Why We Love Cats and Dogs
My Pet's Quirks: Share Your Stories!

Everybody’s pet has quirks.

We get it: your pet is a member of your family, and there are things you know about your cat or dog that no one else would ever guess. Now it’s time to spill!

What are your pet’s quirks?

Does it have any special talents?

What does your pet do that you think is absolutely hilarious?

We want to hear all about it!

Tell us what makes your dog or cat special in the comments field below.

  • Lynn Gold

    My dog is a 7-year-old Bichon Frise named Lady who thinks she’s a cat. She rubs against people, makes noises similar to purring, likes to pounce and bat around dog biscuits the way a cat pounces and bats around a cat treat, and sometimes even mews (yes, I have a witness to this!).

  • Herberta

    I have an American Dingo. I made a mistake of bottle feeding her at bedtime instead of an hour before and now sometimes she has to try and nurse on the bedspread or my fingers before she can settle down. She also has to chase a laser light and feels deprived if she does not get too. She will talk to us if she doesn’t get her way. Her talking is half sing, half howl. She is nearly 2 years old.

  • rj

    My baby girl, Tina, was a stray who recued/adopted me and now is a full fledged housecat(ALL kittys should be inside unless you reside in the country otherwise the average life expectancy is about 2-4 years!! please keep them in!!)…anyways, my baby girl has auirk that started when she first came to live was always wanting me to be with here while she ate her main meals!! Due to the scarcity of food out for the poor stray angels that had made her wary of any noise while she dines and we started to eat, talk and give her a sense of that her food is secure and hers alone ! I can understand that fear of losing her food even after 4 1/2 years!! She is (and myself as well) are now sitting, talking, stroking her & assureing her that this is her food abd her Daddys here to protect her from any strays taking her meals!..I can understand her continuing this quirk which is duly warrante in her fears from her former life as a stray!!ps-please adopt a stray from your neighborhood nd you will be surprised the love and fierce devotion/protection of thier family!!And for those looking for a companion, forget about eek-harmoney/matchsocks.com…you will find the love of you life from a local stray or local animal shelter!!! Ive found the girl of my dreams with Tina!! You will find the same unconditional love and fierce devotion to protect thier home & family!!! They are truly a blessing from God!!- peace, love and many kitty kisses and doggy smooches from your babies!!-RJ and Tina the wonder cat!!

  • Suzanne Waltz

    I have three cats and one dog. All were abandoned and adopted. Stanley, the dog, who looks like Benji from the movie, is the newest addition. Stanley has a bed on the floor next to my bed. One night I heard a little growl and didn’t think much of it. When I got up during the night I discovered that he had nudged his bed across the bedroom doorway and was keeping the cats out. I had to explain to him that we don’t do that while moving he and his bed back to their original position. He just looked up, dejected.
    Jackson, the youngest cat and the alpha male, perhaps to get even with Stanley, later jumped on top of the six foot entertainment center, reached over and lifted a ceramic bear off the top shelf with his claw and dropped it right next to Stanley, who was sitting on the floor next to the entertainment center. Someone said to me, “Suppose he had hit him (Stanley).” I said, “No if he had meant to hit him he would have.” You could see, just from the way it was done that it was an “in your face” from the cat to the dog.

  • Elsa Brunswick

    My Jack Parsons Terrier is the best! She loves me and shows it. She wags her tail so often and so hard that the joke around the house is that she is going to beat someone to death with her tail.
    My calico cat on the other hand is insane. Her way of showng love is to turn around and either bite or scratch the hand that is petting her.
    I have had a tabby which was a loving animal, but guess which one I prefer.

  • Ron Tetrev

    I once had a family cat, name of Stud (also nicknamed ‘Spud’, because of how he laid there among his brothers and sisters when we got him from my middle sister’s Friend’s cat). No particular breed that I knew of, black with part-white face, white underbelly, some white on his four paws.

    Oh, where to begin?

    - Likes to chase chipmunks. Learned early that killing an animal meant he can’t chase it anymore. From then on, he chased the chipmunks, caught them, then carried them around like kittens for a bit. Chipmunk broke away, and the fun began anew. Seems like the chipmunk enjoyed the run, too; once I “freed” a chipmunk from Stud, and I swore as the chipmunk was perched on a nearby rock that it was looking at me balefully.

    - Knew who the soft-touches are. Likes to beg for “people food”. Didn’t matter what we were eating: chicken, ham, steak, cheese, salad, dessert. He wanted some of that. Only ate it if it was chicken or ham, otherwise he sniffed it a bit, then walked away.

    - First cat to hit a car, rather tha the other way around. :) He was busy chasing a chipmunk in a hot summer day, when my brother had to get going in his car. Was settling in the vehicle, when he heard a thud. Seems that when Stud was chasing the chipmunk, the chipmunk went under the rear-back of the car. Stud followed…… almost. Went face-first into the car’s fender! Ran off, then came back a few hours later. He was taken to the vets, but ended up with a pushed-in nose; tends to brethe with a slight nose-wheeze, tongue slightly out.

    I could add more, but I’m sure you get the general idea.

  • Bonnie Lee

    Thank you all for your wonderful pet stories. I love reading them.

  • Juanita

    Paddy Boy was a Border Collie my husband and I had several years ago.Paddy was the best dog we ever had and I’m so glad he was a part of our life.
    My husband traveled alot with his job so Paddy Boy was always there to protect me from harm.
    He was there when I was trapped in our haybarn with a 5′ rattlesnake. Paddy stood between me and the snake and I was able to get away without any injury to me or the dog. The snake didn’t fare to well.
    We had a cow with a new calf and she thought I was going to hurt her calf, but Paddy put himself between me and the cow and saved my life again.
    He was so special and so giving and he will always be apart of my soul. I still love you and miss you Paddy Boy…Juanita

  • cindy bell

    we are a 3 cat, 1 dog family. My husband thinks I am animal woman. Everyone is a rescue and much loved. Jibby is my tabby girl that sleeps in my office chair and lays in my arms while I play on the computer. Spidey is my sweet boy who mews so sweetly but will love bite you in a heart beat when we arm wrestle. He loves to play chase, and sleeps in my rocker. Marby is my lap kitty and my main purr machine. Gunner is our yellow lab mix that hates to miss out on a car ride, doesn’t play with toys, but loves to eat, walks every morning with dad for a good territory sniff and mark session, and i take him out to the country to “chase rabbits” at the farm when the weather is good. He usually goes on vacation with us if we can find accomodation that allows big dogs.

  • Chris Bonneu

    Not sure what sets my dog apart from any others, but it’s an EXTREMELY affectionate dog that is the very DEFINITION of “lap dog.” I’ve had it for just under 2 years, now, and our bond grows stronger day by day. By the way, it’s a pug (and one of the cutest pugs the world has ever seen, if I may say so myself).

  • DKM

    One of my cats behaves more like a dog than a cat. She follows me everywhere like a puppy, obeys commands, comes when I call her, loves praise, plays fetch with a ball…she even brings me her favorite ball when she wants to play fetch.

  • Kurt

    I had one Norwegian Elkhound who discovered (all by himself, I assure you!) that if he wanted to go outside in the middle of the night, he got much better service if he came into my bedroom and gulped and gagged like he was going to regurgitate his dinner all over my bedroom rug! I’d wake up, jump out of bed in a screaming panic, and run barefoot to the back door, stubbing my toes on the furniture along the way, to let him outside. Whereupon he’d stop gulping and calmly walk outside and look around as if to say, ‘the stars are really pretty this time of night aren’t they.’ And the darn dog KNEW he had me dead to rights, too, because I could never risk that he was just faking for fear of having to clean up by bedroom rug at four o’clock in the morning!! In the daytime, he’d just go to the door and bark to get out like any normal dog! This is what I mean about being outsmarted by my dog in the post in the ‘Character Types’ section!

  • R.

    My 13-year old outdoor domestic cat, for some mysterious reason, LOVES glazed donut holes. Don’t worry, I don’t actually feed them to her (unhealthy!), but whenever I have a box out or I’m snacking on some she is obsessed with trying to get one. She “begs” me for some — rubbing against my legs, meowing incessantly, scratching at the cabinet — and she can smell them from a mile away, too!

  • Lorie Johnson

    I adopted my Siamese, Rolly, from a local pet rescue charity. He was a foreclosure cat. I’d never had a Meezer before, and had no idea what to expect. He’s turned out to be an extraverted and outgoing cat who always has something to say, plays fetch (!), gets into the middle of everything, and loves a cuddle.

    His most interesting quirk was learning how to knead my shoulders. He gets on the back of my computer chair, puts his forepaws on my shoulder and marches in place, and then works his way to my other shoulder. I give him a bite of cheese for his effort.

    He watches TV, too- and was totally rapt watching this show last night. I should have taken a picture of it!

  • Catherine Dewitz

    Mittens was about 5 mo old when I found her howling in the snow. The vet said she was in already heat when I had her spayed. That may be why she developed this quirk none of my other cats have had (although I had one that drowned catnip mice in the toilet). Every night this little pixie tuxedo cat goes hunting through the house for socks, then carries them around in her mouth talking to them the whole time. So I wake up in the morning to a stray sock on the floor in front of the door, at the bottom of the steps, on the bedspread – wherever she was when she forgot why she was moving the sock. My vet says in her head she’s moving her kittens.

  • Marilyn T

    I totally relate to the gentleman in the show stating he “decompresses” when he comes home with his cat on his chest. I have a 12 yr old tabby and a new addition one yr old tabby-both females. After my kids are fed and doing homework I chng into sweats, grab a fleece blanket and these two buddies follow me to the couch. The older on my chest and the younger on my legs. Lots of purring, “sweet eyes”, and leg stretching later we are relaxed, calm and content. I never even miss not having a spouse around anymore…they are true friends-loving me whether I’m grumpy, put on a few pounds or PMSing!

  • Barbara

    I used to think I had the dumbest cat on earth. Lady Jane, an orange tabby, once sniffed a lit candle, got her ‘eye brows’ and whiskers singed off and then went back not an hour later and sniffed the same candle! But she’s gotten wise in her years. We have a dog, Cody, and when we ask if he needs to go potty, Jane is right at the back door waiting to go out, too! She also flirts with him. If she wants to go out, but Cody’s just laying around, she’ll throw herself on the floor in front of him and start purring and fussing with him. It’s so cute!

  • Barbara

    I used to think I had the dumbest cat on earth. Lady Jane, an orange tabby, once sniffed a lit candle, got her ‘eye brows’ and whiskers singed off and then went back not an hour later and sniffed the same candle! But she’s gotten wise in her years. We have a dog, Cody, and when we ask if he needs to go potty, Jane is right at the back door waiting to go out, too! She also flirts with him. If she wants to go out, but Cody’s just laying around, she’ll throw herself on the floor in front of him and start purring and fussing with him. It’s so cute!

  • Hillary

    I saw Jerry’s story and would love to connect with his owners or others like them. I lost my 14 year old dog to the same cancers and miss him so very much.

  • Annie

    Our 3 legged dog Bert has a weird habit of watching TV. He is constantly scanning the screen for ANYTHING that resembles another animal – fish, birds, even that little insurance selling gecko. The moment he sees something he BARKS and BARKS. I absolutly love watching nature shows on PBS, however this is very difficult to do when Bert is in the room. I dearly love this dog, but his TV watching is making me crazy!!!

  • Rich

    My former stray (who will nevever go out again!!…Please I plea to all Cat folks who let thier angels out ..please DONT!! Keep them in unless you have a few acres of land or you will be crying with heartache forever for them going to Heaven too soon!! Please, I know and from that day on I still mourn even with my new girl in my life A Housecat is a HOUSE-Cat! Please pass it on!!!) Anywayz, My rescued stray just loves to lay along side of her side of the bed meow for me to come to bed, and wont stop talking to me until i lay along side of her..her extra quirk is that she literally lays straight along side me with her precious head on the pillow with mine!! She gives me a purr and kiss goodnight and all is well with her/our world!! Its true, Cats and Dogs are indeed Angels from God to look after us!! Much Love & Peace to your angels (and you too)!!

  • Lisa

    My rescued canaan/border collie mix Ellie absolutely loves to play “crazy dog” when I get home from work. When I come in from the garage and take off my shoes, she runs to get one of her toys (usually in the living room). I’ll go into the family room and she’ll race in after me. I clap my hands together and say: “Go! Go!” and she’s off like a shot with her toy dangling out of her mouth, through the kitchen and into the living room where she stops. Then I holler: “Crazy dog!” and she races back into the family room at breakneck speed, toy still in tow. She will ONLY return to the family room if I yell “crazy dog!”. We repeat the “go! go!” “crazy dog” cycle until she starts to slow down. Even after all that, she still wants me to chase her around the coffee table.

  • Alia

    I have a cat named Marmalade who thinks she is a dog. To begin with, her best friend in the world is my parent’s border collie/Australian Shepard mix. She not only walks perfectly on a leash and halter, she demands to go three times a day. She will wake me up in the morning to go. The way she wakes me up is pretty funny. First she tries just sitting on me. Then she licks any exposed skin. If that doesn’t work she bites, and sometimes pulls my eye mask off my head. If I still don’t get up she hits with claws in. Her last resort is to hit with claws out, digging them into my scalp and giving a tug. If I hide under the covers she just digs under them to get me. She has adapted to life in Oregon better than I have and doesn’t seem to mind the rain if it means a walk around the building. I’ve had other cats that go for walks, but nothing like my Marmalade!

  • Lesleigh

    I waited for 12 years to get a animal friend. I was in college and then 5 years in the military. So when i got out in 2005 it took another year for me to get the emotional help (PTSD-military sexual trama in all honesty) working thru this I wanted a boon companion. I thought that I had one (a cute male kitty) but about 6 hours later the owner wanted him back! Talk about being heartbroken. Well I went and gave him back. And was on my way back to my apartment when i got a call from my wonderful sister who had just told her co-workers about what had happened to me. Just as she was finishing up a nurse walked in and said “Do you know anyone who wants a cat?” Divine intervention, I got my best pal Nikki! She black – Tux cat and has a great liking for me. I love her! If i have a panic attack or am having a rough patch she sits on me and bats at my hands in order for me to scratch her. Nix’s hears my car and waits for me at the door! I call for her and she answers “What!” or “Ma”. My mom has heard her cry that outloud! I thank god that he brought her into my life!

  • Kirsten

    My mom was a Collie breeder/shower in the 70’s, who worked hard to place puppies in good homes. (I have rescue German Shepherds now.) But we once got a call from an owner of a puppy who was by then about 11 months old, saying he was insisting on sleeping on the dining room table, and they couldn’t talk him out of it. Come to find out they did not want to somehow lose him back when he was a relatively tiny 8-wk-old, so they used to put him up on the table overnight with a barricade of pillows to keep him safe (I wouldn’t recommend it). And that wonderful, eager-to-please boy believed that they still wanted him to be up there, even grown to 70+ lbs!

  • vickie

    marilyn….I understand completely…..and I’ve been married 35 years…..?

  • vickie

    I have 9 cats and a beagle dog…my 2 oldest cats died within 5 months of each other.My oldest made it to 20 yrs. and 2 months old.All my cats were rescued and some were bottle fed.I have done rescue throughout my life and especially cats need our help.If you have one cat go to a shelter and introduce them slowly…or ..adopt 2 at the same time.Years ago my one cat I rescued would hang on my doorknob and scream to let him out….please i beg you don’t let them out unless you are with them because I have lived to regret it… he drown in my pool .I can barely talk about it.My husband had drained the pool 1/3 of the way down to close it up for winter and he couldn’t get out.I still have pain in my heart just thinking about it….so don’t do it no matter how loud they yell.

  • Cheryl

    My dog Moki(a papillon) likes to steal things and then trade them for a treat. Our other dog, Bailey (sheltie) likes to tattle on Moki. She will run to us barking to let us know that Moki has something that he’s not suppose to have. What is really amusing is she knows the difference.

  • Meghan

    My cat Doobie used to lick photographs. If you tried to stop him he’d bite you. I don’t know why. He also liked to chase tin foil balls down the hallway. He was a funny cat. I miss him.

  • Laurie

    My 18-yr old cat, Scooter, has picked up some skills over the years, he has a set schedule and it starts at 4 a.m. however the rest of the house does not neccesarily follow hiw schedule. So to get the ball rolling he has devised various means to get people up, he learned a long time ago that a simple meow does not work, so he deploys the paw in the mouth tactic, there’s nothing like a litter sented paw in the mouth the wake a person up, if that doesn’t work he moves into the sneeze, he has training himself to sneeze on command right in your face, and if that still doesn’t work he resorts to knocking over a 6ft tall faux tree onto you while you slumber, he knocks it over with his paw, and then sits back and enjoys the jolt of waking you up to start his schedule, right on time.

  • cathy

    I can relate completely to #10, chris bonneau. I also own a pug and know just what you mean. Reba is by far the silliest dog I’ve ever known, I laugh out loud at her antics such as at suppertime, she spins and twirls while it’s being prepared. I notice the more I laugh, the more she’s “on”. Reba has nothing but love in her, and Chris, you nailed it. The affection pugs show us is unbelievable. I’ve noticed she will never be more than 3 or 4 feet away from me; if I’m having breakfast at the kitchen table, and she’s through with hers (at break-neck speed) she’ll sit with any part of her body on my feet. They just must be feeling us near them at all times. What a joy she is. Ps—bet my Reba (fawn colored)is cuter than yours (just kidding)–they’re both beautiful in and out.

  • Marisue Zorens

    My boxer Riley was the darling of my neighborhood. He was so smart and full or personality- where to begin?
    He would steal socks and show them to me so that I would chase him. Once when I chased him into the kitchen I found the socks lying in the middle of the floor and he was hiding under the table waiting for me to try to pick them up. He’d set a “trap” for me!
    He loved my next door neighbor. He would play catch with her grandchildren, taking the ball first to one then the other then the other, always in the same order, like he was taking turns with them.
    He loved to mess up my bed and redo it for himself. If I caught him lying there on a mountain of pillows and bedding and yelledat him, he’d immediately put his head down and start to snore- he didn’t think I’d bother him if he was sleeping!
    I just lost him this winter and boy do I miss him. There will never be another Riley.

  • Mich

    I have a tuxedo cat name Tanji. I suspect she may have had previous owns, but ones, it seems, that did not care for her too well. My brother found her, or rather she found him around New Years. In Chicago, it can get pretty cold. She began to follow him and my brother decided to take her home. Now I am her care taker.
    The best Tanji story starts off by the fact that I tend to sleep in late. Well Tanji didn’t like that much. So she would wake me up. My bed is not in a frame and rests on the floor. Tanji would sneak along the edge of the bed and walk around to the top where my head is and slowly reach over with one paw towards my forehead. And then, WAP! WAP! WAP! She’d smack me with her paw and run away. The first time this happened I had no idea what was going on. The longer I would lay in bed the more often she would repeat. The best part is once I was awake she would try that again, but while we were making eye contact, she would move her paw very slowly, as if pretending she wasn’t going to smack me in the forehead again.
    Anyone who thinks animals don’t have a sense of humor haven’t slept around my cat!

  • DG

    My family took care of a beagle mix called Sammy. His owners had told us not to feed him table scraps, but he still moped around the kitchen with these huge brown eyes and wrinkled face,in case we changed our mind. One day the scent of food on the kitchen table was too much, and he jumped up onto a chair, and from the chair to the table. Sammy was eating our tofu dish
    when my mom caught him. He was put outside for the night as time-out, but the way he barked. It was like “If you don’t feed me enough I’m going to feed myself!”

  • Vanya

    Our rabbits (we have two) have figured out how to open the gate the we use to keep them out of certain areas in the house. They are very bad bunnies!!!

  • Amy

    Ozzy is my 3-legged cat. He is very quirky – although totally insecure and fearful of everyone – except me. It makes me sad, because no one gets to witness how adorable and funny he is when it’s just the two of us. Among his many quirks – he loves fruit – strawberries, to be specific. If he sees me eating them from across the room, he runs over (3-legged run which looks like he’s hopping) and will not leave me alone until I let him have a couple.

  • Mystic

    My 17-year old dark Tortie has a “sock habit.” She has an old sock she stole out of the dirty laundry years ago, that she carries around and yowls at when she thinks she is alone. The yowling sounds as if she is being murdered! But I have heard her make the same sound when she has caught a lizard. One of these days I’ll remember to set up the video camera when we leave so I can catch the act on film. We put the sock in the fridge at night so we don’t get waked up by the yowling!

  • Deinna

    I have a black kitten that we call traveler, because we bring her every where we go around the house. The cool thing about her is that she has a way of telling you that she wants mommy. She was siting next to me while i watched T.V. and she looked at me and started mewing. So I asked her what was wrong.(Yes i talk to my animals.)She then climbed up my shirt still mewing and sat on my shoulder, mewing in my ear. So I toke her off and brought her to her bed, and went and found her mother and brought Graybeard(Traveler’s mother.) to Traveler and left the room. Another cool thing is that her brother died(He was a beutiful white)and I’ve been akting like her sister,I’t also helps that my auntys cat hade kittens so Traveler plays with them too.Thats it really. Hope you liked that story. :)

  • Jo Ann

    Where do I start? We have a seven year old Maltipoo named Bo. His major quirk is that no matter how hungry he might be, if we are anywhere near his food or even if he thinks we are looking at him, he won’t eat! We have to walk away or pretend we’re not paying attention. The other thing he does (although he received some encouraging on this one) he howls on command. He starts out making high octave noises I can explain, but then puts his little snout up in the air and howls like Mariah Carey. Next thing you know, the entire family joins in. I’m sure if thee were a “What quirky things does your human do”, Bo would say “You should see how I’ve got these guys jumping through hoops……”

  • Linda Carter

    Our 3 yr old cat “Kitty” likes to hop a ride in my Mom’s walker whenever she comes downstairs. Kitty hears Mom’s stairglider and comes over to wait for her to get to the bottom of the stairs in the livingroom and start toward the kitchen with her walker. Kitty then hops up into the seat and lets my 82 yr old Mom give her a rolling ride all the way into the kitchen! She also like to take the ride back into the livingroom to see Mom safely back into the chair. It had been Kitty’s practice to walk up and down the stairs with Mom but now that Mom has the walker she seems to like riding more!:-)

  • elliott

    my adopted cat is a hermaphrodite. a neutered hermaphrodite… what would that be, then? she picks up her dry food with her paws, puts in in the water bowl, then picks it up again with paws, then eats it. then she jumps on the bed with soaking wet feet.

  • MJ Graham

    We’ve got a “fetch” kitty called Lids (she has very predominant nictitating membranes). Even at four years old, she is no larger than a 5 or 6 month old kitten – a real cutie. She has this passion for wadded up pieces of paper and will bring one over and set it on your lap to get you to throw it. She chases after the paper, bats it around a time or two, then brings it back to you for another go ’round. Just like a dog playing fetch.

  • Stephanie

    Biscuit, our 70lb, young adult Shephard-Chow-Lab mix, is our first child. She lays down to eat or drink. It is not a graceful maneuver. She licks kittens and bunnies. She enjoys carrots more than dog treats. She sleeps with her head hanging upside down off the couch, tongue languidly hanging out, hind legs spread out. She once snuck up on the coffee table and drank an entire martini. No adverse change in her behavior. She is convinced that the entire backyard is her oyster when it comes to pooping. She loves our chickens. She will never, ever have the skill to actually catch a squirrel. It will never, ever stop her from trying. She knows how to drink water pouring mid-air from my water bottle. She is in for a seriously rude awakening when our baby arrives. I am sure she will lick our baby, too.

  • Marc

    My cat “Jack”, a one year old mix-breed, employs his “starving cat routine” when hungry. This ploy of his is lovable and quite effective; When asked if he’s hungry, Jack walks slowly across the kitchen floor to the cabinet, under the sink, where his food is kept in its containers. He pauses and then opens its door with his left paw and turns to see if I’m watching. I always am watching and, at this point, he collapses on his side with an audible sigh. This little trick of his works and the vet always says he looks very well fed. Jack is a joy and I’m very glad I adopted him. He and his siblings were all dropped off at the vet’s office in a basket when they were about 4 weeks old and, thankfully, all 7 have found loving homes. Having alway been a “dog person”, I’ve discovered what great companions cats can be, thanks to Jack!

  • Amy

    My cat Maggie LOVES to have her butt smacked. I know this sounds weird, but its true. I adopted her from a friend in grad school who moved in with her boyfriend who had animals and Maggie does not like other animals so she needed a home. She came to mine 7 years ago and has been my baby every since. I was petting her and gave her a little smack on her hind flank, she responded favorably and I did it again. So I called the woman I got her from and asked her about it and she said that the cat loves it, so the butt smacking began.
    She also has three strings that she loves to carry around the house and yell about, she doesnt want to chase them, just yell about them and carry them around and present them to me. Its hilarious.
    Sadly I just found out last weekend that she has cancer and the inevitable has to be done soon. I spent an entire day crying and have been taknig pictures and videos of her this week. She is doing ok, but declining slowly. I know the appointment will have to be made soon and Im dreading it, although I know its the right thing to do. I will miss her terribly but I am so happy to have had her in my life. Cats make wonderful pets and she is the best ive ever had!!

  • Khristina Heffernan

    My cat Sunrise Schnutz Shnob Jr. is one of the quirkiest cats I have seen. He’s bright orange and looks exactly like my choir director’s cat. They have exact markings and everything. The only difference is is that my director’s cat is 13 yrs old mine is 2 yrs old. He is also my little escape artist. As soon as the deck door screen door is open out he flies and tries to get away as fast as he can. He also runs in my living room which is wooden flooring. When he runs he does a figure eight from the living room into the bedroom does some sliding around, jumps off the rocking chairs and back again. My mom also nicknamed him the “devil cat”. He loves to cause trouble especially when I’m looking. As soon as you turn away he behaves. Oh and the Schnutz name came from my director’s cat and the Shnob is my director’s name. So…. Sunrise Schunts Shnob Jr. A bit of a tongue twister if you ask me!

  • Mario G

    When I was around 9ish,it was in the spring,we lived in North Western Connecticut,rolling hills and farm land.One mid day me and my family were travelling the valley near our house and it was just after a huuge rain storm and the Black Berry River was swelling,so my Dad looks down in the corn lot and in the river caught up in barbed wire than ran across the river to keep the cows in was a Great Blue Heron entangled in the wire in the river,just it’s head was above water and was surely going to drown,so my dad backs up and tears down the cornfield and jumps out and rescues the Heron.She gave up no fight …she knew we were saving her.We took her home and nursed her back to life.We had an English setter female named Ginger.The two did not get on at all,but they came to an uneasy truce.We named the heron “Alexandria” and after she was healed she did not fly away,she actually stuck around the house and this went on all summer at my house..We had cookouts just about every night and she would come around and hop right on the picnic table and we would feed her just like one of the family.Early in the mornings as we slept on the outer porch which was screened in,Alexandria used to show up and Ginger our dog would immediately start barking at her through the screen and Alexandria not to be out done would Peck at Ginger through the screen..The funniest thing you ever saw..Ginger would have her hackles all raised and trying to save us from the big bad Alexandria ;~P,,,One day in late November that same year,Alexandria left us and never returned,but it is a summer I will remember and cherish as one of the best summers of my life …

  • Marcy

    Our dog Feebee, a golden retriever mix, will lick the lotion off anyone’s legs immediately after putting it on, our poodle Joey turns in circles before he eats anything, our cat guinness, a ploydactyl, is our greeter.

  • Murphy Brown

    My beloved Bartley once picked a fight with me; something he rarely did. He screamed frantically and begged me to follow him several times. He was warning me that an electrical outlet was smoking. He knew I should know that. That cat was something else and greatly missed. After he had passed, and I moved from the house we lived in, I was walking the yard and found a beautiful blue cat’s eye marble. His eyes were flashing blue, too.

  • Melissa

    My three year old cat Charlie love to suck his ‘thumb’. He will snuggle up closely under my chin and start sucking away at his paw! He follows me into the bathroom every time and sits on the bath ledge while i shower without fail. He lived through a trip to work in our suburbans engine compartment too. Im sure he’s used up a few of his nine lives already as when we adopted him as a kitten the lady said she had nursed him and two others from another engine compartment fiasco. I don’t know what i would do without him! I’ll cherish him until the day the lord takes him away from me. Now he is an inside cat only as much as he hates it. :)

  • Sharon

    Everyone should live with a Basset Hound at least once. My Henry is a real gift. A champion counter surfer, Henry will consume anything he can including uncooked pinto beans, bread by the loaf and a frozen turkey breast. He snores like a drunken sailor and his gas emisions… But one look with those sad brown eyes and I melt. He could get away with murder!

  • Sharrhan

    Gopi was a beautiful charcoal gray and beige Persian/tabby mix, and all her life she had the sweet temperament of a kitten. She was devoted to me, and a very affectionate kitty who loved to just sit next to me, purring, or climb into my lap.

    She had some idiosincracies. One was that she would sit on her haunches with her front legs straight– like a dog! and she liked for me to play with her toes when she did this. It was a funny little game we played, and it always made me laugh.

    So when she got sick when she was almost 18, with kidney disease, I was pretty devastated. Eventually I had to have her put to sleep, on the day before my birthday in 1994. That was NOT a good day! I cried for three days afterward. All I could think about was “Okay, where is Gopi now? Is she okay?”– you know, all the questions we ask ourselves when a loved one dies. I wrote poetry and songs about her and generally just felt very vulnerable and open-hearted.

    Jonathan and I had buried Gopi late that first night (so no one would see us) near our apartment building. We dug a deep hole in the bushes that guard the plaza outside our apartment building, and that became her resting place.

    On the third day after Gopi died Jonathan and I went out and sat on the bricks in front of the bushes right at the spot where she was buried. I wanted to meditate and kind of connect with Gopi one more time for a few minutes. After awhile I felt a lot better, and I opened my eyes and said, “Jonathan, I feel more at peace with Gopi’s death now.” At that moment I turned around to look behind me at the bush where we had buried her, and there was this little orange tabby kitten sitting quietly and not moving, right behind me on the exact spot where Gopi was buried. He was looking right at me and he was sitting on his haunches with his front legs straight down in front in that strange stance that I recognized instantly as Gopi’s. He looked so happy I could have sworn he was smiling at me. I expected him to bolt, but he didn’t. I petted him and he let me play the
    little toe game, and this went on for a few minutes. I’d never seen this cat before, so his friendliness was quite unusual.

    He didn’t move an inch, just stayed in the one spot and stared into my face lovingly. It’s hard to articulate this
    experience; it was clearly divine. I was totally healed in those few moments of my sadness about losing my cat.

    I have a lot of theories about what happened, but a friend of mine said it best: “That cat ‘channeled’ Gopi!” Well, a few days later I saw the same cat on the street and went over to it to say hi again and pet it, and do you know, he didn’t even know me, and wasn’t interested in being the least bit friendly, and he quickly bolted when I tried to pet him. So yeah, I think he was chosen to ‘channel’ my cat’s essence for a few minutes just so she could comfort me and assure me that nothing was lost.

    I never cried about Gopi after that. I also felt that I’d been initiated in a small way into the mysteries of life after

  • Holly

    I have 3 ferrets, and they love to stash things they find around the house. My boyfriend and I have to routinely bust their various caches to recover lost items. Once we pulled the couch out and found (no joke!) a pack of cigarettes, a pack of flavored condoms, and 3 mini bottles of peppermint schnapps. Now we know what they do when we leave the house!

  • kate

    I have been lucky enough to spend over 20 years with my Boston terrier Otis Redding. My parents purchased him when I was 8 years old. Otis and I have been joined at the hip most of my life, he has been with me through my ups and downs, watched me struggle through adolescents, college, get married, have a child, he even came across the country with me, relocating with us nearly 3000 miles away from our original destination. Otis has had a difficult life early on (at about age 5) he suffered from major allergies, rendering him hairless. At age 8 he was undergoing minor surgery to have a cyst removed from his ear and his eyeball popped out! Both my husband and I have tattoos dedicated to Otis, he also has a special place in our bed, which he has been sleeping in his whole life. Otis means the world to me, he will turn 21 on November 11th 2010, at which time he will be in the running for the Guinness Book of World Records “Oldest living Dog”. Otis is a mystical and magical creature!

  • Cheryl White

    A fews day before Mother’s Day weekend in 2008, my dog Maya (beagle/jack russell) stopped eating and drinking water. I also noticed that she had blood in her stool. I ended up taking her to a Vet Hospital in a nearby state that is staffed 24hrs. a day and has Vets that specialize in everything imaginable. As soon as I got her there they began running tests and said that would have to keep her a couple of days until they found out what was going on. I had to give them a $600.00 deposit and would have done anything for her to get the help she needed. All weekend I was a complete wreck calling there to find out if they knew anything. Mind you by the time Sunday rolled around, it was then 5 days since she had eaten or drank any water. I wore holes in my carpets walking the floor and crying on anyone’s shoulder that would allow me to. My Vet said she couldn’t be at a better place but to satisfy me, he went down to his office Sunday afternoon so they could fax the test results to him.

    Monday morning, I gathered myself and her harness and leash (just in case) and headed to the hospital to see about my little one. When they brought her to the exam room, she had one of those cones around her neck and a tiny little IV in her leg. I also took some baby food to try to get her to eat. She wanted no parts of me or the baby food. The Vet told me that they exhausted every test and only found that she has acid reflux, gave me medication and told me to get some low dose Pepcid AC. It cost me $1333. to find out that not only do some pets look like their owners and vice versa but they also have some of the same conditions. When I got her home she drank a ton of water then the task of trying to figure a way to get her to eat, set in. I ultimately took about a 3″ piece of straw and sucked baby food up into it. I then gently blew it into her mouth and kept doing it for a while until the next day when I fed chicken and rice to her by hand and later she ate on her own. By the way, my dog’s a yapper and for days she never said a peep. She had barked so much in the hospital that she lost her voice.

  • George Geankoplis

    Sometimes my cat howls and tries to go outside. He howls and howls and meows it’s so cute lol. If I masturbate him he stops so I do that sometimes lol.

  • Joanna

    My cat Maggie, a brown tabby, “taught” me to fetch with the corks from wine bottles. She found one on the floor one day, carried it to me and dropped it in my lap. She then stepped back and looked at me expectantly. I tossed it up in the air and she ran after it as fast as she could, caught it, then dutifully brought it back and dropped it in my lap again. I threw it again, and thus began a tradition… What an awesome cat.

  • Kim

    I have 2 cats, Fred and Samantha. I got Fred and his sister Ethel (who we miss terribly!) when they were stray kittens. They did everything together, slept, ate, played… If I tried to take just one to the vet, the other would howl until I put them both in the carrier. Ethel was a total mama’s girl and Fred is ‘in charge’. Samantha came into our lives about 6 months after we had to put Ethel to sleep. Fred was very lonely and would look so sad when I went to work, it just broke my heart. Samantha is a total clown and is just what Fred and I needed. She’ll jump into the bathtub and start chasing her tail around in circles, she loves to play with the feathers on a stick and if you throw it, she’ll fetch and run it back to you. Fred and Samantha will not let me oversleep on work days. If I hit my snooze button too many times, Fred comes in and yells at me for a minute. If I don’t move, he’ll stand on his hind legs and start hitting my arm with his front paw, then he’ll give me a couple more minutes. If I still don’t get up, Samantha will come bounding up on the bed and immediately go stand on top of my alarm clock, pushing all the buttons so it messes up the time. This gets me up every time! On the days my alarm isn’t set, they don’t do any of this. I’m always amazed at how animals know our schedules. When I was growing up, I had a cat that would be waiting for me at the school bus stop every afternoon.


    i have a neutered 10 year old stray, got as a small kitten. his name is mir. when i come home from work, i use transit and arrive on foot. mir darts out from the bushes around the house and warbles (meow-purr). mir then gets between me and the street curb and leans into it the concrete edge with his shoulders as hard as he can until he flips over and then rolls over on his back and twisting from side to side. of course i offer rewarding words for such a good job keep the street in it’s place and carry him inside.

  • J. L.

    My daughter and I were given a runt out of a litter of black and white Springer Spaniels that no one seemed to want as she was “trouble.” This smart little girl is now a year old, and my best friend. She lets me know when it is time to get my daughter to school, time to pick her up, and when I’ve been on the computer too long with my homework by laying on it. If I lose my temper she will stand in the way, and when I’m sad she lays on me almost to absorb my sadness like a sponge.
    She just started search and rescue training working on recovering people from rubble and blows my mind at how quickly she picks everything up and her drive. Chew toys are lucky to make it a week and I swear she has a larger verbal vocabulary then most toddlers. I love her smile and her large heart and the way her ears flap in the breeze as she runs. This little girl made us a family. We’ve had her a year and I can’t imagine my life without her.

  • Chloeysmom

    My husband and I adopted a Himalayan/tortoiseshell mixed cat named Chloey at the age of 2 years old almost 3 years ago from the Columbia County Humane Society. When we got her, she did not meow very much, but she was very much the lap cat, which I just absolutely love. She is now almost 5 years old and she has very much become a part of our household. She has totally found her voice now and she uses it to get whatever she thinks that she wants. Most especially if she wants food or wants to go outside. We have her trained to go outside on a harness and leash, and she will just howl until you either feed her or let her out. She also lets us know when we need to clean her litterbox. She will come to us and meow, and then head off toward where her litterbox is, and if you don’t follow her, she comes back again and does the same thing. We just absolutely love Chloey to pieces, and would not trade her for anything.

  • D Shep

    My cat Seti walks on a leash, and won’t leave me alone in the evenings, crying & yowling at the door, until we go for our daily walk.
    He has a large vocabulary, understanding many words that are important to him, like “Good boy,” “food,” “water,” “walk,” “scratch,” “come,” and “no.” When it comes to those last two he understands, but sometimes has selective hearing. ;-)
    I crochet, and have discovered that small (3″ diameter) hexagonal granny squares are apparently the perfect cat toy. He sleeps with them, carries them in his mouth, puts them on the dining table and then bats them so they go flying across the room and he can chase them.

  • F. Slater

    I, like the last post also have and English Springer Spaniel from hunting stock not the show dogs. Each night if I go to long watching TV she will stand in front of the screen and stare at me. What does she want? She wants to go upstairs to bed. I can watch TV upstairs but she will lay on the bed and sleep. I can tell her no if I do not want to do this and she will back off but mostly I give in. It’s not to much to ask and besides watching TV in bed isn’t that bad either. If I go to the door to go out she is right there to go with me except when I am going to work. She just lies on the floor, couch whatever and let’s me leave. How does she know this? Because as I go about the house doing things she is there watching me, studing my every move. She knows more about me than I do. Every day when I come home I am treated as a rock star. Who else is going to do that for you? Dogs are just great and especially English Springer Spaniels. They are so smart.

  • don heldenberg

    We have a dog that likes cheese he will say I love you to get a slice of cheese.

  • Martha

    My sweet blue eyed Siamese/Tabby cat Cacique (Kah-See-Kay) drinks water with his paw. I keep a huge glass bowl in the shower for him, and he dips his paw in and licks it off. He walks around and around the bowl drinking and pawing at the water. He chose to adopt me when he was around 4 months old. He stood in the middle of a street in Puerto Rico where I could not go around, and I had to stop my car to make sure I didn’t hit him. He has been more loyal and loving than a dog for the past 16 years, never far from my side. A few months ago he was mauled by a dog, but decided he wasn’t ready to leave me yet, and has made a miraculous recovery.

    My beloved compact little dog Sati, a Chihuahua, Terrier and Italian Greyhound mix, travels with me wherever I go. She was born in Puerto Rico, has lived in New York, traveled to Massachusetts, Florida, Texas, Washington and now resides with me in California. In the last 3 years she has gone almost completely blind. She is likely to walk into walls and fences at night and even during the day. She never complains when she stumbles or runs into things, she is so game, so cheerful. On our walks I guide her with my voice. Left turn. right turn. Step up. Step down. Bumpity bump. She knows her way home, but sometimes mis-remembers. People mostly don’t know she’s blind until she walks straight into their legs. She’s a bad beggar-girl, and sometimes I will look up from the couch to see her begging intently at my empty office chair. Sati has her own fan page on Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sati/248595020567

  • Cathy Cahill

    I love my little Papillon Sugar so much. He makes me laugh and brings me so much joy! If he hasn’t seen his favorite girlfriend “Molly” (an adorable rescue dog from Puerto Rico) at the dog park in a couple days, then on our morning walk he heads straight for Molly’s house for a visit. (He knows the way!) I open the gate to her yard, and he goes straight to the front door and barks until Molly’s “people” let him in. It’s a riot.

  • Monica

    My cats, Lucy and Lena, are both very affectionate. They love to come to bed with us and snuggle as close as possible to us. We are extremely bonded and they are both a joy to have around.

    Lucy does make audible demands when she wants something. She likes to stick her whole muzzle in my mouth to see what it is I’ve been eating and she has been trained to put her mouth on my lips when I pucker up for a kiss. Lena hardly ever meows except occasionally, and it’s usually when she is waiting on the toilet lid while I brush my teeth. She enjoys having the mint blown into her nostrils when I’m finished.

    We have two dogs. Babe is about a ten year old black lab mix who was dumped in our driveway when she was about six months old. Tippy is a two and a half month old black lab/border collie mix. She’s pretty rambunctious at the moment and everyone on four legs around here seems to hate her. She is already fetching the frisbee for my husband. No doubt she’ll be catching it soon.

    We love our pets very much. :0)

  • Viviana

    My 3 month old cat Dodger, thinks my 1 1/2 year old Stormy (cat too) is his mom and has been trying to get milk out of her lol.

  • Tigers Dad Joe

    It has been about 14months since my Tonkinese male died from liver Cancer at an early 10yrs. He was the most incredable cat I ever had. He was with me when I underwent my own Cancer treatment when I first got him. He and his sister both went with me everywhere. I miss most his greeting me at the door when I returned home or saying goodbye at the front window when I drove away. He could read my mind. I used to have ”mind melts” with him, a sort of being in touch with each other. I have never had a cat who understood and was this close to me mentally and emotionally. I will miss him, but know he is still in my heart.

  • JoAnne

    Our cat Ziggy has no meow to speak of, but squeaks like a mouse or opens her mouth and nothing comes out. She loves cheese. I think she is confused about the differences between cats and mice. Her sister Jasmine loves to run around the house like her tail is on fire. She is the guard cat and growls under her breath when she sees people outside our house. She is tiny (only six pounds and full-grown) and doesn’t know it. Commodore is my husband’s guide dog and was exceptionally trained by Guide Dogs for the Blind in Boring Oregon. He completely ignores the cats (as he was trained to do). Commodore’s only treat is ice cubes which he loves to crunch.

  • Michael G.

    I have a 10 year old 1/2 Black Lab, 1/2 Dalmation named “Lucky.” Thae last thing I wanted was a dog. I had rented my house, while commercial fishing for the winter in the Bearing Sea. The renters were to be gone when I returned. But, I found them still there…with their Dalmation…and 6 puppies. They couldent move to their new location with puppies. I told them to go…leave Mom and puppies with me, I had 3 months off and could deal with them. BUT…one of them had NO TOES on his back legs! What happened too that one? They said they were born on an old couch, in the barn and when they found them Mom hed him(the only boy with 5 sisters) being licked between her fromt paws, being injured…they figured he crawled into the cussions trying to find mom after birth and got stuck and in pulling him out she inadvertantly pulled his toes off. they said he should be put too sleep. I said no. Over the next 6 months I got rid of all 5 females..but everyone said..”eww! whats wrong with that one!?” But he was the lover. He would run too my truck each night as I pulled in. He sat in my lap as I drove to littleleague baseball games to deliver puppies. He grew on me and when someone finally called and asked if I still had that last puppie…..I looked at him….and said Nope! They’re all gone!`.

    10 years now…no toes has never slowed him down. Swims like a seal…actually WITH A SEAL!…but thats another story! Best Dog I have ever had! famous now in the little fishing town of Friday Harbor, Washington!

  • Selena

    I have a dog named Chew Chews, I had named him that because when he was just a puppy, he got into EVERYTHING! lol and now, he just kind’a just lays around doing nothing lol. He doesn’t like water, (well, it depends on the weather, and his attitude) but today, when I took him out to go to the bathroom, I surprised him and took him over to the water faucet, and when he wasn’t looking, I sprayed him with the misty setting on the hose! he was ok with it until he went and roled in the dirt, and i had to spray him again! but Yeah, he’s a good dog! then I have two cats, Rikki, (Rikki Tikki Tavi) and Tiger, a “gift” cat. Rikki was really my cousin’s, but they had too many animals, and they couldn’t afford to feed all of them, so my cousin’s dad was going to shoot Rikki, but luckily me and my mother was over there and I asked my mom if I could have her, and she said yes, and I got lucky because about a week or so ago, my cousun was going to give us a kitten, but one got ate (tragic i know) and the other two got attacked by their dogs, so we never got them, but that was all back in 09 so today, Rikki is doing awesome! (a little brat though!) now onto Tiger, she was “gift” cat because my grandmother was working with this one woman that had to get rid of her animals, and Tiger was the one she knew best! She has been fixed,and she LOVES attention! My grandmother surprised us with her, but she is also doing well! so thats all our animals!

  • Kit

    Almost every night, my cat Raja and I take a walk either around the block or nearby our house. No leash, just plain old fashioned feline-human communique. After a good 8 years it still is nice to do, although I take a break every now and then.

  • mary mink

    My son had a beloved cat @ a very young age & until he was around 21 years of age. My son was born with Juvenile Rhumatoid Arthritis. He would wake up screaming in great pain as a baby and we did not know what was the cause. Tuggs ( the cat ) seemed to know the nights this would happen & demand ( and I mean demand ) to be let into his room. Sure enough he would wake up in this awfull pain.
    For the pain meds to work we would have to distract him from the pain. Nothing seemed to work. Tuggs would not leave him alone until he would rub her back taking his mind away from the pain. giving the meds time to work. When.he would fall asleep. Tuggs would nuge him fairly hard afew times When and only when she was sure he was asleep & out of pain would she want out of the room. More like demand to be let out. She never once wanted into his room that she was not needed. He named her Tuggs because ” she tugged @ my heart Mom “. I think she tugged at all of our hearts! she is saddly missed.

  • Cindy Hammell

    My family has 2 cats an orange striped female (which I hear only 20% of orange cats are female) named Ginger, and a tuxedo cat with white paws and extra toes named Petey (sorry Fred, but someone named him already). They were rescued together from our neighborhood as kittens. Petey has been known to jump above his 3 foot scratching post to grab a toy mouse. He usually follows Ginger, but that doesn’t mean he lets her eat first. Some times I have watched them looking out of the window together, and his arm is around her. When they play together my Mom says it’s”more entertaining than T.V.”

  • Nate

    We have a gray tabby that we raised from a kitten, but tried to raise him as a dog. We took him for car rides, we camped out with him, and tried with some success in the early days to take him for walks. We took him on two short kayaking trips, both of which left him in the water, which he was NOT happy about. Here’s video footage:


    As he’s grown older (he’s approaching 6 years now), he’s gone completely cat–no more car rides or walks.

  • Janice M

    I raised my calico cat Lucy from when she was orphaned at one day old. I bottle fed her, took her to work with me for two months, until she was able to stay home on her own.

    In May of last year, Lucy developed feline Alzheimers/dementia. In August she died in my arms, she was 15 years, two months and six days old. She was my soul mate and I miss her terribly. I am so blessed she chose ME for HER soul mate!

  • Ginny S.

    My fluffy little calico used to sit and stare with quivering intensity at the handle on the sliding glass door when she wanted to go out on the back porch, apparently thinking that it was the “magic handle” (not the hand that moved it) which caused the door to open. After a while, the handle broke off. It is no longer there, but the “magic” has not disappeared. She still sits very intently, staring at where the handle used to be, waiting for the magic to happen.

  • Ginny S.

    Janice, my deepest condolences on the loss of your Lucy. You and she were both blessed with fifteen beautiful years, and I understand how you still miss her so much many months after her passing. I lost my furry little best friend last month; she was just shy of six years old, and I feel so cheated because she left too soon. They purr their way into our hearts and never leave.

  • jerry drumeller

    My 12yr. old doxie,has been riding on motorcycles for 11 yrs.
    If two days go by,and no ride she will poke the tire and bark.
    LETS GO!.

  • esgee

    I have a cat that intimidates guests (and sometimes me) with her perpetual staring. she can concentrate on one person, and do this for upwards of an hour. It really bothers people at a certain point. But it is the funniest thing to see a grown person lose it because a cat has been staring at them. What a terrifying thing to happen! haha.

  • Leslie Greene

    Our dog, Topher, was a rescue who came to us from North Carolina. I fell in love with his eyes in his pictures. He was everything they advertised – a happy boy who loves other dogs and people. He has bonded to his sister, a tuxedo cat, and even though there’s no hugs and kisses they check in with each other frequently. Topher is 1/2 Corgi, but taller. So he has a “long” back in proportion to the rest of him. The third chair in our living room is his, and he enjoys getting down from it by OOZING, which entails putting his front feet down, then stretching himself out as far as he can with his back feet still on the chair. Finally, he puts his hind feet down, but in the meantime, has given himself a very nice stretch. So, he stretches AND gets down from the chair. Two birds with one stone!

  • Mary

    My cat, Sugar, came from the local humane society as a youngster. She is now 4 and has quite the personality. She does carry weird things up from the basement and deposit them on the kitchen floor, such as a small rag or a small piece of cardboard or tape. She loves to touch me with one paw in a sweet greeting and has given our old cat a new lease on life after the loss of his best friend due to liver failure. She chose us at the humane society and I’m glad she did!

  • Kaye

    Recently our beloved dog OzzyRose passed away. She was a black lab mix from the shelter, where we adopt all our dogs. Before her passing we had 3 black lab mixes, they were called the “3 Amigos” :)
    OzzyRose loved to go swimming in our pond, she immediately would run in the house to be dried off, she would do this over and over, and if it snowed, she’d run out get wet, run back in the house to get dried off, she would look up at you with her warm brown eyes and it would melt your heart. When 8:00pm came she would stand at the top of the stairs and would bark because she wanted you to go to bed with her, let’s just say she was the boss of the house.

  • Christina

    My cat wilson is so ridiculously silly. He runs around the house promptly at 1:45 meowing at the top of his lungs, every night. He also loves to have staring contests. If you hide your face from him while he is staring at you he will run at full speed and then jump on you. I love all the silly things he does. The best thing he does to steal my heart is that once he hears me getting up to use the restroom in the morning he comes out from under my bed and meows good morning to me.. then he follows me back to bed and jumps up and cuddles right in my arms with his head on the people, legs in the air. He is absolutely precious.

  • Susan N Molly

    My black cat Molly loves to go out for walks. One night, she brought me my mitten, then the other, then my hat, then my scarf- so I got the hint and put my coat on and off we went! She also has a problem with kleptomania, anything black and furry belongs to her! Sox, hats, mittens, shoes-whatever, she is so funny gangling downstairs with a huge shoe in her mouth, meowing loudly all about it. She ’stole’ my roommates cat’s treats bag and brought it to me-the one with opposable thumbs to open the bag for her – no deal, I’m not getting roped in to her felonies!! The worse thing she’s ever done was put a LIVE mouse in the bed as a ‘gift’ for me one cold night at a friends house! I felt it wiggling under my leg and let out a yelp and jumped up doing a little dance – that cat took off like a shot, looked like trouble to her!! The mouse ‘hid’ under the covers with just his tail sticking out until we trapped it and let it go outside. Never a dull moment with this creature! I woke one morning with her very intently kneading my full bladder to try to awaken me – boy what a way to get me up fast! I love her dearly, as she has spent 10 years training me as her slave – I’d do anything for her!!

  • Mike and Tiki

    My Tiki a female and she is my everything. She sleeps on that spot between my head and my should and she wakes me up at least twice, every night, kneading on my hair. Its feels funny because I have an army style hair cut, High and Tight and she has her front claws so its something I’ve gotten used to ;)
    I have also managed to get her trained on a leash. She likes to just go outside and either roll around on the pavement or lay in the grass in the sun. I use Frontline so she won’t get fleas from being out but I always laugh when she finds a sun spot because she’ll lay their forever.
    She also always seems to drool on me a little bit when I hold her. only when I hold her over my shoulder and she stretches her front legs out and just gets “into the zone” and falls asleep and drools on my shirt, haha. And like I said she is almost 2 and a big water drinker. Every single time i put fresh water or ice cubes in her water dish she immediately goes up to it and sticks her paw in it. I wonder if she wants to see how cold the water is or what, I really have no idea but she’s almost 2 and does it every single time I fill up the dish. Cracks me up. I love my cat so much!
    This is a great thread thank you everyone for some wonderful stories. Warmed me right up.

  • Greg

    My favorite cat of all time was Gigi. She was a large orangish tabby with strange color markings–it looked like she put her front right paw in an inkwell, thought the better of it, took her paw out and shook it with the splatter going on her face and other paw. She had the loudest strangest purr–she put her diaphragm into it so that it looked like she was having spasms, but after she’d done her “landing” next to me (head down first, followed by the crashing thud of her butt) she would get the goofiest expression with one eye open more than the other and she would be totally blissed out–you could play with her paws or anything and she wouldn’t know it–she’d just lie there with her goofy eyes and heaving, purring spasms!

    Once when she was about 3 years old (large and in her prime!), we left the door to our condo open. In walks a little kitten–bold as brass and meowing like she owned the place–and Gigi and our other cat Bobo studiously pretended like she wasn’t there. The intruder even went for their food dish and Gigi and Bobo just did the “Cat? What other cat?” routine. Finally we shooed the little intruder back out and closed the door, at which point Gigi boldly walked over and hissed at the (now safely closed) door–as if to say “And STAY out, if you know what’s good for you!” Laughed so hard I was almost in tears!

    Had her for almost 18 wonderful years–wonderful, sweet, fond, loving memories!

  • Janice D..

    ANIMAL BEHAVIORISTS, especially, please read this!

    I will always love my cat Siphon best, out of the many I have had, because of his unusual intelligence and the love he shows me, in spite of his ordering me around. But what makes him a most unusual cat is the fact that my husband and I have observed him unmistakably PRACTICING a certain skill.

    We were out for 5 hours one day, leaving him up on the 2nd story roof of our house.** I had seen him climb up there by way of a slender tree and figured he could get down again, as he had done so once or twice before.

    We came home to find him still up on the higher part of the roof and very upset. This day, he apparently had decided he couldn’t trust the tree for the journey back down; so I had to coax him, first onto the lower roof over the first story of the house, then along a ridge to the roof’s end, where he needed more coaxing to jump down to the narrow ledge above a window, come around the corner of the house onto a 4~5″ wide projection over another window area, and from there down onto the railing of our porch and to its floor. This took several minutes.

    Here is where the unusual part comes in: After that traumatic experience, I expected him to be eager to get into the house. But when I opened the door, he refused to go in, instead scrambling up the tree onto the roof, and again, but with less coaxing, making his way down. He STILL refused to come in and went up on the roof twice more, each time getting down more easily. That makes 4 times in all, and when he had finally done it all by himself with no help from me, he came into the house and never got stranded up there again in the 6 more years we lived in that house.

    I am sure that cats must hone their skills at hunting and other things, but this is the first and only time I have been certain that a cat was consciously practicing something that, in itself, was not instinctive. I could almost hear him thinking, “I’m not going to get caught up THERE again!” The famous autistic lady, Temple Grandin, who wrote “Thinking in Pictures,” claims that animals think using images, not words, as she did herself through much of her youth. Apparently, images work pretty well for reasoning things out, encouraging oneself, remembering things, and so on. I imagine that for Siphon, the image of that two-story house where he was marooned for 5 hours may be his image for “marooned” and perhaps for “I CAN find a way to do that!” as well.

    Siphon was probably only a year or so old when the above incident took place. His now 19 yrs. & 1 month old, a bit fuzzy-minded, arthritic, and needing a lot of sleep, but otherwise still healthy. I had found him wobblingly crossing a busy road at only a few days old. His eyes had barely opened and he had to be fed with a medicine dropper. He got his name from the way he practically inhaled the milk after a few days with us.

    **Disclaimer for people who might be upset at our leaving a cat outdoors: Siphon and our other cat are now indoor cats. At the time the above incident happened, we were living at the end of a dirt road with steep slopes on three sides of us, up on top of a mountain with only a few houses nearby and such a scary drive up that other people seldom came there, so we felt safe in letting our cats roam in and out at will.

  • joanie

    My orange stripped kitten Bob chases his tail! He is so silly. I love him. He is a good cuddler too.

  • Sarah

    I have a deaf 2 year old english foxhound named dixie, or “d” to her. She is so wonderfully smart and sweet, i fell in love with her the moment i met her. Deaf dogs are so misconceived as being untrainable and useless, it is the saddest thing for a perfectly healthy and capable dog to be put down becasue he or she cant hear. Dixie is SO SMART and very easy to train, she just needed a gentle hand and a lot of treats :). Today dixie knows the commands for Sit, stay, shake,beg,stand,roll over, “relax”, spin and army crawl. She also knows the signs for wait, i love you , kisses, eat, bedtime,bathtime,toilet,poop,car,walk and be nice. She Loves to snuggle and she never leats us leave her sight. She is my baby and i would never replace her. I want to spread the word about deaf pets, That are so wnderful and they have just gotten a bad rap. Saving a dog from beign killed is such a wonderful thing!!! MY baby dixie is such a funny pup, she loves to play keep away ans she loves to dance with daddy and give hugs :). She was born part mountian goat as well, she will climb on anything. She loves her walks to the park and she LOVES to eat. She also talks to mommy and daddy when ehr wants something, she makes it very clear (espessially play time).

    If anyone wants to become a parent to a deaf pet you can visit http://www.deafdogatlas.com or http://www.spiritofdeafdogs.org

  • Gretchen

    I currently have 9 cats living with us. My .daughters have learned to adopt from shelters. They just haven’t learned that enough is enough. They will when these cute little. Kitties follow them home. A trick ilearned early on was that the quicker you can bathe them in your personaal shampoo, the less trouble you will have in helping them get along with other animal ,embers of the family

  • Teresa

    I have 2 cats and a dog, and they are all spoiled rotten. I am a cat person, so I will talk about my cats first. They are like brothers even though they came to us at different times and in different ways. The oldest was a stray that my son found on his birthday. My son named him “Melvin”. He is a 3 year old American Shorthair (tabby), with white on his nose, chin, chest, belly, and legs/feet. He is very vocal and not only meows but makes all sorts of sounds, including one that sounds just like “mama”. He is the alpha male of the house, but can be very sweet when he is in the mood for love! When he decides he wants attention, he will crawl up into my lap, get right in my face, purr as loud as he can, and knead on my chest, they lay down. He also likes to grab my ankle with his claws to get my attention if I am walking away from him (and the food bowl), and He reminds me to change the litter box, and “holds it” while I do. The younger cat, JJ, is (I believe) a Burmese. He is smaller, but just as heavy as Melvin, and has just figured it out, so he is not letting Melvin pick on him as much. He is the quieter, sweeter one. He likes to snuggle under the blanket every night, and wakes me up every morning by nibbling my fingers. If I hide them under my pillow, he will try to dig them out. He has a very soft meow compared to Melvin’s very loud one. JJ can also jump really high (earning him the nickname “jumping Jack” from my husband). They both like to follow me all over the house, and if I go to the bathroom, I have to call them, because if I go in without them and they find out, they sit outside the door and meow. They don’t like for me to go anywhere without them. My dog is 3, He is a Blue Heeler named Smokey. He is a very sweet dog who loves to bark, play fetch, and lay on my legs when I pet him. He also jumps really high and does flips. He is very silly. Obviously, I love my pets…they are a part of our family!

  • Teresa

    Oops… I can’t believe I forgot to mention that JJ, the younger cat likes to carry things off like pens, makeup brushes, hairbrushes. And size is no object….it is not uncommon to see him running through the house with a bra in his mouth!!

  • Cynthia

    I am owned by 3 cats. Buddy 11,Miss Lily 4, and Pryncess Diva 3. All are rescues from the street after being dumped by unfeeling owners. Buddy must sleep on my left side in bed.With his tail in my face. Miss Lily claws at the front door asking to go out into the hall of my apt. Then will run into the bedroom when I open the door. Pryncess Diva may be the youngest but she rules the house hold. The toys, bed, and food are all hers. If I pet one of the others. She is right there pushing the other one out of the way. She steals the toys that are being played with. Heaven help Buddy and Miss Lily if I put out treats! They are all hers! As Buddy has goten older and is slowing down I think he is turning over the job of watchcat to Pryncess Diva. Anyone knocks on my door and she growls. He sits back and I swear he has a smile on his face. Oh yes! 5am is breakfast time if I have to go to work or not breakfast NOW!!!! I pulled out my fridge last week to clean under it and found 30 rings from jugs of milk. Miss Lily loves to carry them around in her mouth and play with them. Throwing them across the room, giving them a smack with her paw and chaseing them.Which is why I foumd so many under the fridge.I hate to see how many I might find under the stove. Will I ever be without a cat? NO NEVER!!! I grew up with cats, dogs, and even horses. Cats will always be my first pick when it comes to having a pet!!! Then horses…

  • Angel

    ( I am a 13 year old girl)I have a 3 year old cat , who was droped off at my house seeing as i am a wimp for cute baby animals with no home t took him in , he also had a sister who the nabor took in , Wich she died in there house fire at the age of 8 months old ;( Well my surviving boy Sassy is his name , He thinks im His mother or somthing he sucks on my shirt & my shirt onnly , hes like my guard cat some teenage boys were teasing me because i had him in a pink shirt , So what? So he was on his haulter & all of the sudden he just stared & let out a low grow & then charged the boys.. I tribed in my flip flops he got ahold of one of the boys & refused to let go , now this is a 25 pound aduly male with plenty of muscle , i said “sassy get off . come here ‘ idk how he knew what i ment but he got off & ran 2me … the boy was bleeding bad so i took him in my house & cleaned his leg & arm up … He had a few scares ;) hes my baby he attacks anyone who jerks or moves towrads , of who he don’t know;) He also uses tolit Lol

  • Taylor Hanes

    I have a 2 year old male cat , Mr.Fluffer-NUffer-Man Lol ik his names funny , Well i got him whenever he kept sneeking in my house & one time i he brought me a HUGE dead rat .. I had know idea i had them till he showed me .. So i brought him in , He is my sweeetie!! If i ask him a question he answers in some form of meow!!! Well he was getting out some & catching mice & rats whitch he always brought to me .. Lol he wont eat them ha ha ik funny huh? Well if i get him a new type of food he Pokes it with his paw , hes as far away from it as possible & pokes it for a little while till hes sure its not gona eat him Lol , one day he went for a week i thought he was a gone;( Well I went into my basement & I heard meows I about cried ! There was my baby boy laying in an old basket with a litter of kittens!! And his Mrs. Fluffy !! I took care of things i put her opstairs in fluffy’s room (Yes Duhh y not have him a small room? its a bout 5 wide & 8 & 1 /2 longs) He has his castle toys bed litter boxs window bed & stuff like that & she had six So i fed them good & after a few weeks the kttins were doing good so i took her & him to the vet & found out they were Pure Breads , My baby was a Rag Doll & She was a Manx & The kittens were Soo cute!! I found them all wonderful homes PS They have his voice !! And he loves to listen to Carrie UNderwood & Lady Antabellla lol! he sits & smiles!! I can tell So yeh lol he has got a beatiful smile!

  • Rosie

    My medium hair tabby is all tan and named Kissy because she gave me a kiss on the nose the first time I picked
    her up as a stray. To this day she is afraid of other people and runs and hides as quickly as possible. After three
    years with me, she is the smartest cat I have ever seen. Kissy identifies words to things, places and activities.
    YUM,yum is people food, ‘cat food’ is bagged cat food, ‘outside’ is going outside of the door and ‘ball’ is ping pong
    ball that she loves to bat around. (She now will retrieve the ball by batting it back to me for me to throw again.) She
    loves to go for a morning walk, in which she does her business, just like a dog as well as explore the acreage. I
    aways say, “let’s go” when coming in from the garden, and she immediately leads the way in, waiting if I have to
    stop and rest a moment. She understands not to chase the quail, babies and all but will ‘lick her chops’ at the blue
    jay who sets on a limb and teases us when we walk by. I thought I would never love a cat again after I had to put my best pal, Simon to sleep/had a stroke. Kissy is now my best lady ever, and a perfect county companion!!

  • Stephanie

    One late fall my cat, Jinxie, insisted on going outside (we lived in the country) whenever the furnace kicked on. After I let him out, he would look back at me and meow and meow. Of course I didn’t understand what he was saying. Sometime later I had furnace problems and, while fixing the problem, the repair man notice another problem which was letting carbon monoxide into the house when the furnace was running(!). After the furnace was replaced Jinxie was hapy to stay inside when the new furnace was running.

  • Beth

    Does anyone else have a cat that likes to go for walks with its humans? I am on my second ‘walker’ cat, Coco Chanel. She was an outdoor cat long before she came to live with us. When I am walking the dog, she likes to follow us and will go up to four blocks with us. We always watch to see if she is coming, because if she is, we take a shorter, predictable route that leads along very quiet streets. There is no question that she is walking with us, although she likes to take sidetrips into the yards to check out interesting smells. If we get too far ahead of her, she will yowl to get our attention and make us wait for her. She’s getting older, and sometimes she complains during the entire walk, telling us that she can’t figure out why we have to do this, but she’s not planning on letting us go by ourselves. I have learned from neighbors that I am known as the lady who walks her cat.

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  • bubble shooter

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  • beth85

    My cat James would fall alseep on the settle arm chair and I would have to catch him every so often as he slid sideways. Good memories.

  • Ravenna

    Izzy is a fat cat and is the queen of the house. She does loads of weird things such as covering her eyes with her paws while she sleeps and opens my bedroom door when its closed, but the weirdest thing that she dose has me stumped.
    Sometimes she’ll be walking around the house and will stop at a certain spot on the carpet. Then she’ll start sniffing and biting at it madly and after a few moments she’ll look up and her mouth will be wide open as if she were holding something invisible in it. She dose this in the same spot every time and I’ve got no clue why she does it!

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