Wolverine: Chasing the Phantom
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  • Todd Swanson

    I recently saw “Chasing The Phantom” on PBS and saw reference to a wolverine in Michigan, though the locale was not stated, perhaps for protective purposes. Is it commonly known in what part of Michigan it has been seen? I thought that I fleetingly saw one in The Porcupine Mountain Wilderness Area around 2002 or ‘03, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Thanks. Todd Swanson

  • Chris Holmes

    My understanding is that there was one in “the thumb” recently, but it was killed in an auto accident.

  • Les Booth

    I’ve now watched the PBS Nature show, Wolverine: Chasing the Phantom, four times. I’ve recommended it and have referred to it in a recent online story. It is one of the best pieces done – on this amazing creature – in recent memory; if not ever.

    I will admit serious prejudice to the topic. I love wolverines.

    I will agree with Audrey Magoun, Executive Director, The Wolverine Foundation, Inc., explaining ‘WHY’ I love wolverines is not easy. I agree -it has much to do with the requirements of extreme wilderness for their survival. Where wolverines live, is where I live – even virtually – most complete.

    Many write and talk about wolves being the heart of wilderness. That may well be true, but wolverines are the very soul of wilderness.

    Thank you for this program and your fine history of presenting amazing stories of the natural world. Do continue, please.

  • Julie

    I watched Wolverine, Chasing the Phantom for the first time last night on Nature. Wow! Magnificient scenery. But what took my breath away was the fatherly devotion of Steve to bottle feed those little bundles of energy and to keep up with them on a daily basis. Their fur was healthy and shiny. Steve himself is easy on the eyes! What a beautiful place on the planet. While the rest of us are fighting traffic, paying bills for things we don’t even enjoy or need, it was just refreshing to watch the wolverines! Thank you so much!

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