Welcome to NATURE on the Web. Each week, we present a Web piece based on that week's program. This week, in FIRE BIRD, visit the Great Rift Valley in East Africa and meet the flamingoes that live on its caustic soda lakes.

Learn about the bizarre environment in which these birds make their homes, find out how they survive in such a hostile habitat, and take a look at one of Africa's natural wonders, the Great Rift Valley. And don't miss our Resources section, with further information about flamingoes in print and on the Web.

Be sure to check out the broadcast schedule for the 1997-1998 season, give us your feedback about the Web site and the programs in Dear NATURE, take a look at the winning entries in the Extraordinary Dogs Contest for Kids, held in March and April, 1997, and try to solve our NATURE Puzzles.

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