NATURE Community: Your Horse Photos

All of these horse photos were submitted by members of the NATURE Flickr group. To add your horse photos to this slideshow, add your photo to the group with the tag “horse”. After they’re approved, they’ll show up here.

No photos? There are lots of ways you can join the NATURE community.

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  • ShaRi

    You need to chose a photo to attract attention when someone shares this on facebook. The Nature logo just doesn’t cut it.

  • brian swierczynski

    Are Wild Horse photos acceptable?

  • NATURE Online

    Yes, wild horse photos are great!

  • brian swierczynski

    Hmm? Say… you wouldn’t by any chance be doing something like this with video… would you?

  • NATURE Online

    Maybe sometime in the future we might do something like this with video. Is that something that would interest you?

  • brian swierczynski

    Mmm! Yes! Because our local PBS station is doing something called NATURE: Caught In The Act; a tribute to the show, where they let viewers film footage of their viewing area, and upload it to their website using Youtube, and the most viewed will be shown on TV! I already sent something in!

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