Video: Season 29 Preview

A whole new season of NATURE is on its way. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in store when Season 29 kicks off September 26, 2010.

Fall premiere schedule:

  • September 26: Cuba: The Accidental Eden
  • October 17: Echo: An Elephant to Remember
  • October 24: A Murder of Crows
  • November 7: Braving Iraq
  • November 14: Wolverine: Chasing the Phantom
  • November 21: Revealing the Leopard

For updates, join the NATURE community and check local listings.

  • Poonsin Poopongtong

    And BOOM goes the dynamite!

  • Tiffany T.

    Can’t wait!

  • Kelly R.

    Favorite show EVER!!!

  • Michelle T.


  • ari

    glad to see there are others out there like me. i cant wait as well!

  • M J Jacobs

    the wolverine! that sounds great. They seem to be quite secretive.

  • Clay

    Cool —- episodes on lepoards and wolverines. I especially love carnivores.
    The Cuba & Iraq ones should be good too

  • angus gunn

    I want to purchase the three-hour dvd named “winged migration.” When will it be available, please?

  • leo

    Season Premiere-Cuba the Accidental Eden great, looking foward to a new season of Nature at its best.

  • brian

    I wanted to see some clips from Iraq. Oh well, I’ll just wait til it comes out on TV.

  • German E. Ortiz

    Hi, it is a pleasure been here, I would like to talk about other beautiful animal, it is a Elephant in my Country El Salvador, sadly a few days ago she passed away her name is Manyula , she left the earth but will be in our hearts forever, we had grew up enjoined her for generations, she had been the big show at the El Salvador Zoo National Park , may be someone from Nature can will write about her, for me and for all the Salvadorian will be a big honor, thank you, and God Bless all you.

  • Lane B

    just finished watching The Wolf That Changed America… very moving piece. Saw the Cuba episode last week. we need to take advantage of the relatively untouched wild places while there is still time. there are so few of them left in the world. very much looking forward to this season’s episodes. Nature is at the top of my Tivo Season Pass list! It’s the best thing on TV in a very long time.

  • Michael Yang

    what happened to the tiger episode?…broken tail’s last journey. i can’t find anything about it, but it’s in the season 29 preview. does anybody know anything?

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