Wild Balkans
Video: A Hatchling Catches a Ride

A great crested grebe chick is able to dive and swim at birth, but it’s always nice to hitch a ride instead. The great crested grebe is one of over 260 different species of birds found in the wetlands of Kopacki Rit.

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  • brian

    Oh! It’s not F. Murray Abraham! Thank God! I dont like that guy’s voice! And I wanna hear a new narrator! Looks like it’s gonna be an interesting episode! Can’t wait!

  • Atina

    My family comes from near this area. I visited the former Yugoslavia only once in my life when I was 12. I lived there a full year with my grandfather, learning about how life moves with the rythym of the seasons. I will never forget him nor the pristine nature I experienced there. Much of the Balkan peninsula is strewn with such beautiful and pristine landscape. My hope is that one day soon the newer generations will truly put aside their differences and preserve this land as it is and claim it as their heritage. I am eager to view this episode.

  • Robert Jerin

    Now we see why the Croatian National Anthem is titled “Lijepa naša” domovino, Our Beautiful Homeland.

    Robert Jerin
    Cleveland Ohio

  • Melissa He

    What was the song used from 2:09 to 2:58?

  • BB

    I live in Croatia near beautiful Drava river. Drava is one of most beutiful rivers in Europe, and fishing on Drava is one extraordinary experience… We have more beautiful wetlands, such Lonjsko Polje or Crna Mlaka…

  • allan modeweg

    woulde love as a old un soldiers from the war go down there to clear out all mines for the wildlife,it will be a big mission but balkan is the untouch wildlife number one i eu… …

  • Richard Best

    Looks like England. Nothing special

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