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In a special expanded Web companion piece to the NATURE miniseries INDIA: LAND OF THE TIGER, we present the Indian subcontinent in all its opulent beauty. Take a tour of the different regions of India explored in this six-part program, meet some of India's 900 million people and learn more about the important relationship they have had for centuries with the country's wildlife. Meet the tiger, the official national animal of India, and read an interview with Indian wildlife expert and series host Valmik Thapar to find out more about the filming of this groundbreaking program.

Lastly, don't miss our Resources section for a host of Web sites and books on India, its people and animals, and much more.

For an intimate look at India's outrageous variety of landscape and wildlife, take our new Snapshot Tour of India.

Think you're up on your Indian animals? Play "Himalayan Hike," a quiz game that tests you on your knowledge of this area's stunning array of wildlife. Can you answer the multiple-choice questions correctly and send your hiker to the top of the Himalayan mountain range? Play and find out!

Attention, teachers! wNetSchool, Thirteen Online's free Web service for K-12 teachers, features lesson plans based on INDIA: LAND OF THE TIGER. Join wNetSchool and avail yourself of these rock-solid teaching tools. In addition, a print copy of a Teacher's Guide based on INDIA: LAND OF THE TIGER can be obtained by writing to Robert A. Miller, Educational Publishing, WNET, 825 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY 10019.

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To purchase the video of INDIA: LAND OF THE TIGER, please contact WNET Video Distribution by calling (800) 336-1917, or by writing to WNET Distribution, P.O. Box 2284, South Burlington, VT 05407.

LAND OF THE TIGER: THE NATURAL HISTORY OF THE INDIAN SUBCONTINENT, a companion book to this miniseries by host Valmik Thapar, is available through the University of California Press. To purchase the book, contact the University of California Press by calling (800) 777-4726 and giving the operator the keycode 7N6900. You can also visit the publisher's Web site at

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