What Plants Talk About
Video: Plant Self-Defense

To protect against herbivores, the wild tobacco plant deposits trichomes, sweet treats irresistible to but also potentially fatal for leaf-eating caterpillars. Shortly after ingesting the trichomes, the insect releases a particular odor that attracts ground-foraging predators. “What Plants Talk About” premieres Wednesday, April 3 at 8/7c on PBS (check local listings). (Video limited to US & Territories).

  • Erik

    More proof that tobacco is a killer? har har

  • Lauren

    That’s hilarious, Erik! lol…

  • Carl Bell

    Really bad science, plants are reactive, they do not have the ability to have behaviors. You should be ashamed to present this kind of nonsense. What’s next, intelligent design?

  • Gerhard

    … and what plant/animal is NOT reactive? Are you suggesting that somehow animals operate in a vacuum such that the environment only reacts to them?

    A behavior is any action that can be described as conditional based on input/data from the environment.

  • http://RMPBS badnonnie

    Too bad can’t watch on kindle due to flash player not compatible Looks like great science details!

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