The Bear Blog with Chris Morgan
Video Diary: Chris in the Field

Ecologist Chris Morgan gives some helpful tips on avoiding any unwanted run-ins with brown bears and shows us vegetation that bears enjoy to snack on.

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  • Norm Rose

    Chris, this program is awesome. You are bringing back good memories from our two trips to AK. We say Denali Brownies and a Black bear sow w/twins, beaucoup moose, Dall sheep, and on a crystal-clear day, “The Great One” itself, Denali in all it’s magnificence.
    Played with wolf pups near Wassilla, and my wife fed biscuits to a beautiful female wolf while scratching her around her ears. Bears, wolves, horses and dogs – doesn’t get any better. Liked the Kenai Peninsula a lot, esp Homer, went sailing on Kachemac Bay.
    Chris, can you tell me something about your bike. It looks like a relatively small trail bike, and I recognize some of the specialty equipment on it. How great to ride the Haul Road to the edge of the continent!
    My wife and I have seen the first two episodes, and look forward to the third and last one. Thanks to you and Joe for making and sharing this film, and the blogs are super!!

  • Bonnie Fisher

    I’m planning a trip to Alaska in July and one of the reasons is to see bears, thus we are making an extra trip to Homer. I am a photographer and hope to come home with some real keepers. Any advice you can pass along would be most appreciated.


    Bonnie Fisher

  • Jamie Gray

    Chris, your series is incredible. Absolutely glued to the tv w/ fascination and awe. I believe you conduct wildlife tours and I am sure interested. Please email any info you have.

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