The Bear Blog with Chris Morgan
Video Diary: Camp After Rain

After a rainstorm, ecologist Chris Morgan and filmmaker Joe Pontecorvo take advantage of the nice weather to dry off their clothing and filming equipment before they head back out into the field.

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  • large format scanner

    We are looking to purchase a flatbed scanner for a small business with large format scanning, which has profesional grade and high quality color resolution which will be printed in color catalogs. I see a variety of brands (Epson, Canon, Plusteck, Fujitsu) with a variety of price ranges $500+. Not looking to spend over $2,500…but willing to spend somewhere between that range of $500 to $2,500 to for the highest color quality and reliability. Would not be scanning alot of volume at one time.

    Is there one particular brand at that level of scanner which is better than the others…any particular model which is used by professions in photo or graphic arts the most?

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