Why We Love Cats and Dogs
Cats or Dogs? Our Twitter Followers Weigh In

We asked our Twitter followers to weigh in on a very important question: Cats or dogs – and why? Here’s what they had to say. Join the conversation.

* samblak: Dogs. mostly because Cats suck. – getting straight to the point

* lillypuddig: cat of course!! they are independent creatures that train you you dont train them…they are a joy to get to know

* YosemiteSteve: Cats are lower maintainence, more diverse personality types, less inbred.

* wyldkyss: Dogs! Dogs are always happy to see me, cats often don’t care what the human is up to unless it involves food or annoying you.

* thancrus: it’s entirely dependent on the person. Cats r more independent & dogs generally r more dependent. Go with what fits

* Princess_Mo: i’m partial to both cats and dogs, but my family are dog people so i’m representing the cat people. :)

* creativedc: well, duh – DOGS!

* sm_carter: Dogs! W/ science & history making the strong case that the dog is the only animal to domesticate itself case closed

* futuristicplans: Cats. Because if I don’t say cats, my cat will make me pay dearly.

* lortz: depends on your personality and lifestyle. i have a cat.

* heatherleanne: When Timmy was stuck down a well, did Whiskers the cat get help? No. It was Lassie, son. Recognize.

* ABrandNewWorld: Cats a very low maintenance. Just rub their bellies and feed them. They’re my fav.

* cunningpike: Cats. Not only are hey are easier to look after in practical terms but unlike dogs their affection is a conscious act

* Tripawds: Why of course I’m partial to dogs being a better pet, especially if they’re a Tripawd!

* grandciel: I love both. A cat and dog “own” me, but at least the cat doesn’t eat its own poop.

* BadPitBull: cats are so much easy but dogs are so loyal there is only one option. Have both.

Add your opinion in the comments field below. Join us on Twitter for more discussion, and to stay in the know about NATURE.

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  • Jerry G. Dawg

    I agree with BadPitBull: have both! They are both great in their own special ways.

  • Rikki – Traveling12Feet.com

    Agree with above! We travel with both, and it makes them rely on each other. It’s still a love-hate (lick and hiss?) relationship, that’s because they have their own unique characters that make them individually adorable.

  • Ted Cherry

    They are both great animals! You should own each to realize the best of cats and dogs. They are more alike than different.

  • cindy bell

    whatever you choose, try to save a life from a shelter. the animals love you so much for giving them a second chance that you always get a great pet. I always rescue, and they end up rescuing me right back with love!

  • Chris Bonneu

    No question about it for me: dogs, by a mile. Why? Well, for example, no one’s ever heard of a RESCUE CAT, have they?

  • Debra Sherman

    I’ve had cats and they were great but I’m for dogs. Definitely dogs. Dogs are eager to go anywhere as long as it’s with you. What’s not to love.

  • Dallas

    I’m with wyldkyss here. I own two cats, but that’s partially because my parents are mostly cat people. If it were up to me, I would get us a dog. It’s gratifying and pleasing to see a friend and companion greet you when you come home from a day at work or school or whatever and feel like you just can’t take anymore. A cat doesn’t do that unless it wants to, and not many do (1 cat out of approx. 15 I know did). On the other hand, a dog will come up and comfort you in any way it knows how and soon it doesn’t matter what happened; he’s there for nothing else but you and wants nothing more than to love and be loved in return.

  • Susan

    CATS. CATS. CATS. They are the far superior animal, no question, no doubt, no argument. People who have dogs seem so needy, just like dogs, and they seem to demand to be worshipped by dogs who are also so needy and willing to grovel, a disturbing circle. Cats show their love in a dignified, classy way, dogs are goofy and neurotic. Cats provide comfort, love and blessedly quiet companionship. Dogs drool. Cats simply rule.

  • Jun

    I love both cats and dog (I used to have plenty of both when growing up), but if I was to have a pet of my own, it would be a cat. Everyones entitled to their own opinions, but I think that cats get a lot of bad press for no reason. They are indeed very capable of affection. My dad’s cat joins him for his evening walk every day and doesn’t eat for days if my dad is out of town!

    And for those saying cat’s can’t save lives, google it up! And also check out this cool story I came across:

  • karen g. dicicco

    They are both my favorites in their own different ways. I hope to never have to choose between having one over the other.

  • besan

    cats and dogs are so kind,but I brefer donky hahahaha

  • rj

    ALL CATS anD DOGS are Gifts (Angels) from God to enrich our lives and look after us..and its ALL of our responsibility to look after them..especially the poor strays and shelter babies!!Kitty Kisses and Doggie Smooches are the best thing in the world!! BTW,who needs these Eek-Harmony and Matchyersocks.com..You will find the love of your life at your local shelter or a stray!!! The girl in my life just came in to my life as if from nowhere(I suspect God was involved!) she was a stray and they do make the most wonderful compnions!! She will never have to go out again!! Peace and Love–!RJ

  • Tacha

    Cats, definately. Dogs ae loving and playful but there are times when you just want to relax and they don’t seem to get that. And I don’t find dogs cuddly, at all. I’d rather hug something soft and purring than something boney and slobbery.

  • sher

    Cat! i grew up having cats…Dogs seems to hate me i been chase and bitten before.

  • pooh

    what websites I can use to do my reseach on why are they more alike than different dog and cats?

  • Kim

    I have cats currently but have had dogs in the past.

    Here is why I can’t handle dogs: the guilt. The little sigh and the drooped head on the couch from not getting loved on 24/7 got to me. They’re like young children, demanding lots of attention.If they don’t get it, they seem depressed. Plus have you ever had a dog die on you? The pain is massive, and they don’t live as long as cats.

    Right now I’m happy with my three cats.

  • RuthAnn

    I love cats, they have the BEST personalities I can think of.

  • whythecathate

    I have always wondered by dog people seem to HATE cats. I mean I hear cat people say not so nice things about dogs but often there is real venom in what dog people say about cats. I just don’t understand.

    My cats have personality, love me, meet me at the door when I come home, and sure as hell care about more than food & annoying me. Maybe people mistake an interest in affection from a cat as annoying just because they have already decided they don’t like them.

    When I found out my mom had cancer my cat- who generally is not a lap cat- climbed into my lap and laid there while I cried. I think that is the same as the dog that lays it’s head in your lap when you are sad.

    PS I am an animal person. I like dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles and so on, but you can’t expect them to all be the same.

  • JoAnne

    I have loved cats my whole life. They are my favorite animal. However, we have a dog that I love so much. I love all animals because they all have a place on earth and a part to play. Most of them I don’t want to live with, but they are still wonderful. The variety of animal behavior and appearance is amazing to think about and we are fortunate to live on such a bountiful earth.

  • Nancy Volle

    I like both. But, I must say I think that if I had to choose between “dog people” and “cat people” I would choose the cat people every time. Cat people almost always also care about dogs and don’t say harsh things about them. Dog people often seem cruel in their attitudes toward cats. I think that cat people are generally caring and kind towards both animals and people.

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  • leeway`

    I totally love dogs. I feel connected to most dogs and have never lived without one. I know cat people are upset with dog people who are anti cat, but it’s really a different relationship. I can’t stand having a cat rub on my legs while I’m standing or jump from out of nowhere onto the table or bookcase, and their claws hurt me. And that obnoxious pawing… Cats startle me, hurt me, annoy me. I’m glad cat people can have the cats and have great relationships with them. Just let me be with the dogs and I’ll be happy.

  • Tram Phan

    I’m from Vietnam where is lack of medical places for pets. Some people even eat cats, dogs, other pets and serve them as general foods. Some superstitious people even say that to keep a cat make you become poor. So they hate cats. Crazy ! I used to have 9 cats but now only 4 left. At first I hoped the lost cats have just traveled or met their friends somewhere. Until when i knew that there are some drunk guys around trapped them with electric tool, rope…I can’t hold my tears !! But i have no way to protect them from those people. sorry for the sad story. From myself, I’m very happy to see cat people and dog people show their own reasons why you choose your pets like that, even argument. It is all about love.

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