Season 30: Best in Show (Poll)

bestinshow30-mez Another fantastic season of NATURE has come and gone. What wins Best in Show? You tell us. Vote for your favorite episode from Season 30. Need your memory jogged? Watch full episodes from the season before you cast your vote!

What was your favorite episode from Season 30?

Total Voters: 325

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  • http://FaceBook Eppie Billena

    I love all Nature program but what touch me the most is about the Salmon. A fish that mean so much not just for human consumption but with other creatures to. It is a sad story for Salmon now are like that of a slave or even worse for we regulate everything from their habitat to procreation. It reminds me of our centuries old history of slavery at least humans have voice their opinions and none for the Salmons.

  • Helen

    I loved the White Lions ^.^ it was so cool and neet

  • Justin

    Although, the episode regarding the salmon was not my favorite but that is probably b/c it shows how selfish and destructive the behavior of our species can be. I think that makes it the most important video.

    My favorite was my life as a turkey….. my impression of both creatures has changed considerably from watching Nature.


  • Helena Sasso

    I absolutely loved the Ocean Giants show…and would love to be part of another show you do on anything to do with marine animals and marine conservation…a true passion of mine. I love your nature shows….keep up the extraordinary programing you do. Thank you!

  • Rasa

    I love all shows about NATURE on PBS. PBS does a magnificent job.

    Thank you, PBS!!!


  • Lisa Osborn

    All of Nature’s shows are fascinating and informative, but for me, Cracking the Koala Code, was the most interesting show of Season 30. The koala is an animal which most people, myself included, don’t really know much about. Cracking the Koala Code showed this animal is not so cute and cuddly, but IS an animal. I found it very interesting the koala can transmit a STD, chlamydia! I also found it very sad to realize how much of their eucalypt tree habitat in eastern Australia has been lost due to the actions of humans, such as in the removal of forest trees to make room for housing subdivisions, etc. And I was surprised (and saddened) to see this type of building going on in other places than the USA!! Yikes!

  • Catherine H

    That is a TOUGH question! The entire season was wonderful–each episode was great in its’ own way… But my favorite-and I STILL recommend it and brag about it today–is Radioactive Wolves. It showcased how wondrous
    nature really is–especially when man LEAVES IT ALONE! The animals not only survived that tragedy–they are
    THRIVING–the way it was narrated–each of the species shown in that episode– Have to say it was my favorite
    from season 30–but again that is a TOUGH question–Nature is my favorite television show!

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