephants are really like, as in this film. Thank you.

  • senthil

    it was wonderful thing that i ever seen in my life.first off all i have say thank to the photographer and his team to bring this magnificent time of a little giant come to the world to see by the common man like me.thank u all for your extreme effect.to bring this out

  • Catherine

    The filmmaker is one lucky man – what I wouldn’t do to trade places with him!! This story touched me in ways I no longer thought possible. Echo will never be forgotten – long live her family – in PEACE

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