The Bear Blog with Chris Morgan
Video - The Rainstorm That Won't Go Away

It’s around midnight, and the sun still hasn’t set completely. Chris Morgan is crouched in his tent with the rain pounding down overhead. Is he going a little bit crazy?

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The Bear Blog with Chris Morgan follows the journey of Chris and his crew during the production of NATURE’s Bears of the Last Frontier, coming in 2011. To learn more about this project, check out the Bear Blog introduction video.

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  • y2kade

    Looking forward to the episode

  • Thomasjohn Wells Miller

    Good to meet you guys at earthquake park. Hope you enjoyed the half of a half of a half day of sun yesterday. Enjoy the wilderness and being in sanity. Thomasjohn Wells Miller

  • John Galt

    Are you using wordpress?

  • Kelly

    Your kind of cute. Nice teeth. :-)

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