Wild Horses of Mongolia with Julia Roberts
Race Across the Steppe!

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  • fgs

    for hajoa;fij j iop au0 gja-9ti89-34 g9yhu0000 gjer9-uhy

  • will

    Great way to test Mongolia horse knowledge

  • joe

    this is a waste of time!!!

  • David

    I won. It said hey hey woooooooo!!!!

  • luke skywalker(jo mama)

    amazing graphis

  • horselvr

    Wow that is amazzzzing! (probably because I love horses….)I only missed 2

  • casey

    hiiiiiiiiiiii these games are awsomeand really fun to play

  • zlamgl

    haha it is amazing game hehe. It is not just a game, it is also checking your knowledge i liked it.! Rated 5/5

  • Sheila

    Fun, learned more about Mongoians of the past and present day. Denver was privileged to get the Genghis Kahn exhibit just ended. Fantastic exhibit.

  • shooryn

    Its intresting.
    For childs its fantastic to have a model that Julia Roberts.

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