Video: What's Ahead on NATURE

This season of NATURE has come to a close, but that doesn’t mean the excitement is over. Find out what NATURE has in store for the seasons to come in this sneak peek video.

Here’s the full fall 2009 lineup of premieres:

What are you most excited for?

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  • NancyReyes

    I’d like to see more animal shows on tv. Can you please put more nature shows on.

  • Lou

    I’m most pumped for the baby animal episode and the “Moment of Impact” episode which looks AWESOME. Guess that’s the circle of life.

  • Lawren Coletta

    I love your series. I use many of your programs in my classroom. Thank you for helping to inspire young minds.

  • Thomas Wade

    Keep Nature coming! My favorite on PBS.

  • Anisa

    Don’t go off air. Keep the show comming. No other TV station plays Nature, Wild life, Animals show.

  • Grazia Bittner

    Cloud the Stallion–watched others–breathtaking!I have been awed by all of the series on Nature actually. Keep up the great work!

  • NATURE Online

    Don’t worry! We’re not going off air. You’ll still be able to watch us every week between now and the premiere of the new season.

  • Corinne

    I love watching Nature. I feel like I am always learning something new. These new episodes look like they are going to be awesome.

  • greg

    I do not get pbs can you put the rest of the episodes from season 27 and 28 online

  • NATURE Online

    Greg, due to rights considerations, some NATURE episodes are not available for streaming online. However, we’ll continue to add to our library of episodes available online in the coming weeks and months – stay tuned!

  • Mark

    I’m really looking forward to the program on Hummers. My favorite of all your remarkable shows, however, is Christmas at Yellowstone. Thanks for the best programming on televison.

  • Pete

    I’ve been watching Nature since the first show with George Page as narrator. I was wondering if older episodes are available. Does anybody know? PBS is the best.

  • Co.

    that is so awesome i want to see it.

  • sailaja

    yaaa!its good all clipings fresh .iam very well impresed thanks for imformatin

  • Emily

    That video was so incredible, I am just speechless. But I’m pretty sure I’m most excited for anything that has to do with the big cats like lions, leopards, and especially cheetahs. And Pete, I believe you can buy older episodes online.

  • treas

    when is the wolverine program going to air?

  • NATURE Online

    Hi Treas – An exact date for the program on wolverines has not been set yet. We’ll keep you updated.

  • Kyle Andis

    I enjoy watching Nature, it’s still one of my favorite shows on TV, but every time I watch it, it seems that the show is less about nature and more about scientists and academics who spend all their time bothering and harassing the animals in an attempt to save them…can’t PBS have another show for that, and leave Nature to nature??

  • Lina Arino

    I love watching nature, when are you going to air the ” Partch Land of the Kalahari ” again, I have been there once and seeing it on your channel makes me want to go back for another visit….Thank you

  • Millie

    I have been watching Nature for years..George Page was my favorite narrator. I loved his African odysseys. Any chance of purchasing DVD’s of his older series. Anything on East and South Africa

  • Suzie

    I’ve also been watching Nature for years. Now my children and enthralled with it also. It is the only show we sit down to watch as a family every single week. You do a wonderful job. Thank you.

  • Brian Swierczynski

    That’s a sweet grafic!

  • briantravelman

    Eh! I must admit, there is some great footage, especialy that flying snake; but I hope it’ll also show some episodes where they cover one location! I like those ones the best! I always look forward to the new seasons! What is this now, Season 27 or 28? I lost track!

  • greg

    i like born wild and moment of impact; nature should make more shows about bison

  • Jeanette Bergeron

    I love your program, including the music. It should be shown in schools across the nation. Don’t ever go away.

  • jim pankey

    Nice job. Keep up the good work. Please don’t change times or stations. Thank you for being here. I watch nature on WCMU-TV from Central Michigan University.

  • Chance Lunde

    Soooo excited for the next season!!!!! Can’t wait to watch the new on one the Wolverine!!!

  • Dan Dickinson Nordmann

    The new season looks great! Thanks for the preview. How much of the new season can we expect to be presented as HD content?

  • Dan Dickinson Nordmann

    Kyle Andis— I concur; it seems Nature should be a show dedicated strictly to observing.

    Ecology and conservation are of course directly related but perhaps a separate discourse is needed for those areas of study.

    There is something serene and blissful about simply watching.

  • re ji

    was so good
    i felt guilty watching it

  • declark2d

    im waiting to watch the sycamore fig tree, philippine eagle, house cat preying small brown & black yard birds and the asian jungles of philippines,indonesia, borneo, thailand, vietnam etcetera & the new guinea. thank you for your time.

  • John Ludwig

    Awesome! Wow! No cable station, anywhere, no movie anywhere, puts together the clips PBS does! The music along with the video is so powerful. So wild, So fresh. I love, and my wife and 25 & 27 years daugahters antheir husbands do to! PBS Wow I keep replaying the 4 minute clip and I turn the speakers up! I get “goose bumps” seeing and hearing how awesome this was put together!
    Great job everyone at PBS!!!! You all should be so proud, all of you, in all and every single department that makes PBS the Best in the World!
    Thanks, John Ludwig

  • Co

    i want to see the one with the wolverine’s

  • John Littleton

    We never miss an episode. Nature is ALWAYS excellent, the premier of all nature programming. Compelling subjects, great photography and never before seen footage. My wife and I just LOVE IT. The upcoming season’s programming looks phenomenal! We can hardly wait.

  • Daniel Seidensticker

    “Moment of Impact” looks so breath takeing! All your shows are Awesome NATURE!!!

  • luisella

    Can’t wait to see Moment of Impact and Hummers. I’m returning to the classroom and simply cannot wait to incorporate clips from Nature into the classroom. All stunning and intriguing!!

  • ani

    Wow! Awesome! Excellent shows. I like the FORTRESS OF BEARS. All of them are just great. PBS Nature is the best show in the history of television. Entertaining, inspiring and educational.

  • Jennifer in Virginia

    This rocks!! Can’t wait to see all of these!! Nature IS my favorite show!!!

  • Claire in Los Angeles

    Magnificient! Just the best natural programs ever! Keep em coming and thank you for your extraordinary work.

  • S. Brown from New York

    All I can say is wow!! Looks like another season of must see t.v. It’s killing me to have to wait so long until the new season starts. Thanks so much for airing the “Queen of the Trees” episode I saw it once and it’s one of my all-time most favorite episodes. I would like to know if you ever plan to do a follow up on the Hawk from the episode “Pale Male”.

  • Daniel L. DeCarlo

    Some times we cannot see the real world and all its realities, through nature we see the real laws of nature. IT is something our unconscious needs to comprehend, it is the only thing that will satisfy our minds, Thanks PBS.

  • Rafael Navarro

    i love this tv show, i’m 30 years old, but when i’m watching NATURE i become 10 years old is amaizing how i’d learned about many things we have in this world…Forever thankful to PBS keep going. I hope some day my childrens could watch NATURE…

  • jata

    exceptionally fashioned trailer, from an exceptionally talented crew. Mad respect for all the filmmakers, writers, producers, and musicians undertaking this project.

  • Annette

    Yes it is here the next Cloud Story so going to see it and “Moment of Impact”

  • Cheryl

    Thank you for enriching my children’s education with Nature. We homeschool and your shows are so fascinating for my kids that they forget they are learning. Could you produce more shows like Nova does with Nova Science Now? Something like a Nature Science Now with three short segments. Maybe you could rerun the old shows I saw in the 1980’s.

  • c.IN TX!!!

    I can’t get enough nature. I love it!

  • Roxy

    I’m most excited about Cloud: Challenge of the Stallions. Oct. 25.

    Emmy Winner for the first two Cloud shows, Ginger Kathrens brings the 3rd installment –

    I am so glad PBS is making this THE KICK OFF program of the season – MOST APPRECIATED BY ALL THE FANS!

    However, last week the BLM has removed many of the horses that thousands of us have come to love from the mountain range, horses and new fouls and elders that we will see in this show will already have been totally torn from their families forever, already adopted (hopefully), or worse sold with no enforcement of No Slaughter from buyers – for more info –

    Please keep up the fight – we cannot lose all our Wild Horses to greedy and corrupt interests.

  • Scooby

    I love all nature shows, But by far,Your show is one of the best! Looking forward for the new season.

  • Andrea Cowart

    I meet some of the photographers last year at the Holly Springs, Mississippi Hummingbird Festival. When will you be airing the episode featuring the hummingbirds?

  • Cathy

    This looks great! We need to make an effort to educate the world about nature and how to save it.

  • NATURE Online

    Andrea – An exact airdate for the hummingbird program has not been set. We’ll keep you updated.

  • kevin

    I love your show I love how you tell us about the world and cause of you i love animals and i want to travel around the world. I got all the videos that pop out in t.v.

  • Jung Dangshing

    I’d like to see more animal shows on tv.

  • raphael koster

    nature should have its own streaming video inet channel , so I could watch it 24/7 like a cable channel…the time for you to move on to your own channel is here.

  • Walter Matera

    Oh yeah! Wolverines and bears. What a great season. Pity about those horses, though . . .

  • Danny Burk

    I’ve watched every episode since #1, FLIGHT OF THE CONDOR, which is still one of my favorite episodes. How I wish you’d release “complete season sets” on DVD, especially of the older episodes with George Page. I’d buy every one!

  • Cat Figueroa

    I love nature and everything about it! I visited Washington in 08 and it is one of the hotest nature spots I ever visited pure beauty!I live for these shows on television.

  • Mary Owens

    I am so excited about the new season! Great featurette! Can’t wait!

  • Maureen Christensen

    I love The Nature shows; I am a huge animal person, and love to learn and see all the wild animals we have out in our world today. I don’t have cable or satilite so Nature is the only aveune I have to watch all the wonderful animals we have in our world. Thank you

  • Brittney Nicole

    Who does’nt love nature?

  • Scott

    I’d love to see more shows on the Big Cats. Keep up the great work. I love this program!

  • jake letkeman

    are you ever going to repeat nature programs wher george page narrates. they were definately worth watching?

  • david

    can you put more imformation obout thise animail

  • Irissa

    i love the babby,s being born and the cheetah

  • mike

    i love ur program but can u show more about pigeon or rock dove???

  • Zav

    Love you guys. Nature is one of the best shows ever on TV. Need more Nature.




  • Dianna Holtzhauer

    Could you please tell me if you are planning to re-show “Encounters of Bears & Wolves” and “White
    Gyrfalcon/White Wolves, and if so, when, and on what channel. I live in BC and can’t find a schedule to show upcoming programming for my area. I just love your programs. Thank you

  • Damion

    I’ve been watching “Nature” for more than 20 years now and I absolutly love it, and though I miss George Page’s narative I almost never miss an episode. Thank you “Nature” for providing quality programming in an ever decreasing lineup of quality TV programming. Please continue to take us into the facinating lives of animals.

  • Ezdine Chaheine

    You are the best there is on TV, I do not have enough words to describe your contribution to broadcast educational programs.we need more shows like yours,thank you and keep that superb work comming.

  • Ello

    I just watched my first full episode of Nature and I loved it! Very awe-inspiring, wonderfully put together. I will try to watch it every week now!

  • florjessa

    The Nature program is usually on the spot of what true beauty is. That is of course, the world that surrounds. It is absolutely the most amazing aspect in our human existence to see and appreciate this beauty. This leaves without a doubt that there is a masterful worker at hand in this. The creator of all life. This shows that everything in this natural world has a purpose. Yes, a purpose to live and take in all its bounty within its reach. I enjoy your program immensely! The life, the purpose, the beauty in its development to maturity. All I enjoy how it fits perfectly in our human life. Please keep up the wonderful work of bringing the Nature in our world to us. Thank you.

  • Jennifer J.

    I LOVE NATURE!!! Keep the shows going on!!

  • Black

    i dont have the channel for it :( so i just watch them on here.

  • milad

    i love most animal.and please u show on the web

  • Hector Gamez

    I remember George Page as a War Correspondent in Vietnam. He was an awesome narrator for the Nature series.

  • Joanne Papa

    Please repeat the Giraffe special, Tall Blondes, with Lynn Scherr.

    Thank you.

  • gus

    loved the behind the scenes look at Monterey bay aquarium. i hope you air it again

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