The Bear Blog with Chris Morgan
Video Diary: Mosquito Country

Filmmaker Joe Pontecorvo learns that the Alaskan wilderness is not only Bear Country, it’s also Mosquito Country.

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  • Sally

    Chris, your show was great, and your smiles emotional, as you get ’so close’ to your bears! What time of year are the bears fishing (before they hibernate)? Thanks!

  • Cecil

    I noticed you steped over a wire near you’re camp. Did you have a portable electric fence?..Smart Move if you did. Thanks Cecil

  • Jana

    Hi Chris, just loved the show about bears in Alaska. I live in British Columbia and we have lots of bears around us. I’m an Aussie and just adore the bears here in B.C. Thank you for being such a nice guy and caring about them. I was pleased that there was no killing in the show. I just can’t watch it when animals hunt .. except for the marvellous salmon of course. It was quite a treat to see them in Alaska. My office wall here is covered in bear photos .. *(s)…. and we get quite close to the real ones quite often. Thank you again for a great show… and keep up the good work and stay safe. Best wishes from Jana

  • Rick de witt

    Hello Chris… Bravo!
    Such great images for working in such a wild environment… I have worked in the rain forests of Sumatra and as it seems quite the romantic notion… I know how difficult work like yours is…
    Curious… What camera did you use and how did you deal with power issues?
    All the best to you and your team… Looking forward to more bears on PBS… Who I hope is smart enough to keep things going with you.
    All the best
    Rick de witt

  • Kachi

    Chris, this was nothing short of magical! Thank you so much for showing the world the beauty of Alaska and our bears and how it really is here!! Your love for the bears and this land is so honest and genuine, that I know it touched and opened the hearts of those who saw this amazing special! There are very few who can do what you have ~~ bears and wolves especially have an innate sense of which humans they can trust.. they’ve shown you an extremely high honor in allowing you into their world, and the fact that you realize and are so grateful for that honor, speaks volumes..’) Keep up the great work!!

  • Jeannie

    Hi Chris
    I enjoyed the show. I was wondering if you are familar with the work of Lynne Rogers and Black Bears?

  • Joe Pontecorvo

    Hi Rick de witt,
    Thanks for your comments. We used two types of solar power charging systems for power and filmed the show with a Sony PDW-700 (blu ray disk based camera). More about making of here:


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