What Males Will Do
Video: Spider Courtship Dance

A jumping spider tries out his fancy footwork (and coordinated vibrations!) on a prospective mate.

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  • christine

    This totally gave me a whole new appreciation for spiders.

  • kelly

    I love spiders!

  • tamia

    i think this will be very useful for my spider project.

  • christine

    Adorable.These are fantastic little creatures. I love them!!

  • What

    I wrote this article because you are very good. Thank you.


    I wanna be a spider. I like it. I wanna be the.. male. AING~ I lovce this movie. I like the scientist. What’s his number??? To the scientist: Hey, got a girl yet?

  • STUPID PIGS anti

    Aing~I like spider. Do you like spider, I like spider, do you like spider?

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