Hummingbirds: Magic in the Air
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Hummingbirds are the tiniest of birds, yet they are some of the toughest, most energetic creatures on the planet. Their unique flying abilities give them unmatched maneuverability, but at the cost of a supercharged metabolism that keeps them on the edge of survival. Hummingbirds spend most their lives in fast forward, but now high-speed video lets us enter their world. Buy the DVD. This film premiered January 10, 2010.

  • Lorrie Sarafin

    Absolutely magical! Here in AZ I have watched (and made videos of them at the patio feeder) Anna’s hummingbirds – but I had no idea that the “chirp” heard in their dives was from their tails. I have seen (and heard) these feisty little creatures body slam any intruders to “their” food. They are fascinating, beautiful creatures. Thanks for such a wonderful show!!

  • Steve Simmons

    Beautiful show!!!!!!!!!!!! When will it be available for purchase?

    Thanks in advance

  • NATURE Online

    To purchase this and other NATURE programs on DVD, click the “shop” link on the top of the site.

  • Tom Doré

    What incredible little creatures!!
    We live in Edmonds, WA just north of Seattle and have them comming to our feeder every day all year round even when it snows or the temps are low enough to freeze the food. I bring the feeder in at night then keep it warm during the day with a chemical “hand warmer” taped to the bottom.

  • Vonna Alexander

    This was super awesome! I learned so much and was thrilled to be introduced to hummers I didn’t know existed. Words fail to describe these marvelous little creatures. I will appreciate the little ruby throats that come to my feeders even more.

  • Green Key

    This was a wonderful, memorable show! I loved it, and my cat loved it too! She watched the entire show with rapt attention, occasionally gently touching the TV screen or jumping up to look behind it to see where the hummingbirds went. I may have to buy the video for her. She’s been so bored with this cold, snowy winter.

  • Eric Bowman

    Wow! A program on hummingbirds…I love them! I went to SE Arizona (Portal area) to see them a few years ago. They are such beautiful and amazing birds. I am “saving” watching the film until tonight…I can’t wait! Now we need a hummingbird channel…”All Hummers…All the Time!” ;-)

  • Renee Gardner

    Fabulous show, glad I was able to see it! I’m lucky to be a part of a hummingbird site that speaks about the spiritual aspects of this amazing creature!

    Please rerun this show so others have the opportunity to see and learn! Let the feeders be filled!!

  • Christine

    I loved every minute of the show! I learned their are more to those jewels in they sky then the pretty colors and small size!

  • Boyce Graham

    Absolutely awesome!!I live in nw Ms,keep 8 feeders out.they start arrv later apr.also have vines and flowers that attract.i did not know they eat insets,hope this includes mosquito as have many.we can see 100 plus at times.thanks much

  • Wade

    This is a must have for my mother in law.. Please let me know how to get it.

  • Annette

    What an amazing show!! I have always loved them and it was wonderful to see so many different species and learn more about them. Thank you!

  • Janine Perlman, Ph.D.

    Beautiful and informative, but there were several glaring errors that could easily have been corrected by fact-checking. 1. Hummingbirds eat several times their weight daily in nectar, not half their weight. 2. When in torpor, their temperature (in Fahrenheit degrees) doesn’t “fall by half”; that expression has meaning only on the Kelvin scale. 3. Feathers don’t contain living cells; it is true that color is created by the feather structure (and not pigment), but that structure is non-living. 4. Mother birds feed their nestlings almost solely insects, not “nectar and insects”. 5. The photography of insect predation was interesting, but the mechanics have been known for decades, so whatever findings were new weren’t clearly presented. On the other hand, I was surprised that interesting new findings on how nectar is transported by the tongue weren’t mentioned.

  • Felice

    Saw only the last half of the movie. I hope it will be shown again.

  • Garden Lily

    Too bad, I get only the message “We’re sorry, but this video is not available in your region due to rights restrictions.” I’m trying to watch from Vancouver, BC, Canada.

  • John Catelli

    I take my hat off to the many humanitarians, scientist, and photographer’s who have spent countless hours providing and contributing there efforts to provide this wonderful film. Truly enjoyed viewing your film. Thank You

  • Jim Tetlow

    Truly hummingbirds are remarkable! The beautiful footage is this production helps us appreciate how amazing they are designed – far superior to any man-made design. Of course all the hummingbird’s features – long bill, special tongue, unique rapid wing beat, sturdy breastbone, complex organs to support these functions, etc., – would have to work together from the beginning in order for it to be able to gather its energy food and thereby survive. They did not gradually evolve (as this production states), nor did the complex flowers that they live from. These are wonderful testimony to our Great Creator and Sustainer as every person knows!

  • Annmarja Lamborn-Balan

    Wow,loved this!! I have a hummingbird feeder in my yard during the warm months & the hummers are so fascinating to watch. When will the DVD be available?

  • Diane Bishop

    Wonderfully informative. Wish I had seen it years ago. I live in South Carolina and I found one lying under my feeder one cool September morning. It was on it’s back with feet up. As I looked closer I saw that it’s throat was moving. As I was on my way to work, I put it in a box, filled a bottle with nector and took it with me, never thinking-how do you feed a hummingbird? At work I went to our lab and got an eye dropper. I let the nector run down from the tip of it’s beak. I could see the throat moving more rapidly. I fed it about every 10 minutes and kept it in the box. After about an hour, it was standing. Our company was located in a highly wooded area about 1 mile from my home.
    The first time I tried to release it, it wasn’t strong enough to fly. I put it back in the box and fed for about another hour. When I heard it fluttering in the box, I took it back outside. It was an awesome feeling as I watched it fly off into the woods toward my home.

  • Suanne Schafer

    A marvellous program. An avid birder, we have enjoyed the antics of our hummers year after year.

  • “Dr. Bob” Setzer

    This was an excellent program! I saw it on PBS TV, but I really appreciate you also posting on the Internet so that I can return to certain segments again. Fantastic job! Thanks!

  • Elaine Tausendfreund

    Could you please let me know when this episode will be on next or when it is available to purchase- thank you.

  • Rose Hardy

    What a great program! I loved it….gave me ideas for my paintings. I have always loved hummingbirds. Thank you for this program.

  • Karl Groweg

    I became fascinated with these birds when a neighbor gave me a feeder. If you surround the base of a feeder with both hands and hold it outside a window that the birds are accustomed to approaching, they will land on your fingers and feed. If there are many birds, you get a close up viewing of their aerial dogfights.

  • cathy

    why is this not available in Canada? How can I watch this program?

  • Jay & Jeannie in Maryland

    We completely loved this show….and want to see it again. When will it air?

  • Taiyo

    I loved this episode and would like to notify a friend to see it, too. When will it be repeated?

  • Donna

    I enjoyed this program so much and would like to know when it will be repeated.

  • Anita

    Buy it! you can’t record it any more less you have all that DDVDR or watever? So Im gonna spend the money, all the while helping my public station. I love my Public Broacasting Station and Public Radio station.They Are The Bomb, LOL.

  • NATURE Online

    Hi, everyone – If you’d like to know when this program will air again on your local station, please check your local listings.

  • Anita

    I was all for buyin the Dvd until the shippin is $6 !!!! 5.95 to ship a dvd to me???!!! Just make the price 24.95 already? wats the prob?

  • tmrh

    Beautiful and educating!

  • betty guillory

    I want to know more about the hummers,@ such, I love the birds, @ am a bird watcher, I would like too have birds as a screen saver, so i can enjoy these beautiful creatures

  • Julia Sachs

    I live outside Charleston, SC and for the last 3 years have had a hummer stay over the winter months. We have just had a record number of below freezing nights and she has been back to the feeder every morning as soon as it is light. Last year’s left on Easter day. They don’t come back to the feeders until late summer. Any explanation?

  • cheryl gademer

    Loved this episode on hummingbirds. Simply amazing footage and information on these beautiful creatures.

  • lam

    WOW. This program is magnificent and I hope it wins tons of awards. I am telling everyone I know. Just makes me happy and wonderous and awestruck to watch it.

    I see a male ruby-throat in my town just outside Atlanta as late as right before Thanksgiving. I have seen him three years straight.

  • Kathleen O’Shaughnessy

    Please tell me how to order the Hummingbird video. I have tried all the appropriate links from your “shop” link, and can’t seem to find it. Thank you, in advance, for your help.

  • Cindy in Minnesota

    Outstanding program.

  • Ronna the mama

    Well, my nature loving daughter..once again you have pulled me into the wonderful world of hummingbirds. I am so proud of you. I love you, girl and they are one of this planets most adorable creatures, for sure.

  • Mary Lou in Pittsburgh

    I knew hummingbirds were quick, but i never knew how really beautiful, agile, graceful, and intelligent they were. Thank you so very very much for sharing this video with us..

  • Karla in South Pasadena

    What an amazing show! Our Gardner planted Giant Bird of Paradise plants out in the front of our picture windows years ago. They’re in full bloom now, and the Anna’s Hummers are everywhere. The explanation of the noise the male makes to attract a female by using his tail feathers was fascinating! Thank you for such a beautiful program!

  • diane boyd

    when may I view the hummingbird video… it hasn’t been available the times I’ve tried to view

  • Patti Leftwich

    Outstanding program on hummers. Like other areas mentioned in the film, here in southern NM, we’ve noticed significant migratory changes over the past 18 yrs. More species (8-in good years, up from 4) but fewer overall numbers. We used to go thru 1/2 gallon of sugar water a day during peak migration, now it’s less than half that amount. Right now we have a wintering female Anna’s. We add a special hummer protein mix to the sugar water since she has no bugs to eat at this time of yr.

  • Shelley

    Thank-you for the magnificent program featuring hummers! Oh, how beautiful they are. Thank-you for capturing them on film for viewers to see. What joy it is for me to watch them in action……..defending their space, waiting patiently for another to dare trespass and then the chattering & chasing away of the intruder. And to see up close them catching bugs! I never dreamed of it. Thank-you again.

  • Myrna Des Voigne

    I saw this last night and it was absolutely WONDERFUL. However, I missed getting a pen soon enough to see how to order. Please advise

  • Wilhelmina

    Mere words cannot express how I feel when I see these beautiful unique little creations from God.
    The video was spectacular, this was the first time I ever saw a humming bird in slow motion. I did not agree with everything the narrator was saying. But I really think the photography was awesome. I want to watch it over and over again.
    I also did not realize there were so many different species. They are all truly beautiful.Thank you for this wonderful treat!!

  • Jason Harris

    Me and my family love birds– im so glad that im able to see this(especially scince I missed this on TV)

  • Karen Botelho

    Thank you for a truly rewarding show….and so much love and hard work went into creating this show.! They are truly a gift to this world. Thank you again!!

  • Ray and Margaret Allen

    Will you be showing this show again? We missed part of it. We live in a Senior Community and were telling others about this. They would love to see it, if you show it again. Is there a way to let me know if it is shown again and when?
    It wast Beautiful.
    Thank You for sharing it with us.

  • Janet Marsh

    I wish that everyone would show this video to as many children as possible.
    Absolutely wonderful. Thank you. janety

  • Jan

    I live in HIaleah (Miami) Florida, The Hummers come yearly to my yard. What species are they?
    They truly amaze me! I have firespike planted in my yard and hang several hummingbird feeders. This video contained so much information and was truly beautiful! I could watch it 1000times over!
    I really feel like their visit is a gift. Thanks so much for providing us with this it is magnificent!

  • Cindy

    how utterly delightful! thank you for sharing this one

  • Ron Moses

    I learned more about these facinating creatures from this video than all other info sources. I am using it as a homeschooling biology lesson for my son and am deeply thankful for the effort to make it and offer it.

  • jameson

    Lovely program, I never gave so much thought towards those beautiful little creatures till now; thank you for sharing.

  • hope


  • Susan Masser

    Loved seeing all the different hummers! In Mountlake Terrace, WA we have resident Anna’s year round and migratory Rufous hummers spring through fall in our yard. It is a delight to watch them in the garden and to provide habitat for them. We also have frequent Coopers and Sharp Shinned hawks in the yard, which the hummers seem to enjoy taunting by zipping around them when they are perched on the fence. This was a beautiful program.

  • Darrin Otsig

    Can’t watch this program in the Vancouver region of Canada. Hmmm, there are ALOT of PBS subscribers up here! I guess I will be thinking about continuing my subscription with PBS.

  • Sylvie Cohen

    I think this episode about hummingbirds is one of Nature’s best, comparable to the BBC’s science ones. I wish I could specify how I can spend my tax on the federal tax form to support more of these nice programs!

  • Leonore Fine

    Wonderful show! We appreciated the tone and quality of voice of the narrator, which did not intrude and helped the viewer appreciate what was shown. How remarkable to see the agility of this dextrous little bird and the multitude of activities performed with such agility. 1000 flowers a day–wow! And to see the clever way in which the investigators set up the camera to photograph the male’s dive and understand where the sound was coming from. Life-long learning for these seniors! thank you.

  • Annemarie

    It is the most beautiful account of the species I have ever seen. I must have a copy of this to view over and over again. One can never learn enough about them.

  • Jim

    I only planned on watching a small portion of the one hour video, but when I began my adventure into their world, I became mexmerized and kept wanting to see and know just a bit more and then the hour wizzed by just like the beautiful Humming Birds.

    I am not a bird watcher, but I do appreciate all species in this life of ours and their connection with the rest of the universe. You mentioned their short life span, I was born in 1933 and as each year passes I find more things to become interested in and keep me going.

    A cousin of mine sent this to me this morning and I will of course because I think it deserves maximum exporsure send it on to others, so that they might enjoy the sheer beauty of the world of the Humming Birds.

    Thank you for making this type of material availible…

  • Maria Birmingham

    These little birds are so very fascinating. I just love watching them. On 9/14/2009, I took over 800 pictures with a camera I had set up in my den. There was a group of hummers that must have numbered in the 20s or 30s. I could not tear myself away from my camera. They were there for just the one day. It was the best use of a day I could imagine. I had 8 on one feeder at a time. Would love a copy of this video to show friends and family. Loved every minute of it!

  • Marcia in Atlanta

    What a wonderful show. Thank you to all who contributed! I was looking for an additional hummingbird feeder to add to the collection in my yard, and when I Googled, the link to watch this online came up. Amazing videography! I already loved hummers, but now appreciate them even more.

  • rick

    Amazing!! Does anyone know what the flower is at 53 seconds into the program. Red, tubular with a black and white border at the lip?

  • Emi

    Americans in EU are not able to get PBS

  • Sue

    Been trying now for 3 days to watch this video… I wish someone would fix the broken link.

  • Rita

    Hi there
    What a delightful program. I have fed and admired these little beauties for years and to see the footage that you were able to capture…amazing. I have witnessed an aggressive territorial behavior at the bird feeder , have also had them take a shower as I water the garden and fly right up to my face to say hi. They never cease to please, amuse, amaze. Thank you for a great documentary, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • MJ

    Every time I see a nature show where humans have to capture a creature and put it through a “special test” (drug it to get a weight or length) to observe it, it makes me cringe. Why canʻt humans just observe without interfering? This is a wonderful show, but when the Annaʻs is captured, put in a white box with a human arm waving around it, I wonder how much stress this little magnificent creature is going through. I have been feeding hummers for 4 years and I am truly honored by their presence. This is enough for me, I do not need to know every detail of their flight. Letʻs leave it as “one of lifeʻs many mysteries”.

  • Roy Koch

    I have been filming hummingbirds during the summer months but my little Canon ZR850 cannot do the great stuff that you camera does. Great work!


    Roy Koch

  • Mari D’Agostino

    What a wonderfully pleasant educational film about these wonderful birds. Until now, I have just enjoyed watching them at our hummingbird feeder on our patio. Thank you.

  • Jeanne

    Such amazing creatures! This movie taught me a lot of things I didn’t know like that male and female could have such different shaped beaks, or that the feathers could actually be the source of the chirp instead of a vocalization. The photography was amazing. Thank you!

  • LM

    Can anyone tell me . . . does this video suggest making nectar with a 1 : 1 ratio, water to sugar?

  • Naomi Reber

    If I remember correctly the nectar Homemade, was said on the program was 2parts to 1. In Pa for the ruby throat
    is 4 parts of water to 1 part sugar. I have been feeding mu hummers for many years. Thank You

  • Peter Roxburgh

    I have only seen the interview with the filmmaker on you tube – and would dearly like to see the actual film – from which I am blocked in Alberta – but would purchase it.

  • Jack Cournoyer

    Awesome photography,much work went into this video. Seems like you covered everything about them and then some. Truly a work of art, thank you so much. I’ve watched it 3 times and probably will watch it again.Jack in Florida.

  • Terrie Hoelscher

    This is absolutely fascinating! I only get the Ruby-throat where I live, and it is such a delight to see other species and learn so much about them. Thank you for sharing on the ‘net!

  • Lisa Buick

    Wow, my husband and I just watched the last half of this program and were mesmerized the entire time. I’m hoping it will air again soon so we can watch it in its entirety.

    Where was the backyard located that had all the feeders in it? What an incredible haven for those birds. Were those plastic tubes painted red to attract the birds?

    Incredible. Very well done, and thank you.

  • Christine in Burbank, CA

    Just wonderful. I keep watching it. Thank you for making it! I didn’t realize how critically their survival depends on constant nectar–1000 flowers a day?! I feel a lot of pressure in keeping those feeders clean and full in the backyard. I have up to 10 birds at a time visiting a 6-station feeder. I may get another. . .

  • Andre Seguin

    This Nature episode dedicated to hummingbirds was one of the most memorable & inspiring wild life programming I have seen in years. Being native of a boreal northern climate, my first live encounter with these aerial acrobats took place on a outdoor dining terrace in Palm Springs, CA, while on a golf trip. I never did manage to eat any meal on this terrace since the hummingbirds had hypnotized me to the point where I was in a complete daze marveling at their airborne ballet.

    This kind of programming gives us an appreciation for the powerfull forces found in nature, whereby a hummingbird evolves a custom build adapted to access inaccessible nectar.

  • Janet Norris, Roswell, NM

    I was thrilled watching this. My husband and i recently watched hummingbirds catching bugs. We watched them for hours. We did not know this about them until our little morning show. I was so excited to see this part of the video. It is fascinating to learn about these beuatiful birds. I enjoyed the show so much. Hope to see more in the future. Thank you

  • Ernest W,Jordan

    I feed these amazing little birds in Yuma, Az. During the hot summers @ 116 degrees they are still active in he Am & evening hours. I have a question. One morning I observed a hummingbird hovering over a dying small mouse that appeared trying to get away. Are humming birds capable of using their bills to for defense?

  • Patricia Pine

    Thank you so much for this episode. My 9 year-old-son and I enjoyed it immensely. This is the first year we have put out a hummingbird feeder. After watching your show, we have so much more admiration for our little visitors. Amazing!

  • Barbara

    This PBS Hummingbird show -10-3-10 was amazing. I’m lucky to see one hummingbird at my feeder.

    Here is another amazing hummingbird video I received by email

    Video= Unbelievable-Alaskan Hummingbirds– includes handfeeding
    Cut & paste into address bar if link doesn’t open.

  • gil

    Does anyone know where I might find good plans to make a hummingbird feeder that doesn’t look like a pop bottle on a string?

  • Amanda

    I actually cried because I couldn’t watch this. (because its not in my region) I LOVE Hummingbirds!!! I’ve collected them for years. I envy those who were able to see this show.

  • Mark

    Not available in my region due to rights restrictions.

    Oh well!

  • Donna in MT

    I thought this was an amzing video. I love hummers and became interested in them back in 1976. I am often refered to as “The Hummingbird Lady”. My friends think I get so many hummers because I mix their nectur with my hands. I have had at least 50+ hummers at each feeder in some years. I find these birds so fascinating. I do not agree with Darwin’s theory though. I believe this kind of wonder could only be by a Creator. He knew what he was doing when he did such a marvelous job with these little wonders. Thanks for making such a beautiful show!

  • Sarah E. Baur

    Amazing. Outstanding. Wonderful work is this production! Will it or is it available on DVD for purchase?

  • Curt Morton

    My wife and I loved the show! I’m purchasing it as a surprise Christmas for her… (Hope it arrives in time!) We live in nort Florida (Jacksonville) and put feeders out for hummers in spring and keep them replenished until fall. I noticed in the video that there was some comment concerning changing migration routes and modified territories along the gulf coast. Are hummers by any chance wintering in our area instead of migrating to South America? If so, we’ll keep the feeders out all year long for those that stay in our area…

  • Tina Smith

    I am very happy to see a film that open the eyes not only to the captivating beauty of these cute birds but to their intelligence and amazing adaption to their environment.

    I have three cats and I have trained them not to chase the birds or even come close to them when they feed.

    I have many birds feeders in my yard and I am very concerned about the constant destruction of the birds’ habitat for agriculture, residential and commercial purpose. I am also very concerned about the irresponsible use of pestecide specially in the remote non residential areas here Florida where I live. I have seen endangered species like the crane birds, turtles, eat next to signs that say “Pesticide Applied.. Keep Off” next to lakes where deers, endangered silver foxes, and all sort of wild life feed and drink; Ironically the pesticide applied in this area is washed by the rain and the irrigation system into the lakes to be used again to water the plant and trees! When it doesn’t rain one can see the suffering of all sort of wild life creatures even the trees are no longer healthy looking.


    I am always amazed by what the hand of god can do. Even thought I do not believe in the religious concept of god. I am amazed by what I call ALL THAT IS. So much can be learned by looking, listening and more important, questioning. God (all that is) is everything. Good or (evil). You are god.

  • A

    WOW! I really like this video it is SO interesting!

  • fredroz

    Not available in my region due to rights restrictions. It also says you can buy the DVD of this and others … who wins here, we don’t see the lovely video and hence do not purchase a thing. Not much profit being made here but at least someone has their “rights” met. However I do believe that I have this video on my older machine from when we were able to view it in our area … which is Canada. If it is the same one, it is worth purchasing …can’t tell if it is the same one or not though, … I don’t have the right to that … This is said tongue in cheek though, there are legal issues here which have to be honoured.

  • Peter


    I live in Toronto, Ontario Canada and WNED (PBS) has been broadcasting in Canada for years and many Canadians (including myself) have generously donated to PBS to help support the quality programming.

    I don’t understand why PBS does not have their online content available in Canada.
    I would like to view PBS on my iPad or notebook while I’m on the road but it is not available in Canada.
    This really discourages Canadians from donating.



  • thea and ava

    amazingly beautiful! We will be adding hummingbird feeders to catch a glimpse of these interesting birds!!!!

  • barbara

    I absolutely love these tiny birds and put feeders out each year to attract them. I want to congratulate PBS , the Nature series, and this group of extremely talented photographers for a fabulous program.

  • Peggy

    It was a fantastic movie, but I find it dishearting that it was presented in the Darwin theory. Even Darvin died knowing his theory was wrong. Another reason PBS should not be funded by my tax dollars. These birds were created by God along with the diversity of the plants they feed on. Please don’t fall for the sutle revolution theories that PBS continues to throw at us. These could not have evolved, they were created by design.

  • Frank Falkowski

    The animal worlds most truly amazing creature. I make my own nectar and put out at least 4 feeders as soon as i see the 1st one looking in my door as they arrive in the spring. They nest close by and every summer i see at least 4 pairs of them flying back and forth between feeders all summer. Moving to Tennessee was an even better idea now that i know these birds return here yer after year after year. This video has shown me how much more incredible they are then even i knew from just watching them in real life.

  • Bryan Semones

    Hi wow what a great program. It’s so important that our social media not push insane ideas like gods creating animals by magic. Humming birds and people included…. Thank you PBS for making the USA less of an ignorant laughing stock.
    Please donate to public broadcasting that they may continue promoting sanity through free information. Insanities name I pray.

  • Louisa Bartel

    Thanks for the good writeup. It in truth was a leisure account it. Look advanced to more added agreeable from you! However, how could we keep in touch?

  • Sheila Whitely

    I LOVE all things hummingbird! Just watched this video & decided I should buy it so i can share it with others. I feed them from the 1st week in May each spring until they leave the north to migrate south. I NEVER tire of them. What a “pick-me-up” they are to me when I’m feeling blue.

  • Vicky Acevedo

    Awesome…! Thank you so much for sharing this show for kids and adults to learn more about these wonderful creatures. We have lots of them this spring in Southern California, currently with 3 little nests of different shapes, built in hanging branches at an adult’s height, giving us the gift of following the process of nesting and babies successfully leaving their nest.

  • Barbara Gordon

    I am glad I discovered this on TV this morning and now this web site to. I love watching them and wish I could get them to come around here more. I do have a feeder out there, but not just for them, so maybe the closeness of the other birds is a distraction for them….

  • Mary Hobgood

    Thank you so much for the video. I referenced your website in a local newspaper. It is so informative. I loved learning more about these little birds!

  • Jill

    I was wondering if its possible to purchase a DVd of this program……please let me know…thankyou..Jill Honer

  • Sam

    Great Movie!Watched it air for it’s first time!

  • jeanie

    I love the video but I didn’t like the lab work with them. It was painful to see these wonderful creatures inside a small box being studied.

  • Kenya Rothgery

    Thanks for the interesting article. I was skimming something similar this and I stumbled upon your website. I’m subscribing to your rss feed and saving. Best Regards

  • Rita Edwards

    I used the spot to send this on about the hummingbirds vedio and I tried to send it to several and none of them got it. they are personal friends and my only comment was takes awhile but well worth it. Thanks for your help. Rita

  • A Nielsen

    I loved it! So Brilliant! God Created some Amazing animals!

  • Donald Mosher

    Because my wife and I enjoy being able to feed 3 to 4 “hummies” yearly, I really got a big “kick” out of the program.
    Spectcular photograhy! How informative! We just recently learned that hummy warz are just part of the what we’ve always thought were normal food “squabling” between mates. Now, we find that the warz are deadly fights in the hummie’s attempt to fatten themselves so short of the migration trip to central america.
    We always look forward to feeding, listening and watching them from first week in May to the first week in Sept. (this year) in central NY. We marvel at the longevity of these dear little birds and always hope that they will return safely.

  • Armen S

    Thank you. Super Nice Movie. This is like a Hummingbirds 101, and for experts too. For me, I learned a lot, and since I like birds and nature, I enjoyed everything. I was surprised to see the last bird with the two feathers. I’ve never seen such a bird, and I feel honored to see one even on video. I am happy that they’d make a conservation for the poor bird. Maybe God will see what they are doing, and help them, with their life.

  • mariano Jara

    I’m from Peru, then is amazing for me to know that in my country live a one rare specie of hummingbirds. For me was surprised to see the two long feathers . Thank you for your program.

  • Kevin Robinson

    My wife is very impressed and wanted me to pass along: please more of the same, and include butterflies and other amazing creatures.

  • Brooke Monfort

    I’ve observed hummingbird behavior that I’ve yet to read about in a book or see in a movie. I’ve seen a hummingbird impale a grasshopper almost as large as it was, in mid air. I’ve also seen, more than once, a hummingbird snatch a hard-worked-for grub right from a woodpecker. Native Americans call the hummingbird “Little Eagle,” which says a lot about their hunting prowess, command of flight and their fearlessness.

  • ashley

    Could you post these in HD too??? I was just wondering because I sometimes miss them on the TV then when I watch on the compuer it’s in 380… I would love to catch the magic of the hummingbirds feathers and wings but it’s just not the same

  • Leanne Schy

    I’ve seen hummingbirds stab right through the side of a morning glory to get to the nectar if their bill was too short for the flower. I think I heard one mutter, “Hey, i don’t have all day to sit around evolving.”

  • Michelle

    Absolutely excellent! Fasinating.
    Thank you SO much.

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    This is Great Show . Thanks PBS and Team. Thanks the peruvian this species is still found in the forest edge of the Río Utcubamba region !!!

    Also in South America , Brazil , cidade de Santa Tereza can be found numerous species of humming birds !

    Museu de Biologia Mello Leitão (Santa Teresa-ES)

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    At a botanical garden in California 20 years ago, my family saw 1/2 acre of roses filled with hummingbirds sucking nectar. I’ve never seen so many in one place at one time. They weren’t fighting for rights to the roses in this case.The place was crawling with photographers (digital cameras weren’t invented yet).

    In Michigan, my folks enjoy watching one hummingbird that guards two feeders from “intruders”. He sits on a branch on a tree in between the feeders. One feeder is on the east porch, and the other was 100 feet away. His head goes back and forth like a set of windshield wipers.

  • Robin

    Many years ago I moved to West Virginia where my home, high on a hill, overlooked the Ohio River . As I was unpacking one morning I heard a tiny thud at the window. It was a Hummingbird that had run into the glass doors on my deck. I thought it might be dead. As I picked it up with oven gloves (I was unpacking kitchen items and thought it might not like “human”scent) I could see it was, indeed, breathing. I held it for a very long time. At first it just lay there, but in time it was on its feet although it made no attempt to fly away. After a long while it flew to the deck railing next to where I sat. Then about 15 minutes later, it flew to a nearby tree branch where it stayed for another 15-20 minutes, watching me. Then it flew off. A few days later my husband and I were sitting out on the deck with neighbors. They all gasped in surprise when a hummingbird flew over to me and hovered around my head! I lived there for 7 years, and often had a visit from my little friend when I was outside. I was blessed indeed to see one of the tiny creatures up close. And, yes, I put up light- colored drapes on the glass doors to cut the reflection so other birds would be safe!

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    The Humming birds were great.

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    What I’d love to learn about is their biology, especially their muscles. That a warm-blooded creature can metabolize and utilize energy so fast that it can beat its wings hundreds of times a minute is just incredible. I do ten push-ups and I’m sore for a week.

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    Not sure if this is the correct place for this bit of info, or if someone else (among the hoards!) has already commented….but….
    We recently saw a show special that concluded that the loud “chirp” that hummers make may be caused by thier tail feathers while making their high-speed dives.
    I was just out on our porch and heard the “chirp” and FROZE. There was an Anna’s sitting in a short tree, so I thought…”hmmm…was that YOU that made that sound? without so much as a feather moving?”. So I waited for only a few seconds, watching, and the tiny bird promptly opened it’s beak and said “CHIRP!!”. No movement of the tail feathers or even the wings. So all that study and filming that was done is not convincing me, because I saw it today with my own eyes. Sitting in the tree, about 10ft. from my face, going….”CHIRP”.
    ….Along The Oregon Coast, 1/10/2012

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    I also have the 1987 BBC video “Birds of the Sun God and In-Flight Movie.
    I sent the BBC video to Thailand when my daughter taught there. IT didn’t come back with her when she returned so I found it again at Amazon. Both films compliment each other well. What a pleasure and joy.

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    I live in northeastern Georgia (outside Athens, GA) and have enjoyed for the past 7 years the hummers that have come to my yard to nest and feed during the summer months. I usually have 20 or so that stay around all summer and then in the early fall, I get somewhere around 40-50 hummers coming in to feed on their migration. They will even feed out of my hand now. They are such fascinating creatures – so tiny yet so strong and regal. I just LOVE them.

  • Bob

    I think they may have gotten the flower the Swordbill feeds on wrong. The narrator calls it Datura, which Wikipedia say is a close relative of Brugmansia. Although both species are commonly referred to as “Angels Trumpet”, the difference is that while the flowers of Datura are upright, those of Brugmansia are pendant (hanging down as seen in the film). Also the Datura’s “hervacious” bush-like form differs from the woody stalk of the tree-like Brugmansia.

  • Betsy Franz

    I notice that there is embed code on this website. I just wanted to know whether we are allowed to embed the full video on a website that helps teach people how to take care of the environment.

  • fultonk

    Hi Betsy,
    Yes. You are welcome to embed the videos on other websites. Thanks!

  • John Winter Hale

    To those concerned,
    Loved the Nature episode on hummingbirds. However the producer of the show gave out some false info. The mix of sugar to water in making hummingbird nectar is not one to one but one part sugar to four parts water. She said one to one which is totally off!! And could be deleterious to our jewels of the avian world!!
    John Winter Hale

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    Some of the birds in this video were not Hummers but Hawks even as the video continues.

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