Victoria Falls
Video: Life Above the Falls

As the water level drops, life returns to the river above Victoria Falls. The shallow, clear water makes it easier for the skimmers and fish eagles to catch their food. The bull hippos call loudly, signaling to other males to stay away.

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  • briantravelman

    Oh man! Looks good! I’m deffinately gonna watch this one! I’ve always liked Victoria Falls, and always wanted to go there! Is that black guy narrating? Because the thing said through the eyes of a fisherman! So is he filming and narrating?

  • NATURE Online

    Mr. White, the fisherman, tells some of the story, with additional narration from F. Murray Abraham. However, Mr. White didn’t do any of the filming.

  • briantravelman

    Oh! See! I thought it would be like Gordan Buchanan! Looks like this F. Murray Abraham guy is not getting replaced! I thought it would be pretty cool to see it through the eyes of a local! That brings me to my next point… Who narrates the previews?

  • briantravelman

    Mr. White is the guy from “Breaking Bad” I was reading about him somwhere and it said that he spent almost every day at the waterfall! So that didn’t get boring, and he never traveled outside of the counrty? Speaking of country, does he live in Zambia or Zimbabwe?

  • Briantravelman

    Is seems to me like Mr. White is doing most of the narrarations! Oh man! Can’t wait to see this one! This is a good season! :)

  • Marisa

    The photography is pure poetry! Every frame is a feast for the eyes…I absolutely loved it! This video makes me appreciate, once again, the marvels of God’s creation.

  • westy

    wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!thats cooooooooooolllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TakiTok

    The Falls are beyond description, as is most of Africa. One must see,hear,smell and feel Africa in real life. Don’t put off doing this thrill of a lifetime.

  • Janet C.

    If this video doesn’t speak to your spirit you have been missing this type of experience. Watch, listen and relax. I will be there for sure. Thanks for this sensual feast.



  • Chale Espinosa

    Incredible video, unfortunately in Nicaragua we donot get PBS and thus cannot see the video.

  • Mella91

    Oh…I love all Hippos around the world! There so cute…^^

  • keven

    Beautiful Photography and Music

  • Dan Prusaitis

    OUTSTANDING having a local man do the narration!!!!!!!!!!!! Very respectful

  • David


  • Pauline Kinton

    Where can I purchase a copy of this DVD. I have checked your shop and cannot seem to find it!

  • wow


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