The Bear Blog with Chris Morgan
Video - A Hungry Bear Was Here

The Bear Blog with Chris Morgan follows the journey of Chris and his crew during the production of NATURE’s Bears of the Last Frontier, coming in 2011. To learn more about this project, check out the Bear Blog introduction video.

In some parts of the world, 90 percent of a brown bear’s diet is comprised of vegetation. Chris Morgan reveals the clues that bears leave behind when they have been grazing. Look out for stems chomped off at the base!

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  • Dino

    Nice post Chris. Amazing that bears can go veggie when they need to. Dapper hand with the camera!

  • Barry

    I wouldn’t have known that either and I go mountain biking so it is a good tip. Although I see or heard more about mountain lions than bears. Good job on the how it looks after they chomp down a plant.

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