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Video: Dodder Vine Sniffs Out Its Prey

Unable to produce its own food, the dodder vine must live entirely off a host plant. In a series of experiments, Researchers Consuelo M. De Moraes and Mark Mescher show that to find a host plant from which to drain nutrients, the parasitic plant “sniffs” out the chemical scents released by the leaves of nearby plants. “What Plants Talk About” premieres April 3 at 8/7c (check local listings). (Video limited to US & Territories).

  • M Ghauri

    All God work.Amazing

  • Ms D.

    Incredible !!!
    Watch the entire show.
    Its worth every second.

  • JanPiano

    For several years, I’ve picked this deceptively delicate twining vine off my prize plants, trying to find out what it was and how it grew. Sometimes I found the vine out growing out of the ground, but most of the time it seems to come from the top of the plants somehow jumping from stem to stem. This segment of Nature was a revelation. No, plants don’t have a brain, but they sure do have a well-developed sense-system, and even though tied down, they change their behavior based on what they sense. THANKS

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