PBS Nature Nominated for 5 Emmys!

We are proud to announce that 3 of our films have been nominated for a total of 5 Emmys! Congratulations to all who worked on these films! And for those of our fans who may have missed one of these amazing films: you can watch all the nominated films right here on our website. Huzzah!

The nominees are…

Broken Tail: A Tiger’s Last Journey (Director/Producer: John Murray, Director/Host: Colin Stafford‑Johnson, Line Producer: Cepa Giblin, Executive Producer: Fred Kaufman, Series Producer: Bill Murphy, Series Editor: Janet Hess)

My Life as a Turkey (Producer: David Allen, Host/Narrator: Joe Hutto, Executive Producers: Fred Kaufman, Andrew Ruhemann, Series Producer:Bill Murphy Series Editor: Janet Hess )

Broken Tail: A Tiger’s Last Journey (Cinematographers: John Murray, Robin Cox, Colin Stafford‑Johnson)
My Life as a Turkey (Cinematographers: Mark Smith, David Allen)
Bears of the Last Frontier (Director of Photography: Joseph Pontecorvo)

Part 1: City of Bears
Hour 2: The Road North
Hour 3: Arctic Wanderers
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  • lacreta zyla

    These in My opinion are fantastic, honest, and so profoundly important for people to know, see, Listen. They are all emmy material and the one’s that make it possible for us to view are extraordinary people also. Thank You so very much for allowing us to watch and learn of the many wonders of our world.
    I never miss a showing unless it is imperative and then I record it.

  • Irka Seng

    I loved these films. They were so touching and very different. I watched them on TV and since I rarely watch TV with the exception of Mad Men, it’s quite a statement that I caught all of these on TV. I guess lucky me. They deserve recognition. Thanks for continuing to put on substantial, informative and touching programming versus all of that reality crap that floods the airwaves. Surprised that the film about the Wolves in Chernobyl didn’t make it on the list. Oh no, guess I’m getting greedy now.

  • Ron Loria

    “Broken Tail” would be my choice simply because of my past working with tigers and falling in love with them. Also, their tenuous status in the world, Broken Tail would be a great reminder of their plight.
    However, the series on the bears was fantastic as well.

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