The Bear Blog with Chris Morgan
Video Diary: Dealing with the Cold

Ecologist and bear biologist Chris Morgan and filmmaker Joe Pontecorvo struggle to keep warm as they shoot in the frozen Arctic.

Chris: “A great little clip that shares the pain of the cold while Joe and I were tracking polar bears with Inupiat Eskimo Dale Brower. The cold here on the Artic pack ice seem to penetrate so deep and so fast that no matter what you do it is difficult to recover from. Joe was constantly battling the cold not only in his body and fingers, but also with his camera gear. We were constantly amazed that his cameras didn’t just give up. The secret of course is layered clothing, and lots of chemical pocket warmers. I was amazed at how comfortable the local Inupiat were in these extreme temperatures. Rather like the polar bear, they have acclimated beautifully to this hostile environment.”

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