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NATURE’s 27th season premieres October 26 and promises to be one of the series’ most exciting, featuring such locations as the Arctic wilderness, the Drakensberg mountain range in southern Africa, and the wondrous Victoria Falls on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. NATURE will also feature what’s in our own “backyard” with an in-depth look at the American bald eagle, as well as a new chapter in the chronicle of the Rockies’ most famous stallion: Cloud. To tantalize your appetite, here’s a sneak peak at three upcoming shows.

Beautifully photographed, White Falcon, White Wolf takes place on the Canadian Arctic’s otherworldly Ellesmere Island, and features an intimate view of the struggles of two families — a pack of white wolves and a family of rare gyrfalcons.

In The Wolf That Changed America, NATURE takes a decidedly different approach by using historical recreations to tell the story of one of America’s earliest conservationists, Ernest Thompson Seton, and his obsession with Lobo — the wolf that changed his life.

Finally, sizzling up the screen is Kilauea: Playing With Fire. Emmy Award-winning cameraman Paul Atkins boldly goes where few would dare — into waters as toasty as 100 degrees Fahrenheit to film lava flows and explosions from Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano. Caution — this footage is hot!

Here is the full schedule of new episodes coming to NATURE this fall:

  • nadeem

    nature beauty

  • Jose Solis

    Nature is one of the best programs on television, is just one of those shows you have to see, because no matter where I am on Sundays, by 7:00 pm I must be at my house and in my couch ready to watch Nature, because it’s full of surprises.

  • carmen

    I adore Nature it’s one of my favorites,especially the one of Lion’s and all cats. Continue to find and give me information about them, they are my favorite. I would like to say I adore Nature channel when ever I can. Thank you and have a blessed day.

  • Boxing Meets MMA

    Looking forward to another outstanding season of the best program around. I just hope opera shows does not take away from Nature’s programming schedule. And here’s hope that there are more times for reruns of Nature shows that were missed, from forgotten classics to last week’s episode.

  • Jerry

    Long vilified the wolf is one of natures most majestic and enigmatic creatures. Once we begin to get to know the wolf we find all the qualities which lead man to adopt his canine cousins into our home, intelligence, loyalty, and compassion. I can hardly wait to see the rest of this feature, excellent teaser !

  • Shannon

    I cannot wait!

  • goofy

    this video is awesome i recomand it highly..♥♥♥♥

  • Selvam


  • Kirra

    I really like nature. i just watched it and now im on the web-site, thats pretty weird. so i cant wait to watch this one!!!

  • George P.

    Looking forward to all of these shows!

  • Joseph B. Lambert

    Please give us the full upcoming season of Nature, not just a tease. Your planners had no problem doing that for over 20 years. At a minimum, your website should give the next 4-6 weeks, not just one week at a time. The viewer’s of Nature deserve more than the current website provides.

  • jim whalen

    I cannot wait for the upcoming season.Nature is head and shoulders above what is currently offered on cable.It also be great if PBS could offer some of the classic episodes from the george page era for dvd release

  • Echo

    White Falcon, White Wolf may be ones of the most beautiful features in nature…no words can describe their beauty.

  • Abel

    very nice. Thank.

  • Kimberly Johnson

    White Wolf is beautiful. The nature and beauty of the animals are captured really well.


    I have always loved animal nature! The film was nice, but too short. left me wanting to view each group of animal individually. My husband and I watch shows of this nature for hours on end! it shows the wonders of God in His awesomeness! keep up the great work!

  • Greg Hurley

    I wish Nature and other programs were on (and/or elsewhere). The new digital signals are so weak in my area (Albuquerque, NM) that I have difficulty getting clean reception for the entire length of a program. Unfortunately, this means I get to watch PBS less and less.

  • Daci

    I wish that you could also watch the episodes on line.
    I am pleased that the preview videos here are OS agnostic, so Linux and Fire Fox users can view them.

  • Co

    that is so awsome like the rocks in the water
    and the wolve trying to catch the falcon

  • briantravelman

    Man! This is a good season! Lot’s of intersting wildlife, and locales! How many moe episodes left?

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