Nature Contests for Kids
"Forces of the Wild" Contest Winner

Forces of the Wild Contest Attention young weather watchers - we have a contest winner! NATURE asked kids to write a brief essay about their first-hand knowledge of a weather storm, based on the special five-part mini-series FORCES OF THE WILD that appeared in the 1997-1998 season on PBS. (Check local listings for possible rebroadcasts.)
"Extraordinary Dogs" Contest Winners

Extraordinary Dogs Contest And don't forget to check out the winning entries to our Extraordinary Dogs contest. As an accompaniment to the NATURE program EXTRAORDINARY DOGS, wNetStation held a contest in April, 1997, asking kids under age 12 to write an essay or draw a picture of an extraordinary dog they know, and explain why the dog is extraordinary. After receiving hundreds of entries from across the country, we chose a first place essay winner and another for drawing, as well as a handful of runners-up and honorable mentions.

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