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Video: Dolphin Therapy

Eight-year-old Thomas was born with a rare genetic disorder, which resulted in a lot of trouble communicating with his parents. Now, Thomas undergoes dolphin therapy in the Florida Keys. His parents believe that the connection between Thomas and the dolphins is helping to unlock his silent world. Remarkably, Thomas is beginning to be able to communicate.

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  • Alicia Passanisi

    My family and I saw this segment on your episode that aired Sunday, August 17. It touched us deeply because we have an autistic child that is just like those boys shown. We have been curious about the dolphin therapy for him and was wondering if maybe you could give me any information on this facility in Florida. Thank you. Thank you for airing this show.

  • Donya Wilkins

    I watched this episode that aired Sunday, August 17, and I would love to have more information about the dolphin therapy. My seven-year old is a special needs child and she has been in love with dolphins for the last two years. This is the first time I have ever seen this kind of therapy. Please send more information if possible. Thank you.

  • Marvin Schult

    More than beautiful! They touch me! Hello Thomas Hello World….I love dolphins too!

    Anahuac Chihuahua If somebody have more material about dolphins I will apreciate

    Thanks Thirteen, Nature, PBs and Sponsors.

  • Jane

    Oh my goodness! I am SOBBING! What a show! I would love to know where to donate to these organizations.

  • Jane

    For anyone looking for more info on the show (like I was) click on “Additional Web and Print Resources” over on the right side of this page.

  • brandy gober

    when i saw this i wanted to cry.

  • Lincoln O’Barry

    Don’t really think its fair to diminish one life to enhance another.. The same results can be achieved from using domesticated animals like dogs and horses. So called “dolphin therapy” is used to justify most of the dolphin swim programs in the florida keys. It is not FDA approved and preys on parents who will do anything to help their kids.

  • yomayra class

    i have never here about this i got me 10 years old boy he is autistic child that is just like that boy. im curious about the dolphin therapy if you could give me any information on this facility in Florida. Thank you.

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