White Falcon, White Wolf
Did You Watch "White Falcon, White Wolf"? - Tell Us What You Think!

The season premiere of NATURE, White Falcon, White Wolf, premiered Sunday at 8pm on PBS (check local listings for repeat information). After you watch, log on and tell us what you think.

What was your favorite moment?

Did things turn out the way you thought they would for the wolf pack and gyrfalcon family?

What’s your favorite Arctic animal in the show?

Use the comment form below to discuss the show with your fellow NATURE fans.

  • Sugarpatima

    I loved it!! Thank you for sharing this beautiful, secret animals lives!!

  • mk

    my favorite was the musk ox

  • Yoon Jung

    Didn’t know wolves could swim so well. And I felt for the chicks learning to fly. A very cool show.

  • Sydni Moser

    What a wonderful program. It was a pleasure to watch these amazing animals, but at the same time i’m always worrying about their habitat and future existance due to global warming. I would appreciate if Nature would sponsor petitions for us to sign and be delivered to our lawmakers to protect wildlife from the extreme damage we have done to our/their planet.

  • Lucy Veracruz

    The scene where the female wolf and her family reunite was wonderful – the wolves running by the water, the golden light.

    It was hard to say which are my favorite animals, they were all fascinating.

  • Donald Lee

    Just watched Nature with my dogs. They love it, especially when the wolves howl! I love the gorgeous snow owls and the fox babies.

  • hetal

    this is an amazing video by nature i really like it

  • Melina

    I just wanted to say how much I appreciated this rather intelligible program. So seldom is there anything on television worth viewing (reality programing tends to dominate, it seems). It was incredibly refreshing to witness the complexity of these animals’ existence. I have passed on the word regarding tonight’s episode with two thumbs up. Thank you.

  • Anne Venderley

    I really liked learning about the wolves! I’ve always loved all kinds of dogs. I can’t wait to watch the next episode, and I’m so glad PBS has such good quality TV shows like this one to watch!

  • Betsy R

    Wonderful program. Thank you. My father was on Ellesmere Island in the late ’40’s, part of the US-Canadian weather program. He spoke of the Arctic fox and the musk ox. He would have loved this program. Again, thanks!

  • Daniel D.

    I loved watching this, its been awhile, but I thank you. This was a very interesting episode, I was surprised how the father gyhrfalcon would slack off, and let its chicks starve. I guess, even animals laze off. Probably the moment for me, is when the young female pup was left behind, because she was to busy looking at her reflection (typical, LOL) but I was glad when her pack found her. My favorite part, is when she was trying to get the chicks, as they were ducking for cover. Thank you again for showing this, I enjoyed it : )

  • Cynthia Goad

    I loved the program. My four year old son joined me on the couch to watch most of the show. He was thrilled with the fox pups and the funnly owlettes. Thank you for showing this. It is so important to teach the next gerations about the wonders of the animal kingdom.

  • traveller

    I loved the scene with the Arctic hares jumping around. It was so unexpected and fun.

  • Laura M.

    This program was so beautiful and had a real lyrical story-telling quality. I’m curious what viewers thought of that? I feel like so much natural history programming today is comprised of fast cuts and over-the-top shock drama that I enjoyed watching a show with subtle dips & turns, and a story line that really brought me into the experience.

  • jt

    Wow!! This was quite simply one of the finest episodes of Nature that I have ever had the pleasure of viewing. The photography was absolutely breathtaking! I can only imagine how sophisticated and expensive the equipment must be. The lack of a narator was not missed. The scenery and the animals spoke eloquently for themselves. What a fantastic program. Thank you!!! GO PBS!!!

  • Arly Helm

    A very affecting show. I called and recommended it to other family members. The photographer was amazingly patient and prescient. I don’t think I’ve ever had a nature show reach me at the level this one does, and we love nature (and Nature) programs universally over everything else. Arly Helm, MS, Nutrition & Food Science, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, and Roger Burger, PhD, Immunology (MS Animal Nutrition, BS Ecology)

  • David Couto

    Simply amazing! If you want to learn about global warming and how it could possible affect animals like above, go to http://www.lstw.weebly.com

  • John G

    Fantastic and unique photo shots. Narration is superb, informative, and not unnecessarily chatty. The insightful information is beautiful to hear and enables one to gain more insight into the animal world. Today, as my spouse and I were walking in a park and we came upon a group of small deer feeding. As we approached, they did not startle or move away. Suddenly, a large buck appeared and scattered them off. From what I learned from your program, I believe, but am not sure, that the buck disrupted the group for the purpose of protecting them. Keep up the good work.

  • Mike Wagner

    I recently watched the new episode of Nature: White Falcon White Wolf and I loved it. (Especially the Wolf parts :wink: I was so glad the yearling wolf reunited with her family!!) So much in fact we did a review on it. Keep up the great work Nature!


    Mike Wagner
    Founder and Director of Heart of the Wolf Organization

  • Greg Wisslead

    Nature is what my family will sit down and watch as a family. And as the seasons go by your shows get better. Cant wait to see whats on the next horizon for Nature Thank you

  • Sue wetmore

    It was a fascinating look into life up north. However you identified a Long-tailed jaeger as a skua. Is that correct? According to my field guides it is not.

  • John Harrison

    This is the single most exciting, interesting, informative hour I’ve ever seen on TV! My congratulations to everyone involved…..This is the very best that TV can be….I will think of this hour and these magnificent animals and this pristine setting often. Thanks for this wonderful window into this fascinating world . BRAVOS and BRAVAS!!!!

  • Debbie Waegelin

    I was holding my breath awaiting the outcome of the mother gyrfalcon’s long-distance journey for food, fearing the worst, but so glad it turend out for the best. Could not believe that Mother Nature has its share of dead-beat dads, too, and that “slacker” in the nest with her sat there and preened while his kids starved.
    Such a beautifully shot film…one that hopefully will show people that in regions where there seems to be “nothing” to the naked eye, there’s really “something”…an entire eco-system at work. And we need to protect it.

  • Alfred Amabisco

    Absolutely fantastic cinematography – the photographers had to be a couple of kilometers away to capture their natural antics – and the cycle of life and death to illustrate the food chain on the tundra. Enjoyed the young falcon’s first solo flight.

  • Susan

    As usual, Nature does not disappoint. An absolutely beautiful saga on the Artic Wolf and the Gyrefalcon along with the other animals that share their home. The episode gave a reason to care for these animals and to do everything we can to stop the advance of global warming and the loss of their habitat.

  • richie

    My dream is to become a photographer of animals such as these and this program was one of your best thank you

  • ralph Reed

    who is the artist and song title of the theme music on Nature? It’s stirring!

  • andrew magana

    White falcon white wolf was awesome i loved it i wish i could have it in dvd or something but you know whats sad that wolves are being hunted so i think it is better to adopt a wolf and i have a website that you can adopt endagered species espeacially wolves
    Secure.Defenders.org it is a real website and to me wolves are the best.

  • John Terry

    It was a pleasure and a surprise to see this excellent program. My family had the good fortune to spend a week in Alexandra Fjord about 15 years ago and to visit Sphinx Island where the gyrfalcons were filmed. There were three babies in the aerie when we were there. It may be of interest that a short distance away is Skraeling Island where Viking artifacts have been discovered among the ancient Pre-Inuet structures.

  • Fred

    Thank you for all your nice comments about the show – I am the executive producer. Often we get asked about the Nature theme music –well, the theme was written specifically for the series by a talented composer named Alex Lasarenko. I was in the studio while he was working on the score and it is very thrilling to listen to such beautiful music paired with wonderful nature photograpy —especially when it is played on big speakers! Thanks and please look for our next special on monkey intelligence called CLEVER MONKEYS -airing on Nov.9th.

  • Katya

    I love it every minute of it. I loved the show. I was so sad to see how they ate the lemmings, but that is how it is in the wild. Great show, I can’t wait ’till the next Nature show. Wonderful

  • Jack Rautio

    As always, it was another fantastic show. Kudos once again.

  • Jon & Family

    This is one of the best episodes of Nature I’ve seen in awhile. The footage of these emotional moments awed my four year old daughter and my two year old son. Thank you for the hard work.

  • Crater in the Sand

    It was full of great stories. Love the Gyr Falcon & Wolves. Best moment was watching the Gyr Flacons take on their first flight. Would have loved to have seen Wolf pups though. Keep up the excellent work.

  • Gwen

    Fantastic! It was great to see the snowy owl taking care of her chicks since I own a print by famous bird artist Roger Tory Peterson. Best moment was when the falcon chicks survived after all and all the hard work the female falcon had to do in carrying the load of food to the ledge. Great photography on the wolves, too. This is one of the best Nature programs I have seen. I plan to buy this film!

  • cynthia mills

    I was sucked right into this episode. It’s funny in a sad sort of way how the male falcon didn’t take care of his family. Sounds like a dead beat dad, yet society thinks that we as a race are better than all the animals. Obviously we have not learned anything by observing the mistakes of other creatures.

  • randy

    Thanks, for picking up the slack of a boring football afternoon, with such a winderful show. The owl was a most beautiful creature that we hardly get to see. The falcons in flight truly fascinated me. Thanks again.

  • Lynne

    I happen to have a small dog whose temperament and looks are much like that of the lost female wolf. The ducklings hiding underwater from her were classic. This episode had many breathtaking moments…the owls and falcons in flight, for example. Wonderful episode.

  • Cindy

    WOW An Extremely Beautiful show. The best parts was when the female wolf found her pack and when the Mother Falcon decided to take over feeding her young. Makes me wonder with all the Beauty how people can kill sich animals with no remorse. This was fabulous movie. Thank you for letting us live with them in their enivornment.

  • Nancy

    What a wonderful-awesome gift from your talented photographers. Thank them for their dedication!!!!

  • Chris

    The episode drew you in to the dramas of the two types of wildlife that were featured in the show. I particularly liked the landscape photography and the musical score.

  • James

    It was very very very very very good,you know I watched the show and turned on my computer & post this.Where did you get the lost female wolf scene? I loved every second of this show.Please make more fantastic shows!!!!!!!!!

  • NATURE Online

    For those of you who asked questions about the difference between jaegers and skuas: North Americans make distinctions between jaegers and skuas, while in the UK both are referred to as skuas.

  • Claudia

    Absolutely incredible show! It was riveting, stunning, and heartwarming. I fell in love with all the creatures and was fascinated by their struggles for survival. Truly memorable show, and I hope to watch it many more times. Thank you for a superb broadcast.

  • angela mancera

    This wolf is most wounderful white wolf i had ever seen, please take of god creation he give us those beauitful anmials THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT PBS!
    From:angela mancera
    Have a good day!

  • Paul

    If not for the extremely monotone, almost lifeless narration, I would rate this quality documentary higher. I make a plea with the Nature producers to please find another narrator before I fall asleep. For those who spend so much time and energy in the field getting this level of work, it doesn’t devalue their efforts, but it makes it a less enjoyable product than is achievable.

  • Mary

    The photographs you got were amazing. I had to come on the computer to find out how you were able to keep up with the wolves and as they travelled and the falcons on their aerie. Thank you!

  • Jeff K.

    I loved everything about this program. The music was beautiful as well as the animals and the landscape. I learned alot in one hour that I didn’t know. Thank you for showing this program.

  • nona

    I’ve been watching ETV shows for almost the network’s 50 years. This was perhaps the most fascinating production I have seen. Unsurpassed excellence in story-line, photography, education.

  • Jim

    Just watched the show and could not believe the way the excellence in the script. The way it showed how interelated all areas of nature are. How one small mistake can mean life or death. This was a great and informative show and the photography breathtaking.

  • JC

    This is one of the best films I have ever seen. The time it must have taken to shoot the film. I applaude the photographers and editiors and ALL “the others” who helped make it. Let’s get an update next year!!!

  • Margie G

    It was up to the standards I have grown accustomed to over the years of enjoying “Nature”.You spoil me for other shows :)

  • Joe from Alaska

    Nature has done it again. This is one of the best episodes yet! Thank you so much!

    I would like to remind everyone that ANWR(the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge) has many of the same animals that are shown in this film. I propose that Nature do an episode about the Arctic Refuge to show the American people what the place really is like.

  • Bob from Toronto

    I always expect the best from PBS and this presentation of “Nature” was no exception. This is what HDTV was meant for, both sight and sound. Ironically very few Canadians realize what a remarkable part of the planet we inhabit and it has taken Brits and Americans to tell this story. Thanks PBS for being a welcome oasis in what is very often a cultural desert.

  • Gerry

    This program was an hour of pure pleasure for me…

  • Carl from Long Island

    Great program! My daughter’s favorite animal is the Snowy Owl and she loved it too.

  • Pat from Overland Park, KS

    I had recorded this program and have just watched it. How fantastic! The subject matter, the photography, the narration was all so incredible. Thank you for this wonderful lesson on some of our fellow creatures here on earth. I love every one of them. Thank yo PBS! Keep it up.

  • Diana

    One of the best nature shows I’ve seen (and I’ve seen many)! Been talking it up among my friends. Thank you!

  • Ellen G from Nashville, TN

    Thank you for yet another fantastic program. PBS always delivers the best that nature has to offer. This particular episode of NATURE showed us a place so few will ever visit, where the lives of these amazing creatures have all evolved to coexist together. We especially loved the music, and wondered how we could obtain a copy of it?

  • Mac Wells

    WOW ! As an amateur wildlife photographer, I’m jealous ! Thanks so much for spending the many, many hours it took to get such incredible footage . Please keep up the great work ! June 5, 2010.

  • josilin

    AWSOME !!!! you know the cut theme is also on operation stormbreaker .

  • jio

    um i cant find the video

  • Mary Anne O’Sullivan

    The wolves and falcons were spectacular and I also got such a kick out of watching that rabbit jumping around. Like he was either playing or showing off to the girl rabbit. Maybe both.
    Anyway simply great photography on the entire film.
    And such a starkly wild and beautiful landscape.

    Ellensburg, WA

  • Issey

    This Show was amazing. I have enjoyed every minute of it. Well done. Thank you so much. This have made me think once again how all animals should be free and be back in nature, so as our own pets, I have a beautiful cat, and I always feel as she could have been much more happier out in the nature, free to live her life as nature would have wanted her. it’s where they all belong. maybe my dream will come true one day. I keep my faith. Thank you pbs, you are the best.
    Issey NYC

  • Paul Roberts

    I raise owls and hawks at my home, and I was riveted to your breathtaking program. Hope you can make the film available on the Nature site like you have others.

    Augusta, GA

  • Bob White

    As a retired park ranger and wildlife graduate I was tremendously impressed by the skill and dedication displayed by the photographers of this splendid program. Thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable evening of TV, it sure beats reruns of Welk and Doo Wop.

  • Zora

    This is one of the best unscripted dramas in the nature-show world. I loved everybody in it– these interwined stories, & the entire cast of characters, were all so engaging that it’s hard to choose a favorite! I loved the steely mother falcon who took matters into her own hands when her lazy-ass husband wouldn’t feed the chicks & made her have to do both jobs (not so far removed from humanity I guess). I loved the ditzy juvenile wolf who learned her lessons the hard way; as a child I was equivalent of that wolf, always in her own world & not realizing everyone else has moved on. I loved the big brawny hares, definitely not Bunny Foofoo with that much power and wit behind them. I love musk-oxen because they’re so wonderfully funnylooking, and would’ve lked to see more of those guys.

    But maybe I best loved those owls. The waddling owlets with their grey woolly pimp-coats & white chenille slipper-socks crack me up. And I re-watched about 3 times that sequence where the mother owl flew down and punched that wolf right in the back of the head!– I think the owl wins the title of Bad Mother *** of the Arctic.

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  • Wolf Wisdom

    … As Wild Biologist i found myself fascinated watchin a SuperAwesome video/article which i’ve never seen before . Once again , Many Tks for sending/keeping me super update

  • Cynthia A. Jones


    This was one of the very best episodes I have ever seen. And that would cover nearly 30 years of watching! Thanks so much for it.

  • Preston Woodruff

    Beautiful music score!

  • Chris Russell

    I loved this episode. Wolves, Falcons, Owls, Foxes, and Musk Oxes. Absolutely spectacular.

  • Phyllis Sund

    thank you Nature for the winderful,and spectacular episodes,and the people who shoot the wild life with a camera instede of a gun.thank you all for the wonderful shots of animals and birds that most of us will never see.thank you all again.

  • KJ Linarez

    Another amazing episode in the Nature series.

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