Voyage of the Lonely Turtle
Turtle Voyager Game

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  • geneva

    this game is rigged

  • erica

    i am a beast at this game=]

  • harry manning

    i am rubbish at this game.i got to 3rd level and got
    eaten by a =]

  • cool monkey

    i like this game because i like turtles and i am beatstly i got to level 29 and got eaten by a net

  • winnie47

    I like this game because it show you how it is like to be a turtle and to see the dangers they face!

  • crazy fish

    This game is kicl because my turtle is doug and i say so

  • olivia

    Those reef sharks freak me out!!!!!!! :0 the game is ok but they might want to add some more details. I got to level 29 to. ;]

  • Annemarie

    I love this Game! It’s awesome! I play it alot! I love the sea and everything that lives in it. ;]

  • Orca Lover

    I love sea mammels! And this game… My favorite mammel is and orca…as you can see…but my real name is Annemarie…so keep on working at games! But i bet this one will always be the best. ;]

  • Annemarie

    dear olivia,
    is there a level 29?

  • maja and mum

    this game is cool…..becaus my faverit ting is a turtill
    this game is cool

  • Cassie

    This game rocks!!!! And I’m the best at it and ur not!!

  • Syd20148

    i love this game! whoooooooooooooo

  • Gen


  • Jazzalyn


  • Turtle Greenshield

    CoooOOOOoooL !!! I need more Practice !!!! I´ll be Home !

  • lols

    i hate this game
    i keep on gettin *caught*

  • potatoe_head

    wow that game sucked. :(
    i keep on getting caught in the nets and keep on running out of air on the second level.HELP.

  • Marshmelloow_

    Heey, The first level was ~ok~ but the second wasn’t very good. I was catching bubbles but i still ran out of air!! Byebye x

  • antonio

    i like that turtles i wish it was mine but i would love to have it i go to sugg

  • cinnomon bun

    It is a pretty cool game

  • peter griffin

    i love seaturles they are just like me i mean i have my own shell i wear it all the time i never do anything without my shell

  • jack black

    lalalalalalaaaaaaaaamelaaaaame llaamme lame lame call it lameeeeeee

  • Beester

    This is the weirdets game eva!!! =P

  • Taylor

    M&MS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUM!!!!!!!!!

  • Mouse

    This game is so rigged >:(
    I’m dying on Level 3 cause of the sharks lmao
    Completely pointless. MINT ICE CREAM x

  • jourdan

    this game is ok but i only got to lvl 2 because i ran out of air (the turtle is slow)

    (i am a girl!!!!) :)

  • alissa barnes

    dis gsme was okaY I LIKED IT a lil bit its okay i loke da gamre so keep playin everry body please sign me up for dis gsme on face bnooik

  • jaycee

    this is a dumb game

  • sam

    this game was sweet. i rawked at it. im a beast!

  • mickeymouse mxx

    this game is awsome and by the way everyone i luvvvv chocolate:)

  • booooooo


  • Briyana

    this game rules

  • bribri

    hhhheeelllllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;0

  • Karla Camacho

    I think turtles are pretty interesting and sensible.

  • Cutie pie

    This game is good.I got to level 29.I love the turtles, they’re so fabulous

  • ajkgfjlk

    this game is kinda dumb, but it passes the time

  • braintravelman

    This games sweet! The air bubble level is kind of stupid though, cause a turtle can breath underwater, and then she ran into sharks anyways!

  • briantravelman

    God! These stupid sharks!

  • briantravelman

    Yes! I finaly made it all the way without losing a single ife! :)

  • alex wrapir

    this game is too hard for a person with a 20 iq

  • gaby

    i like alex wraspir like hes awesome

  • Kyleen

    how do you get past level 3?

  • matt



    This game ROX!!

  • Jayden

    i love this game my name is jayden vassell

  • goth!!!!!!!

    omg i got to level 3, that is well bad and i cant be bothered to try again


    but couldn’t make it past level 3

  • Nik

    THis game is so addicting but rigged and soso soso hard

  • Jess

    This is a cool game I love it but its frustrating when you lose the game and have to strart again lol x

  • Peggy

    I love this game! I have been playing Nintendo games since the beginning of its era (Zelda rocks), I’m now a Grandma in my 50’s, and my boyfriend has every game console available (X-box, Playstation, Wii, etc.), but we still love this game, as it is about “who can beat the other’s highest score!” And it is definitely a good game for little kids.

  • Jessica R.

    I couldn’t get past level 3. Haha, ughhh. it was fun though!

  • katie

    i realy liked that is one of my favorit games.i liked how you can et the food in the net.also some of that game is hard you dont think it is but as you start to run out of lives it gets hard to do the little game.

  • she

    i wone the game i was realy good i play it alot because it is my favorit

  • saraswathy

    i dislike this game!

  • disliker

    what! thats mess up the sharks can go throgh the net & WE (us turtles) Can’t!

  • Mario kart

    I got throu a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • brian

    Dude! On level 1 towards the beggining they rigged one of the Jellyfish, so you hit the net when you try to get it! I manged to get it a couple times, but not today!

  • brian Swierczynski

    How come the sharks dont get cought in the nets?
    They should make a Whale Migration game!

  • brian

    Sweet! I got all the air bubbles!

  • brian

    Dude! This game has some amazing grafic! The details of the turtle and marine life are extremely detailed!

  • acc

    this game rocks i play it all the time but it is pretty hard

  • matt

    i have 45 lives on lvl 1!!! what now!!

  • poop


  • khadija

    lovvvvvvvvvvvve this game

  • nikd123

    this is the best science homework ever

  • Alex

    Great Game, but really really hard!

  • khadija

    i love this game so much. you ive been to level 4 i never past it please help me

  • Madison


  • Madison


  • Amy



    I GUYS I AM IN 6th grade and my sister named Madison HI and COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!! well thats my sister and she is in HIGH SCHOOL and she is lucky because she gets to be a BIG brack and that is in 3 more weeks in tell she goes bake to school.

  • ashley

    I hate this game. I can’t get past the second level
    its so comfusion

  • Maybe-babe


  • Princess Peach

    This game is so hard
    ITS SO ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    yoyo this game is old


    yoyo i love this game

  • lala


  • Olivia

    To answer everybody’s question, Yes, there is a level 29. If you have any more questions just post them and I’ll answer them! thanks, Olivia

  • Olivia


  • bob

    This game is banging

  • chris

    this game was okey, i would have liked there to be more levels and it to be more gripping.

  • dejuan

    this game is fun

  • freddie

    this game is lame it boarded me to death!!

  • Nala

    Isn’t there only three levels? It’s a great game!

  • adelaine

    i love turtles.i enjoyed it…

  • Aoife:]

    OMG!! Love this. LOL:)

  • LGSxoxoxoxoxox

    This game is so fun! if i could, i would do absoloutly EVERYTHING to help these poor sea turtles! xoxo <3
    i <3 sea turtles!

  • choco sweet lol

    ha lol hate this game cant get PAST LV 2 RARARARARRARARARARARA ;)

  • Catherine

    I loved this episode of Nature! and the game is a lot of fun I admit I am not very good at it and need lots of practice I think ALL turtles are AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL creatures—particularly the marine turtles–and they need our help! This game is a great way to show –and teach—people of all ages that turtles need our help!

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