Violent Hawaii
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The Hawaiian chain of islands, made up of six main islands plus two smaller ones, stretches for more than 1,500 miles through the heart of the Pacific Ocean. It is a place of idyllic beauty. But it is also a land of volcanic fury, raging mountaintop blizzards, dangerous rockslides, monster waves, and even tsunamis. Buy the DVD. This film premiered on January 9, 2005.

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  • Christy

    I love this episode about Hawaii. I feel that it does explain that mother nature has a darker side. Thank you very much for putting up videos online so that those, including me, can watch online. Usually, we miss the television shows because the time is inconvenient of we are too busy. Thanks a lot! I appreciate it!

  • kasin

    Thanks for a great work. I love PBS and Nature program.

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  • knots

    supers saai!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I love PBS site It is a big resource for future great people!

  • Alec

    Thanks for putting this episode of Nature and the others online. What a great gift!!! Ill use this in my classroom for sure. Its a great tool for teaching science. Well made video, good narration, smooth transitions… A+!

  • Hal

    My first time visiting the Islands back in 1982 was fantastic. The natural beauty and splendor of Hawaii struck a deep cord inside me. Hiking and camping away from the tourist areas I came to appreciate it even more. Your wonderful piece, ‘Violent Hawaii’ helped me to relive those experiences as well as give me a greater understanding of the geologic and natural forces that help shape this paradise. This understanding left me feeling like I had been transported back in prehistoric time with a front row seat to natures awesome power and persistence.

  • Delores

    I have loved the history behind Hawii since I was a little kid. I have watch to shows about the volcanos for over 20 years, my childern have grown up watching the shows also. Thank You for all the years that you have let us into your world.



  • Myrick

    Well done

  • Jairo

    In part 4 at 1:33 in the top right corner in the water something big pops out of the water moves out the screen really fast and it swirves. Its not a boat nor a bird. what can it be?

  • yvonne

    Marvellous video.Hope to see more like it.Many thanks.

  • pritchard

    can we buy the video?

  • hilda

    wow! I really appreciate it!

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    Great Viedo!! :)

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    i love all the nature shows. I wish you would show the repeat of the hippos….

  • Eldon

    Absolutely brilliant video. Great wealth of information. Thanks

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    awesome work! nature is my favorite TV show. thanks for putting these online.

  • Durdona

    Thanks a lot. It was the best movie I have ever seen about Hawaii. Nature is one of the mysterious and awesome part on the Earth.



  • Alecia

    According to the Bible, earth is not millions of years old. PBS does not get that right.

  • Michael J. Ruffino

    Just loved that episode. Beautiful island… Makes NY State waterfalls look tiny…..

  • ahley

    i think that this episode was one of the best that i have seen in a long time. They did a really good job with putting the facts with the pictures

  • Erika

    man, I just want to watch a video or two, this suuuuuuuucks!! out of region, they should limit it to intelligient regions not geographical regions. what’s with the bimbo and the bible facts?!!! um, the bible was written by man on materials that have evolved over millions of years, you think god was like…. um here is earth, here are people and oh yeah and here is paper folks ………… now write about it?!!!!! duh the chinese used paper long before god told a christian to remember anything so think people. oh yeah abnd I want to watch these videos please!!!

  • Patrick

    Thought I was going to watch a vidio about ancient Hawaii, thurnsout there was very little about ancient. It’s all about present day things. Didn’t enjoy it verry much, kind of a let down.

  • Adele

    Fascinating! I am so thankful you made this video available. While watching, I couldn’t help but recall a recent video where the weather on planet Earth is described as child’s play compared with that on other planets both in the Solar System and what I believe are known as the exo-planets, those outside the Solar System and/or the Milky Way galaxy.

    Loved the play between the icy depths of the ocean and fiery heat of the under water volcanos–wondrous!

  • halskdlka

    thank you
    i like these kinds of videos
    espicially that has volcanoes in it
    P.S. I like the videos that talk about space better though

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    What is it all about i dont get it at all im not trieing to be mean at all but what is it all about



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    I liked this video. It was interesting.

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    I watched part of this again today because I liked it so much. I think that lava is really fascinating.

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    Am I the only one who is on this site right now? I can’t believe that. Anyway, that video is awsome. The people did a really good job filming this. They capturedthe dangers and reality of Hawaii. They got the beauty and amazingness. I really aprecciated that video.

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    Preposterous. Instead of the episodes your screen shows a message that “We’re sorry but this video is not available in your region due to the rights restrictions”. I’m in Toronto, Canada.

    Looks like you, i. e. PBS still live in the Middle Ages where no computers exist (and no new viewers of PBS are needed). Or may be you just don’t like Canadians. In either case thank you for nothing.

    Kris Zukowski, Toronto.

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