The Bear Blog with Chris Morgan
Video Diary: Fogged In

Chris is temporarily stuck in the furthest western reaches of the Alaskan Arctic after a fog comes in, preventing an off-site helicopter from returning to the area.

Chris: “Alaska is a land of extremes – even in the spring and summer the weather can change in an instant. It did on this occasion and Daniel Zatz (Cineflex operator) and I were left stranded on a mountain top in the far northwest corner of Alaska as the fog rolled in after the helicopter left for another location. It was due to return to collect us but didn’t show up. Our satellite battery was down to one bar, food was low, and we began to really take stock of the equipment we had with us. Fortunately I was a boy scout, so I’m always prepared. In this clip you’ll see me reviewing the situation and figuring out a game plan, just in case our ride doesn’t come to pick us up.”

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  • juandey

    I love it…

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