Why We Love Cats and Dogs
Video: Jerry Gets Sick

Jim Nelson and Rene Agredano’s dog Jerry was the CFO (Canine Fun Officer) in the business they ran from their home office. But when Jerry became ill, Jim and Rene decided to sell their business and their house — and they hit the road with Jerry.

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  • alice

    That is so sad, and yet happy. thanks.

  • Jim G.

    Family isn’t decided by biology. Jim and Rene get it in a way that cannot express it better.

  • Jodi

    thanks for sharing your story, we lost a very special member of our household a few months ago,she is dearly missed….

  • Jessica

    Thanks for being such beautfull people for loveing the one who has and always will love you! I wish moe people were little you! thank you dearly.

  • Carin

    Beautiful story of Love. Jerry was so lucky to have you both.

  • Janey

    Jim & Rene realize that Jerry is a member of their family and love and treat him like such. Many people don’t realize that the bond between owners and their pets is every bit as deep as that between parents and their children.

  • Hellen

    You are fantastic parents of a courageous dog! May God bless you & keep you in His arms as you go thru each day with your beautiful family. And thank-you for sharing with us all… Hellen, Debbie, Zena & Zoe

  • ally

    The dog world needs more people like you. Your story brought both tears & smiles as I remembered my own journey with my furkid and cancer. Kudos to you both. There’s definitely a place in dog heaven waiting for you.

  • Flo

    At age 67, I’ve had many pets–birdies, poochers and kitties. I fully understand your devotion and love for Jerry! You are beautiful! And Jerry is wonderful!

  • Donna

    Jim and Rene, I was a bit more than misty-eyed as I watched your story. My 15-year-old cat, Jerrie, was diagnosed with a huge tumor during a routine checkup; I passed on the risky surgery and the recommended euthanasia and brought him home. That was 14 months ago, and miraculously, he’s still going strong – scampering around, curling up purring, demanding dinner, cuddling much. I’m fully convinced it’s love that keeps them going. Looks like you three have plenty of it! You’ve done a great thing, and Jerry’s a lucky dog to have you. The very best of wishes to you all!

  • Sherriellen T-D.

    Both of you are wonderful & amazing people!! Jerry is also an amazing dog. I have known a few 3 legged dogs & they lived full lives despite the lost limb. What touched me most is your devotion to Jerry. That is what my cats over the years taught me: devotion & unconditional love. May all your journeys’ be pleasant ones…..

  • Kimberly

    Last year we lost our beloved Lady of 16 1/2 years to cancer. She was my best friend and was at my side when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and went through all of my treatments, just as we were at her side when it came time to let her go. Although it has been almost a year since she has left us, she will remain in our hearts forever. May God give you the strength when the time comes to say good-bye to your beloved Jerry. You will forever be blessed to have had him in your lives.


    I have a 3 legged cat who is brilliant…just like Jerry and you guys…well done and love to you all.

  • Krissy

    I cried & cried as I watched your story. Jerry was such a terrific dog. I was so moved by your love & devotion for him. I wish there were more people out there like you!

  • Stephanie

    Our family’s dog Bandit (a beautiful sheltie, German shepherd mix) had a mass in his stomach area that turned out to be cancer. We continued to love and care for him just as you have until he let us know when it was time. The cancer often made him dehydrated but rather than taking him multiple times to the vet for fluids, we were able to obtain the supplies to hydrate him ourselves. It was mainly my job to rehydrate him. During those 15 minutes every other day, we bonded in ways that I never thought was possible. The vet on the show was right, their eyes will tell you what you need to know. It is so incredibly hard to watch as they lose weight and their vitality but knowing that I made the most of Bandit’s time with us more comfortable was worth it. People may think it is crazy to do what you did for Jerry, people may think I was crazy for essentially giving hospice for months to a dog. Their love as pets is unconditional and some humans choose to give that in return. Thank you for sharing your story. It brought tears to my eyes because it reminded me of the love we had for Bandit.

  • greg shane

    your love and devotion for each other and Jerry has touched me its love in the most pure way thanks

  • Janice

    Your cried as I watched your story about Jerry. We lost our Molly after 16 years. She taught all of us the true meaning of love. After we lost her, we never thought we wanted another dog, but one found us. And our hearts are full again.

  • coneal

    I was so touched by your story, if only the animal kingdom had more people like you two in their corner. A wise man once said that civilization will not be judged by the way that we treat each other but by the way that we treat our animals.

    God bless you both.

  • Mark

    Your life story with Jerry was sad but heartwarming. Being the owner of 2 Dutch Shepherds I could relate very closely to your story of love and devotion to and from Jerry. Dogs just get life and I just wish people could learn to be more like dogs and this world would be a whole lot better!!

  • Hannah Rose

    Love on three legs…what a wonderful animal and how lucky Jerry was to have two humans who recognized how special he was…I am cat-owned at the moment, but the special nature of Jerry the Dog is a reminder to me of how God has not left us without great companions in our journey. Very best wishes.

  • John & Baxter

    Your story was so sad but still a joy to watch and see the devotion you both have for Jerry, and the devotion Jerry has for you. My boy Baxter and me watched it together and as usual I got my cuddles and kisses when I cried. May god bless the 3 of you. You will meet again.

  • donnie

    I lost my best friend tiffy the cat after 18 years, a year ago, she is still in my heart,Your journey with Jerry and your love for his being brought me back to my years with my dear Tiffy Thanks, your doing the right thing.

  • Charles

    Jim & Rene, you’re my kind of people.

  • Jim Win

    I was never a dog person had cats all my life.My neighbor had a red huskie,a great dog. When she got old she developed diabetits and i would give her shots and walk her and let her hang out w me at times when they went on vaction.Funny thing was when i went over to ck on the house and her I had to sit on the couch with her and put my hand on her or she would bark at me and she never barked.Couple years ago my neighbor told me they had to put her down and I was sad but it didnt bother me.Watching this episode brought on some tears for old “RED”. RIP girl.

  • Don

    The wise man was Gandhi, and he said “A civilization is to be judged by its treatment of
    minorities.” (footnoted: Louis Fischer, “The Life of Mahatma Gandhi,” Part II, Chapter 43, p. 425.
    I have a 2 1/2 year old rescued GSD, but he is not a minority. The story of Jerry seemed even to bring my Max to the TV as I feel he sensed my anguish as I watched.

  • Cindy Cathey

    I cried as I watched your story of your beautiful dog Jerry. We just lost Tela a 13 yr. old Shepard Chow mix. She passed away peacefully in my bedroom with me and my other dog beside her…But I know her pain is gone.

  • Corinna

    This sounds identical to what happened to our dog Bear. He swam and hiked daily and one day quite suddenly after a hike he started limping and wouldn’t eat or drink or go to the bathroom. Shortly after he was diagnosed with immune-mediated arthritis. A few days later he was eating, drinking and going to the bathroom but still limping. We took him in to see multiple vets & specialists to get second and third opinions, had xrays and ultra-sounds and spent 10 of thousands of dollars trying to figure out what was wrong with our little guy. In order to help him walk and manage his fevers he had to take prednisone which caused him to get diabetes and eventually go blind from this even though we managed his condition like crazy. When he went blind he got so depressed and had a couple small falls down one stair trying to get to his water dish, it was so sad. To give him his sight back he had eye surgery and he was so happy. Then after another ultrasound after multiple calls to the vet as I was concerned he started having blood in his stool we were informed he had metastatic cancer, a golf-ball size tumor of the liver and ping-pong ball size tumor of the spleen and multiple other tumors. At this point it was too late to do anything, not sure why this was never diagnosed much sooner. Our loving boy passed about three weeks later. Shortly thereafter I was diagnosed as having cryptosporidia which he was never tested for. To this day I am still wondering if this is what caused his initial pain and he had a reactive arthritis and mass inflammation which eventually caused the cancer. The last test I was going to do was for cryptosporidia and that test was never done.
    Here is his history and tests (it was a lot more complex than described as the prednisone suppressed his immune system causing a lot of other issues as well): http://www.esnips.com/web/sbolender-Bear

  • Rose

    There is a special place in heaven for you both and
    Jerry will be waiting there for you. Our pets are like our children. Bless you

  • Lisa

    I cried through the whole story. You are also my kind of people. I too recently lost a 15 year old dog to cancer and know your pain. I would have done anything to save her or had more time with her. May God give you more time and heal your hearts when Jerry’s time comes. Please ask Jerry to tell Bailey that her mom and dad love and miss her when he gets up in heaven.

  • Jim

    You all have us speechless … can’t thank you enough for your sincere comments. It is great to know that Jerry’s legacy has touched so many good-hearted people.

  • olly

    Hey guys,
    just came across your video.
    we have a 3 legged dog called snoopy. she has had the same front left leg amputated. we have had her forever . she was always and still is part of our family. she flies around our property, wish we had the same energy, we often say she should be in the movies.
    seeing your video brought a tear to ours eyes i feel your sensitivity, thank you. please feel free to email us for further interest or help Olly and Erroll
    ollyc22@yahoo.com. love the video.

  • pollyb

    I have loved many dogs . When i saw your video’ i could barely breath from crying. What i saw was a family loosing its heart. Gerry gave you all his love and you were there to love him back. I wanna be like you .I rescued a golden ret pupppy that was just thrown away. She has was ill for 7 months. Now she is strong and healthy but mostly ‘Loved ”At 2 years old she is the love of our world and being in our sixtys i am terrified if some thing should happen to us. where would she go and who would love her enuff to hide her rocks she brings in so she can find them ‘ a game she loves. She takes my scrunchees out of my hair and runs like the wind outside so i can go and play with her’ She is a hand ful of love!! Nothing she does is bad ‘like digging we can fix’ dragging the hose and getting me soaked is ok i can be dried she just wants to play and love’people and dogs. You are special people and if i had you for my Baby Reese i could walk away crying but certain she was getting what all our beloved dogs need unconditional Love” You are what every pets deserve ‘and more. I hope and wish the best to the 3 of you!! kisses for Gerry xoox

  • Don Loprieno

    For all those who’ve loved and lost a beloved pet, Jerry’s story resonates. We had Cato, a cat who changed our lives, and wrote a book about him called The Stony Point Whisker Club (thestonypointwhiskerclub.com) and are donating the profits to shelters. There are still so many animals who need our help. . . .

  • bill

    We have lost two Shelties from cancer. It is gut wrenching, like losing one of your kids. Our prayers are with Jerry and his parents. We will all see our love ones again….

  • Tom

    My hat goes off to Jim and Rene for their love and dedication to a beautiful best friend and unconditional lover – Jerry. I would have done the same thing for my dog.

  • Don

    BLESS YOU FOR WHAT YOU ARE DOING FOR JERRY!!! My friend, an 11 year old Whippet named Rex, sits by my side as I write to thank you for your wonderful story. I hope to know more as you continue your journey.

  • Maureen

    I applaud you both for what you did for Jerry. I lost both of my dogs 6 weeks apart days after 9/11 and did not think I could ever open my heart up to that intense hurt again. Several months later (and less 35lbs)I found my “miracle” who rescued me. She is the best of all my dogs rolled into one. When the time is right, may you be so lucky.

  • Bette Bugni

    I enjoyed the pbs show last night. What happended to Jerry?

  • Sharon

    Your story made me burst into tears. This past month my beloved Rottweiler Dakota starting limping on his left front leg off and on. My vet tried anti-inflamatories for a few days but said if it doesn’t help we would get him in for an xray immediatley. We were devestated to find out that my baby had osteosarcoma. There was no doubt in my mind to amputate the leg to free him from pain and she had him in for surgery within 5 days. It’s now been a few days since the surgery and he’s be coping extremely well.I’ve been amazed and have no regrets. Dakotas been my best friend, my son and the love of my life through everything and can’t imagine being without him. I wish you all the best for Jerry. He’s just beautiful.

  • Farla

    What a great show last night. I cried for Jerry> What ever happened with him? and how are his parents?

  • Rene, Jim & Spirit Dog Jerry

    Farla and Bette, you can read more about my story on the PBS page here. Or visit my website, Tripawds.com

    Thanks for watching. Many hugs to you.

  • cecilia

    is amazing how far you two have gone for Jerry – and we love our dog inmensely but leave everything for a pet is a very tough move, is simple too much – I salut and respect you guys and wish the best for you 3

  • kellyz

    You two are my inspiration! I wish I had known Jerry. But I’m happy to know both of you! Frankie says hello.

  • carol

    This show really hit home to me tonight. My beautiful golden retreiver was diagnosed with bone cancer in her right leg. Her leg was removed last Friday and I am truly amazed on how she has not only manuevered with three legs but how fast the healing process has occurred! She is 11 and I truly feel you know when your dog doen’t have the will to live….I hope I have a couple more years. Your situation not only hit home but it has given me hope. I have never seen a 3 legged dog until the day before surgery. A lady, her two young sons and an Australian Shepherd with 3 legs almost made me run into a snowbank. I travel this road 5 times a day and I have never seen her, and I haven’t seen her since. She made me realize that my decision was right. Miss Penny is doing great. Thank you for your inspiration.

  • adam

    Well i’m in what we call a pickle i dont know what to do my 9 year old german shepherd ALLEGRA was diagnosed with bone cancer my vet recommended too put her down but i just cant its her rear left leg i know i have to do something we talked about amputation but he thinks some cancer can be in other spots after seeing Jerry i s was just wondering if there was anyother cancer in his body and what was his age i love my dog more than anything in my life i also am married not a real dog lover so she just doesnt really enderstand we were married 5 years ago ive been with Allegra since 2000 we have 3 beautiful girls together set of twins who are 6 and a eight year old we just told them she was sick and not gonna get any better so we have too make her comfortable they make her beds there great im also a small business owner in a recession i do have the money too help her but maybe not the time I’m at a loss dont know what to do!!!dryclean80@sbcglobal.net if anyone has an experience like myself drop me a note

  • vickie

    If you have never loved an animal …..your heart is not quite open….I thank these people for listening to their hearts and not other people….an angel is in their presence and will leave when his ready…

  • Kelley

    This story is so amazing….It shows the true bond between animals and their “families” human or animal does not matter all living creatures have the right to live on, be loved…if it was one’s child, would one want to let the child die or take measures to ensure their ability to live until their time…Way to go…

  • vickie

    Adam….keep her happy….if she is in pain…get pain pills from your vet.You have a choice…its your dog…vets are looking at it from a different angle…I BEIIEVE IN MIRACLES….Research on the internet and talk to other people because I understand some humans also go through chemo and radiation….and do make it…but they go through pain ..first.I know one thing he wants to be with you when he goes….in his own bed…in his own home.I want that for myself ….

  • Paula

    What a great story, Jerry was a lucky, lucky doggie! He’s still w/ Jim and Rene and always will be.

  • Susan

    When I watched this show I bawled like a baby because my dog, who is in another province with my inlaws, looks exactly like Jerry. It was almost eerie to watch because Sam and Jerry have the same mannerisms and coloring – they are identical. It made me miss her even more when I watched this.

  • nita

    ihope Jerry is still doing well…. it took 10 years after my last dog, who had undergone a laminectomy, for me to get another dog. she is a pound rescue who loves my cats. How lucky can i get?? all my best!!!

  • Phil

    What wonderful human beings you both are and how inspiring a show on your love for Jerry!!! God bless Jerry and keep him well and you both also, It’s so great the love Jerry feels and he is returning it!!! I’ll keep you in my prayers.

  • Edie Summers

    So inspiring and moving. Love is real with all sentient beings. :)

  • Seymore

    My family had a similar experience with out 11 year old golden retriever. What was different was that her leg was broken and the surgeon couldn’t repair it. Amputation was an option but still extemely risky. We decided to have her put down. It’s been more than six months since that fateful day and we miss our dog so much. It’s very difficult to think of going hiking or to the beach because the memories keep flooding back. We do have great memories of our final big trip to the New Jersey shore last summer and to Dog Day at Adirondak Park.

  • Kevin

    A cool dog for cool people. I loved the story. RIP Jerry.

  • Jeanne Jasperse

    My beloved Cleo, a 1/2 pyrenees, 1/2 collie mix was also diagnosed with osteosarcoma.. This couple was so lucky to be able to afford the surgery that gave them more time with Jerry… I had a benefactor come forward for my dog, and paid for her amputation.. she sailed through it with ease, and when I was laid off a month later, I was so gratefule for our last few months together. They were right, she told me when it was time….I’ve had other doags, and even cats, but she was so special.. lik,e Jerry

  • Raina

    Beautiful moving story about Jerry and his people Rene and Jim. All were so lucky to have found each other and spent such quality lives together. I hope we can all learn from their unconditional love for each other and act in kind to oyr beloved feline and canine companions.
    And please-save a shelter animal!

  • yinyan


    I have seen this program 2 times, everytime I cried, I have 15 cats I know what is wonderful relationship between pets and human being.

    you are good guys and I admire you have Jerry and Jerry have both of you.

    It’s a really touching story.

  • brenda

    Just watched Jerry tonight Sunday May the 23rd.,2010. So sad as it was for me and my German Shepard, Niki back in 1986!!! She was only seven years old and had to be put down.

  • tim and jo

    we just watched your story about jerry..your great and jerry is amazing.we lost our rosie 2 years ago.she had cancer but it was misdiagnosed by an uncaring vet.so we had to put her down because we loved her so much.we have a new one ,suzie.we saved her from katrina ,but i will never forget rosie !love you girl.

  • Bob

    Rene and Jim are beautiful people. My wife and I have lost 7 dogs over the years, 2 to cancer, the rest to old age, fortunately. We know how hard it is and we were helped early on by a friend who helped us to see when it was time to go. It is the dog who is important, not us. We should not drag out the life if it has no quality just because we are too selfish to let go. Rene and Jim are doing what is best for Jerry. Prayers to them for that. We have always replaced a lost love with a new friend from a rescue group who needs a good home. We now have 3 dogs, the third by accident, and cannot imagine life without dogs in it. I hope Rene and Jim find a new friend when they are ready and I’m sure they will be great with him/her.

  • Sharon

    I watched the story of Jerry and his “pets” Renee & Jim with tears in my eyes as I thought of my beloved Cairn terrier Winston. I lost him to cancer some years ago. When he first became ill I asked his doctor am I doing the chemo for him or me & she said he would let me know when it was time to let go. The chemo bought him 6 months more with me & when the cancer came with a vengeance, and radiation couldn’t help, he let me know it was time to let go. I made sure my voice was the last thing he heard-it was the least I could do for the wonderful 12 years of unconditional love and affection he gave me. When it’s Jerry’s time to go across “the rainbow bridge”, I’m sure it will be with his people beside him returning some of the love he gave them.

  • Lupe and Lee

    Thank you for sharing your story. I hope you guys did have much quality time with your son Jerry, because that is what he is. I did not realize that a bond between humans and dogs can be so important. I am sad that this type of matters have to happen. May God bless you all.

  • patricia

    jerry shows us what is important about life ,about all of our lives.

  • Jannegie

    That is such a heartwarming story and it shows how people can have so much love for theis pet(s)we know what it feels like to lose a pet,we had a beautiful german sheperd named Sandy(11yrs)and it hurts so bad to lose them,it was very nice of you two to share this story,watched the program on PBS and will again…………
    Our prayers are with you and Jerry and that you where able to do this ,why not enjoy him while you still can.

  • Carole

    Wow – what a show of love and kindness and caring. You are special human beings and Jerry knew this. You were all meant to be together………….and I believe will be again one day. I grew up with a dog that was like a brother – we hung out together (I was an only child). He died when I was 18 and to this day I cannot look at photos of him without feeling the love that we had for one another. He protected me, he was my playmate, and when I was sad, he was beside me. So, I know of the special bonding an animal and a human can have. Their love is so unconditional. If only the rest of humanity could learn this. Thanks for sharing your story – it was inspirational.

  • Rick Splawnik

    You guys are amazing people filled with love and devotion for you friend Jerry, My hat and heart goes out to you and Jerry, you did what I would do for my K9 friends. God bless you.

  • Jim and Rene (tripawds.com)

    Thank you all once again for the kind comments! We are honored to know that Jerry’s story continues to touch so many.

    @BOB We have indeed welcomed a new three legged friend into our lives. After finally finding the mountain home we call Jerry’s Acres last summer, the German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California introduced us to Wyatt Ray Dawg, a neglected puppy who had been left tied up alone so long his rear right leg became entangled. They ignored him to the point where his leg required amputation, and when they heard that they told the vet to put him down instead.

    Wyatt is now loving life on three legs with us as the new Tripawds spokespup. We like to say he is now carrying on Jerry’s LEGacy. You can follow Wyatt’s three legged adventures at … http://wyattraydawg.tripawds.com

    PS: The rescue renamed Wyatt (from Chopper) in honor of Jerry G Dawg and three legged girldog extraordinaire Codie Rae

  • Eileen

    I cried when I hear your Story about Jerry. Remind me of my German Shepard “Shah. “Shah was like Jerry but passed away after 14 years with me. It broke my heart till today after 20 years. Jerry remind me so much of Shah. Thank you both so much for loving and taking care of Jerry. You both are an inspiration to others. I wish you well. I wish I would have met Jerry. God bless you both and Jerry.

  • Melanie Skeldon

    Jim and Rene–for every step you took with your beloved Jerry you left a paw print on all our hearts!

  • patsy

    sometimes you just connect. There is an ability, that we don’t always understand that our animals have. They seem to know what we want, when WE dont know what we want. Loving, adoring, forgiving, undying love .

  • Judy

    Blackmore Abbey, my Mainecoon, passed away last March after 20+ years of life. Fifteen months earlier she had been diagnosed with kidney failure. Acupuncture treatments greatly improved the quality of her life and even seemed to take off ten years her age. Shortly before Abbey passed, an animal communicator I know told me she had never seen an animal surrounded by the spirits of so many cats and dogs before. Just imagine how many are with Jerry. We who are privileged to share in the lives of non-human animals are all the richer for the experience.

  • Lee

    I just saw your most beautiful story on “Why we love cats & dogs” It is so beautiful!!!!I hope that you can do a film on Jerry’s life!!! Our pets are all wonderful. I hope to show this for ALL CHILDREN, so they can learn how to repect nature. My heart goes out to you and your family & Jerry too. We lost our beloved dog of 12 years this pass Feb. We will always have a special place in our heart for all loved pets!!!!! My tears for them. When you do Jerry’s film please have it available for all schools….

  • Kelli

    That was such a heart warming tribute of the love you have for your dog. I love my two cats as much. They have brought so much to my life I cant even think about being without them.

  • mike

    Bless you both. I have a husky mix who went through a simmilar surgery about a year ago. She is doing great, and is still the alpha female arround here! Your love for Jerry touched me very deeply. The love and devotion we have for our dogs and them for us is something not everyone understands. The expense and work involved with caring for an animal with special needs is, to me, insignificant compared to what these special beings give to us. You are both my kind of people. You and Jerry are in my prayers. Thank you.

  • Jessica

    Animals give you unconditional love and devotion… there are so few people really willing to be more selfless and give what they receive. It’s nice to see a few other people who do. More people should care like that… it’s a win-win situation. You reward your beloved pet, and in giving up a big portion of your lives, you get a new, rewarding, and surprising experience.

    My old kitty, Miss Kitty, was recently diagnosed with mammary cancer. I’m a young student and couldn’t afford it, but my vet did the surgery and has let me pay it when I can. I sold a lot of my things… my nice jewelry, expensive purses, designer jeans… to pay him as quickly as I could for his kindness. She’s also got cataracts and arthritis. I’ve had people tell me it’s cruel to not let her go. However, having had her for so long, like many of you have said, they will tell you when they are hurting. Her quality of life is great – she begs for food, sleeps in her bed next to mine at night, loves to go on car rides, constantly hangs out with me, purrs, and she’s even started playing more again. My roommates think I’m nuts, that she’s just a cat, that I could have her put down and just adopt a younger, cuter kitten. What many people don’t realize is that you get what you give, and it’s very rewarding to be a better, more loving person!

  • Rachel

    I remember reading a book when I was young about a similar story but it was cat. This sort of grumpy old character is pushed into adopting this cat with three legs. The bond that grows made for an outstanding story. I wish I could recall the name and the author. Great story! Thank you creator for sending us these wonderful creatures! Thank you Jim and Rene for sharing your story.

  • Chien

    Thank you for your story, It prepared me to be stronger for the pet that passed away yesterday.
    much love to your family….

  • Michael Hinchey

    My beautiful girl has a tumor in her right upper shoulder(leg). You have truely convinced me that the amputation will indeed bring her to be pain free. I am hoping that she does as well as Jerry has done. And when she is ready to go she will tell me and be waiting for me like Jerry will be for you both. God bless all animals. Thx for the inspiration!

  • Susan Wyatt

    Our Beloved, beautiful pure white, long haired cat, with chartreuse eyes, Snoopy, died 2 days ago – June 1, 2010. He became ill what seemed like suddenly and by Memorial Day he was very weak and listless, not eating or drinking. He didn’t seem to care about anything – just wanted to lie down and be by himself. This wasn’t at all like our affectionate, lively cat. We took him to the animal ER here because it was Memorial Day and there were no Vets opened. They found out, from the blood work and X-rays, that he had inoperable liver cancer. They gave him IVs and he felt a little better, but when that wore off he was back to the same thing. We tried to force feed him very soft, even liquid food and water, but it wasn’t enough. By Tuesday (Monday was the holiday), we took him to our local Veterinarian and, seeing the tests, he agreed that surgery wasn’t the answer and the cat was suffering. He was in no pain yet, but so very weak. We had to make the terrible decision to have him put to sleep. (I don’t like the terms, “put down” or even euthanasia).We stayed with him till the end, petting and even kissing him and telling him that we loved him.
    We will receive his ashes in 3 more days. He will be buried or scattered with us when we go. We will never forget our boy – he was a wonderful, affectionate, intelligent and beautiful cat. We had him 11 years – hoping he had more years left, but he didn’t. It all happened so quickly!
    No cat will ever be what Snoopy was to us – we are still in disbelief. Just looking at his favorite places to sit or rest – or play, is so heart breaking for us. He was long haired so his fur is still being found under the fridge or anywhere his fur flew.
    We have adopted another cat, similar to Snoopy but a very different personality. We will love him, too, but we will never forget our Snoopy! The house was so “vacant” without Snoopy so we adopted another cat. We both have to adjust to each other.
    Our hearts are still broken! Thanks for allowing me to vent.

  • Dqve and Pat Frank

    Just checking on Jerry. We met Jerry when we were camping at Acadia National Forest a couple of years ago. We have told alot of people about Jerry. How is Jerry doing? Did you guys find a place to settle? The last we looked you were in the Carolina’s.

  • Rene, Jim & Spirit Jerry

    The ongoing comments for the PBS show really touch our hearts and put a smile on our faces, thank you for the heartfelt stories you’ve shared, and the loving thoughts about Jerry.

    Pat and Dave, it’s great to hear from you. Please contact us through Jerry’s Tripawds community, http://www.tripawds.com. We would love to talk to you.

    Today, on this two-year anniversary of Jerry’s passing, we salute our soul mate with a video tribute.

    Long May You Run, Dawg. We will love you forever.

  • Patrick & Sandra Carleton

    We just saw yours an Jerry’s story this afternoon and we just wanted to say thank-you for sharing your touching story with the world. We will be going to you website to see the rest of what it not shown, your love of Jerry.

  • Vicky

    I’m from Australia, and this morning I woke up and my mum had your story on the tv.
    It was one of the most touching stories I have ever watched. I was trying not to cry so much, but when they said it was cancer, I just lost it.
    You are both two very amazing people who loved your boy with all your hearts and what you did for him was amazing. There really needs to be more people like you two in the world.
    I’m so sorry for your loss.
    It’s coming up to a year on the 12th of February since I lost my boy to lung cancer. Sadly we only had 9 years and 11 months with our boy and I miss him every day.
    Thanks for putting a smile on my face with your lovely story.

  • http://www.paleo-cookbook.com paleo cultures

    Great job right here. I genuinely enjoyed what you had to say. Keep going because you definitely bring a new voice to this topic. Not many people would say what youve said and still make it interesting. Properly, at least Im interested. Cant wait to see far more of this from you.

  • Zachary

    My sympathy goes out to Jerry’s family.

  • Kenneth M. Venezia

    Why We Love Cats and Dogs – Video: Jerry… – pbs.org – Edit Remove
    [I would like to say to Jim, Rene, and most of all Jerry, that I am a relativly young man who has been seriously ill for too many years. Strokes, heart surgery, depression, and other illnesses have plagued me, and others for too long now. I know that some people think it not right that some animals get better treatment than many people do. I would like to say to those people and my animal loving friends the following; I believe that we are all God's creatures and all an equal part of the good Earth. Jerry, deserves all the medical treatment and love that Jim & Rene can give him. I might add he deserves more than some humans that I know. We are NO more important than all the other creatures on this beautiful planet. Thank you, Jim, Rene, and mostly Jerry.] 4:58pm

  • Peter L

    My good friends just put down their 6 year old chocolate lab a week ago for the same exact bone cancer on the same shoulder! I was crying watching this video on TV cause I was attached to their doggy as much as they were. I dog sat for them whenever they had to leave town. I miss Manny to chocolate lab :-(

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