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Ginger Kathrens Answers Viewer Questions

July 15, 2008

NATURE viewers asked a lot of thoughtful questions in the comments they left on the NATURE site since Cloud: Wild Stallion of the Rockies aired on July 6. Ginger recently took some time out of her busy schedule to answer many of them. 

Cheryl Roemmele wrote:

“I saw Cloud for the first time on July 6th and was deeply moved. Please, someone tell me what I can do to help stop the government from interferring in onw of nature’s most beautiful stories, documented so beautifully by such a talented lady. What can I do? Thank you.”

Hi Cheryl:

Thanks for your kind comments on Cloud: Wild Stallion of the Rockies, which was our first program about this charismatic horse. Right now we are shooting the third show, which should air next spring. You can catch up on everything that is happening in Cloud’s world by going to, a non-profit we started to save Cloud’s herd and the other mustangs still roaming free. There are some very specific people to contact and they are listed on the site. 

On June 30 the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) announced plans to euthanize (a misuse of this term as they really mean “kill”) thousands of mustangs they have rounded up and are warehousing in sites around the country. The reason they plan to kill them? A budget crisis. It’s too expensive to take care of them. Well, this is a budget crisis of their own making. 

The BLM has rounded up 75,000 wild horses in just the past 8 years, bringing the population of horses that are still free to the brink of extinction. We have to stop this unthinkably cruel plan. Tell all your friends about this and get them to help us save Cloud and the mustangs. We don’t know if the thousands still slated to come off the range this year are candidates for the death penalty or not. No wild horse is safe… not even Cloud.  

Thanks so much for your concern. Now is the time to act. I don’t want the Cloud shows to outlive mustangs in the wild. 

Happy Trails! 
Ginger Kathrens


Yvon wrote:

“Any one can tell me if the Arriflex camers used bt Ginger Kathrens ia a 35mm or a Super16, and perhaps the model number. It would be much appreciated. Carrying this camera as Ginger has must be hard on the back. Thanks, Yvon”

Hi Yvon:

I use an Arriflex HSR (H meaning High Speed, so I can shoot really slow motion). We also used Arriflex 35mm cameras and a Mitchell 35mm for some of the time lapses in the shows. I use Canon lenses, and my favorite is the Canon 150-600mm, which is a huge lens that allows me to be far enough away from the action not to be noticed by the horses, or the bears, coyotes, and other wildlife you see in the shows. It is heavy, but the results are great. I have a special backpack that I can use, putting the camera and the Canon lens in there already assembled. This is the only way I can carry the camera really long distances. The big tripod we have is the real killer. It is unwieldy and heavy but necessary to get smooth shots using those really long lenses. 

Happy Trails!
Ginger Kathrens


Maria Ruggiero wrote:

“love your work of the story of cloud i would like to ask what kind of saddle you were riding on with your horse trace i am looking at trail saddles an want some thing light and will stand up to trail riding. thank you . maria ruggiero”

Hi Maria:

I ride Trace in the programs in a mostly synthetic Orthoflex “Patriot” endurance saddle. It allows my legs to be free, much like an English saddle, and to have closer contact with Trace. It is light weight, which is easier on me when saddling and easier on Trace when we ride. The first saddle you see in Cloud: Wild Stallion of the Rockies when I am training Trace is my first Orthoflex saddle, which I still use. It is a bit heavier than the synthetic one as it is leather. I also have a Synergist endurance saddle for my Spanish Mustang which I use in 50-mile endurance races. This saddle puts me in a more upright position–straighter versus more chair-like in the Orthoflex saddles. None of these saddles has a horn and I think that is safer for the rider. If you don’t plan on roping, then the horn is unnecessary.  My first saddle as a kid was a heavy old western saddle, which was as heavy as me, or seemed like it. These newer, lightweight saddles are the way to go I think.

Happy Trails!
Ginger Kathrens  


Emily wrote:

“I am so crazy about Cloud and horses! I may only be a tween girl, but I still love them all! (12 years old) When I read on the website that there was going to be a Cloud III, I screamed and threw my hat off! When I saw the picture of Image, Rain, and Cloud, I was thinking, “Is Image a filly? I just know that she is Cloud’s daughter.” Image and Bolder are my favorites of Cloud’s offspring and grandkids. But what I don’t get is, is Rain Image’s mom or Sitka’s yearling daughter?

And another question that haunts me is: In the Cloud III introduction, it says the mares are being shot with infertility drugs, and in 2006 there was an untimely death of Cloud’s little son. Which son was it? I just hope it wasn’t true.”

Dear Emily:

Good to hear from you. Image is Cloud and Sitka’s grandson. His mother is Cloud Dancer, who opted to stay with Cloud when Sitka died, although she wanders off to get bred, then comes home. 

You’ll meet Rain in Cloud III, and she is just about the perfect Spanish-style filly in my book. She is Velvet and Cloud’s daughter. You will also meet Velvet in Cloud III. Velvet made a brief appearance in Cloud: Wild Stallion of the Rockies. Remember the little filly that baby Cloud “snaked” off—the pretty little black one? Well, that is Velvet, except he didn’t try to drive her off when they both became adults! She turned into a blue roan and is the same age as Cloud. There is the death of a foal in the new program, the year Rain was born. It was very sad, but remember that death is part of life in the wild, and in all our lives. 

Bolder is doing great and you won’t believe what happens in Cloud III. Stay tuned!

Happy Trails,
Ginger Kathrens   


Christy Reed wrote:

“I would love one of the mustangs. The Blm requirements are so difficult. I would like to save one of the babies or the mother horse. I have a trailer and can pay a small amount for a horse. I want to save a part of history. Can anyone help me. I live in Missouri. Please help me to get one of these horses to save a life!! I will sign any petition please let me know how. I want to help!!!”

Dear Christy:

Here is the BLM link that outlines the requirements to adopt a wild horse or burro.

I really don’t think the requirements are too stringent. Remember, you will be taking the responsibility for a wild animal who is probably scared out of his or her mind. These horses have been removed from their wild families and no longer have the option to flee (very far) from danger, which is the way the species survived over the millennia, so fencing is critical. And incredible patience and skill on your part will be required in the gentling process. It took years before Trace was a really steady horse. Now, he is a dream to ride and the calmest and most trustworthy of my three horses, so the effort was more than worth the time and effort. Still, I wish he had been allowed to run free. I think he would have been a great band stallion.  

There are thousands of wild horses currently looking for homes because the BLM has removed over 75,000 mustangs in the past 8 years, while bringing the wild population to the brink of extinction. So, you would have many to select from.

Cloud and his herd are a part of the “lucky” ones, but even they are in danger. To keep Cloud and his family roaming free, go to and see what you can do to help!

Great hearing from you and happy trails! 


Ron J. Klein wrote:

“Please someone tell me where Ginger Kathryn is from in Ohio? We (her and I) have some interesting roots together both being from Ohio, and having horses on a farm there. Also, some in my family also went to BGSU and I (though going to OSU for a couple stints) also went to grad school at FSU, like Ginger. Thanks, Ron Klein.”

Hi Ron:

I’m from Bowling Green, Ohio. Our little farm was right across from the Wood County Fair Grounds on Haskins Road. My family raised registered Hereford cattle which we exhibited at the fair and around the country, even Canada one year. I went to BGSU (like you!) and FSU (like you!).  I was a speech major in undergraduate school and a communications major in graduate school. 

You mention you had horses. I only had one horse at a time on our farm so was totally ignorant about the rich lives wild horses have in their family bands. What an eye opener when I started filming and met Raven, the black stallion who is Cloud’s father. I still get chills when I remember first seeing him in March of 1994, eating snow at the base of a red butte at dawn. He died over this past winter, and I am sad about this of course, but happy that his life was lived in freedom. It is rare that a wild horse gets to live their entire life in the place where they were born. We created to see if we can turn that unhappy statistic around.

Happy Trails!


Sara wrote:

“Hmm, an easy solution would be for the BLM to adopt the method of another mustang sanctuary. I forget the name, but they’d give the mares and fillies a type of birth control. I don’t think it would permanently sterilize them, it just kept them from having babies every year. The best part about this solution is that you don’t wind up with a lot of mustangs you have to adopt out or kill.”

Hi Sara:

Many mares in the wild (at least the few that are returned to the wild after a round up) are given a multi-year infertility drug called PZP. Unfortunately, they are given this experimental drug with no further follow-up or monitoring to see what result it may have had. This is essential I believe. 

In the Arrowheads (Pryor Mountains) where Cloud lives, his mother nearly died last year when a nodule on her hip (that developed after she was shot with a dart gun containing PZP) turned into an abscess. She had an open wound that eventually covered much of her hip. It was ugly looking, and she lost a lot of weight. However, she survived the winter as she is a tough old girl. She has a large scar but she is picking up weight and looking more like her beautiful self.  Also in the Pryors, young mares that were given the drugs years ago, who have foaled, have done so in September. One mare even had a filly foal in December. This is no time to be born wild, especially in Montana, where winters, like this last one, can be pretty brutal. We have been told that out-of-season births have been seen in Nevada, but we have no direct knowledge of this. Other young mares on the Pryors have never foaled and appear to have been sterilized even though they were given just a one-year dose of the drug in consecutive years back in 2001 and 2002.

So, infertility drugs might be a solution to overpopulation… if there truly was an overpopulation of wild horses. The animals that are overpopulating our public lands are the millions of head of cattle and sheep, not the 25,000 or so wild horses.

And now the BLM has announced plans to kill thousands of wild horses they have rounded up in the last few years saying they can’t afford to feed them. We just can’t let this happen. Go to to see what you can do to help. Find out more about the issues. Thanks so much for your interest in Cloud and his family and ways to keep them safe. I believe the safest place for a wild horse is in the wild.

Happy Trails!


Lori wrote:

“Maybe, instead of doing away with them, the BLM could have anyone sponsor the horses and these people could pay to take care of them individually.”

Hi Lori:

Your idea is one idea that BLM could look at in lieu of killing wild horses they have taken from their homes on the range over the past few years. Here is another one that I like a lot. There are nearly 20 million acres of land that have been taken away from the wild horses, even though it was land designated for their use. What about letting the 30,000 mustangs in holding facilities go home… to freedom. That is my solution to the budget crisis the BLM talks about.  

Happy Trails!


Mike Breiding wrote:

“These horses are not native. Why should they be allowed to breed?”

Hi Mike:

I’m glad you asked this question. Wild horses are native to North America. This is not common knowledge as it is new science, confirmed over the past 13 years or so through fossil finds in the Klondike and mitochondrial DNA research. The native horse is believed to have gone extinct some 10,000 years ago, but returned with the Spanish during the conquest of Mexico. So, technically the wild horse in the West is a returned native with an ecosystem that has not significantly changed since its disappearance. It is important to note that the horses that returned and the horses that died were virtually the same – solid-hooved with a flop-over mane and about the size (13-14 hands) of many of the smaller horses on the Pryors where Cloud lives. 

You can read an excellent article on this topic by going to and clicking News, then “Wild Horses as Native North American Wildlife,” by Jay Kirkpatrick, PhD and Patricia Fazio, PhD. 

Happy Trails!


Amanda wrote:

“I love Cloud and the series! I watch it everytime it comes on my tv. I am kind of wondering what happened to the stallion, Looking Glass,though. What ever became of him?”

Hi Amanda:

Thanks for your interest in Cloud and his family. You asked about the stallion, Looking Glass, and he seems to be well, but he lost his family this winter. Some of his mares were stolen by the black stallion, Two Boots, and some by a sorrel stallion named Duke.  I do wonder if Looking Glass is just getting old and tired of fighting. Although you saw him kill the foal that was not able to stand in the first Cloud film, I never observed him being mean to his own foals. 

If you like watching the first two Cloud programs, you’ll be happy to know that a third one is due to air next spring, so stay tuned for more information. It has some unpredictable events that sure surprised me. I don’t want to give away too much, but I will tell you that Cloud is the most dominant stallion on the Arrowheads now – quite a powerhouse.

Happy Trails!

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  • Mike Breiding

    Thanks for this info.
    “I’m glad you asked this question. Wild horses are native to North America.” – Ginger

    Technically, this appears to be correct. But I still find it difficult to accept them as native species since they we re-introduced after a natural extinction.
    Accepting this type of reintroduction as merely a re-population of an extirpated species could justify other, perhaps less desirable or benign species being reintroduced. I would rather we err on the side of caution rather than look for justification of the re-introduction of extinct species.

  • Carol

    Did you forget that the White Man is also not a native species to North America???

  • Roddie Stelle

    I have watched Cloud: Wild Stallion of the Rockies each time it has been televised and greatly enjoyed it each time! But somehow I have missed Cloud II and would like to see this sequel before Cloud III is shown. How can I see Cloud II?
    The ASPCA has a campaign to fight the BLMs intention to kill the thousands of horses they have rounded up.
    I plan to write my Senators and Congressman to stop
    this attempt, and I hope others will as well!!

  • Pudding

    That’s very intersting!

  • Emily Fromm

    Roddie Stelle — You can watch Cloud: Wild Stallion of the Rockies and Cloud: The Wild Stallion Returns (Part 1 and 2) by searching the Cloud PBS website. Or, if you want to buy the VHS/DVD, go to Amazon and buy it. It’s very cool!
    >12 year old female again……<
    I knew that filly was pretty in a way I didn’t know, Velvet, it was funny how Cloud chased her off.

    “Why do certain foals live; others die? It seems life plays a leading role in us.” – Ginger Kathrens

    Ginger, I wish I could meet you! I have always wanted to be a filmmaker, exactly like you; for wild horses. I wish a ton of things, but meeting you & being a filmmaker is #1!
    My birthday is August 8, by the way.
    I also live in Arkansas and am moving in a few weeks.
    I love Cloud and his family, Ginger!! I don’t want anybody to die.

    -Emily F.

  • Kelley P

    One thing I would like to point out to the naysayers of re-introduction of wild horses as native North American wildlife is simply that wild horses have now existed in North America for what is probably well over 500 years now, and they are now a viable, working part of the ecosystem on these wild lands. Bears, cougars, coyotes, foxes, and countless other “natives” now exist with the horses as part of their food chain, as well as countless other species that have developed relationships with the mustangs in a mutual interest of survival. A species need not prey on the mustangs to have a relationship with them. What happened to reintroduce the mustangs in the past is no different than if the species had naturally migrated- the ecosystem has adjusted to absorb and control them. I personally would love to see no-action studies done by the BLM to test the populations of natural predators, incidence of injury and disease, and natural occurances such as weather, plant growth, and rainfall to naturally control the numbers of horses.

    Ginger, I agree with what you said about Raven- I am glad that he got to live his entire life where he was born, surrounded by his family- he was possibly one of the luckiest horses in history.

  • Amanda

    I love that another Cloud episode is coming out! :) i can’t wait till next spring when i can watch it..i already claimed tha tv for the nights nature is on lol I’m so glad Looking Glass is well but i hope he is going to get a family again after he lost his last one. Cloud looks wonderful in the pictures i’ve seen of him! And Flint and Boulder are huge compared to last time :) i don’t know if you can tell me or not (if might spoil the surprise for Cloud 111) but in the blog i read that Sitka died…did it have anything to do with the bulge that appeared on her hip and did you ever figure out what caused her to dye? Thank You for answering my past questions!

    An Arkansas Country Girl

  • Jenni

    Is the BLM planning on killing cloud, or any of the wild horses in the Pryor Mountains of Montanna?

  • Jenni

    If the BLM has to many wild horses, and they are planning on killing alot of them, so they can “fix” their budget problems, why did they round so many up in the first plac? And I know that once you adopt a mustang from the BLM and it is freeze branded, it cannot go back onto BLM land, or some thing like that, but why not take the horses that are not freeze branded, and release them once again where there are to little wild horses?

  • Livi

    Dear Ginger,
    I just want to say thank you for you’re shows. I am 15 and before I started watching NATURE all I knew was I wanted to have a job dealing with animals when I grew up. Watching shows like Cloud on NATURE that focus on one animal or group of animals helped me decide to be a wildlife photographer. Is there any advice you could give me to help me with being a nature photographer in the future?
    Thanks again,

  • marie

    so little regard by BLM is disheartning. these wild horses are icons to north america. we must protest to government to halt these round ups immediately! marie

  • aubrie

    what are all of clouds offsprings names?

  • Sue

    Re-introduction of a prior species is not a good argument for the horses being taken off the ranges. We have artificially introduced non-native species (cows, sheep) and they are being allowed to stay and over graze. Which species should be allowed to stay? It depends on who will profit from it. Cows and sheep are being allowed to graze on ‘public’ lands. I want my portion of those public lands to support the horses.

  • Sue

    I have a misstatement in my prior comment. “Which species should be allowed to stay? It depends on who will profit from it” It should read “it seems to depend on who will profit from it.” In other words to most: no profit, no worth.

  • Mickey Bailey

    Dear Ginger,Thank you for sharing about cloud and the rest of the horses..I posted a comment yesterday and i see that it is not there today?
    As i stated yesterday, i just inheirted 1400 acres of land on the fort belknap indian reservation in Montana 200 miles north of Pryor,and if i could adopt any or all of them i will,Just let me know if i could be of service..Sincerly Mickey Bailey,Member of the Assinaboine Nation Tribe on Fort Belknap Resevation..

  • Diana

    dear ginger,thanks for showing cloud and the other horses and could you please show cloud again please i really liked it very much and could you email me tommorow please after you get this message.

  • Jeanne

    Apologies for misspelling your last name on a different blog. What is happening to the wild horses is very painful to me. They are obviously much wiser in regulating themselves than we are in regulating them. Beyond all the pros and cons in this issue there is a bottom line which homosapiens of this planet ignore: We are not living in a state of honoring the earth. Until we can learn to do that we need look no further than ourselves as the roots of any problems. I realize this is a very long view, but the band-aids under consideration for resolving every problem on the globe are an insult to the incredible prowess of the cosmos. What is being done to the horses (and to all kinds of other beings in other situations)is a reflection of our mistaken need for a power we actually already have, and certainly do not need to assert on any other lives until we have learned how to use it in our own. Let’s go to the radical root of these matters instead of plastering over the surface wounds. The horses can manage wonderfully on their own while we are cleaning up our own back yards (thank you Elvis). The work begins at home – within each household.

  • bobbi

    oh no i just learned that sitka has died. because of the bulge? how is cloud doing he must be 13 by now

  • Sylvia

    I love Cloud and his band. I’d do anything to protect him. i would send a letter to the BLM, but would that work? I can’t wait until Cloud III comes out!


  • Kaycee Peterson

    Dear Ginger Katherns

    Hi i am a huge fan of Cloud especially my favorite of the shows Plentyku and my favorite of his offspring Storm. I have some of the breyers of Cloud includeing Sitka, Flint, and Bolder. i would really appreciate it if you could tell me how Cloud is doing now and if Storm is a band stallion. The first time i saw Storm on my DVD of Cloud I absolutely fell in love with him. I have a horse of my own her name is Magic she is a foundation Quarter Horse. And where we keep her they also have a mustang although not from the Rockies, and her name is Trust she was in the Midwest horse fair for the mustang challenge, and was placed in fourth. I am deeply hoping Storm is alright if he has a band would you please send me pictures of his band and offspring. I wish you, and Cloud, and Storm well.

    Kaycee Peterson

  • kateln

    This show is inspiring to me. i own two full breed Quter horses. one is ny 4 year old brother . The outher one is mine . I just got buckt off last two weeks ago. Your new friend KATELYN

  • Jessica J

    WOW GINGER!!! You are my HERO!!! I just watched your Cloud movie last night, i was so moved by your drive to explore more about wild horses, you remind me of myself, I went to AZ last month specifically to see the wild horses, unfortunatly i didnt see them but it was still an experience of a life time, i’m very interested in going back. i was just wondering how you learned so much about horses. Thank YOU for being my inspiration!!!

  • Samantha Stealy

    ginger i watch this show every time i go to my aunts we have 3 horses one a black mustang only 9 yrs old my aunts name is jonnie we were wondering where you live cause we wanted to ride your spannish mustangs im 10 yrs old i really want to ride trace im going to be in a rodeo this spring and all 3 of us could go to the arrowheads together you are my life saver ginger do you still watch cloud and has Boulder gotten bigger also have you seen Sidca latley i hope you make another chapter of cloud your new friends Jonnie and Samantha

  • Samantha Stealy

    Dear GINGER,i keep wondering if the BLM team is gonna kill Cloud. Do you know if Sidca is still living? i hope she is because im gonna get a blue roan this spring. my aunt has a black mustang only 9yrs old. I almost want to cry if I heard Sidka or cloud died. I really want to come to your house so does my aunt Jonnie. I want to ride trace.My aunt wants to ride a spannish mustang. i hope you get this message. how is the lump in Sidkas side doing? if you could write back could you give me your phone number? I might not be able to call you cause i live in moline. your friend SAMANTHA

  • lisa

    I am researching adopting a wild horse. I am looking for information on the specific bands, like how many there are, ages of horses not rounded up, etc. Does anyone know if there is any such research?

  • Annette

    Hi, I love your work so much. okey heres the Q’s looking for thr A’s where is Red Raven, Dimond and Elektra. Who is this Veltit I here everone writing about. Are Boulder and Flint Okey is there going to be a book and show or just a show and will the show be avalible on dvd. If i were to go to the Rockies would I be able to go and see the mudtanges in there enverment or are you only aloud because of your work. last one were are Smokey and Mahogendy and how is Trace.

  • Jessie

    Hi I love the Cloud movies and I plan to like by the Rocky Mountains and do conservation in a few years, you inspire me that one person can make a difference. Without you or Cloud BLM would’ve slaughtered all those horses with no one the wiser. I’m sure people wouldn’t have even know that the BLM wanted too. I hope the best for Cloud’s band and all the other horses on the Pryor Mountain, and yourself. I was just wondering, I heard Raven died but couldn’t find out from what. So I was wondering if he got into a fight, or got sick, or something else, and who’s Clouds mother with now?

  • Crystal

    Has the third episode of Cloud come out yet? If so, can someone please direct to where I can watch it online?
    Thank you. :]

  • Roxy

    Ginger, just heard your radio spot this week.

    Anyone who has not heard it go the the Foundation. The BLM has rounded up mostly mares for adoption because they are “easier” to adopt leaving a situation that is beyond a “nightmare.”

    The stallion to mare imbalance and subsequent impact on these poor mares, could this not be considered “animal cruelty”?

    Couldn’t someone, some group, some animal rights agency sue BLM? At least step in and stop them based on cruelty and incomepetency? I mean, how could an agency in charge of these animals continue to be so un-informed and cruel?

    One blogger said they cannot return freeze branded horses. If that is true change that rule or law! How rediculouse!

    Other bloggers, yes you have seen my name in other blogs. I just discovered the Could programs a while back and have fallen in love with these God given creatures that brought us across our beautiful country – and we are now responsible to protect this national treasure from our own government and greedy interests. Please pardon me of my ignorance in my first blog – I had not done my research. I have now, and have sent e-mails to all the listings in the Foundation page.

    Please do the same, read, research, read and research some more, come to your own conclusions. To repeat someones else’s blog – this is another Bush era mess.

    I believed them that they were on God’s side and on the side of the constitution. The previous 8 years have provided us with nothing but greed, inhumanity, and lies. They made up reports (WMD), they changed factual reports (EPA), they made up war against the wrong people (9-11). And it seems never ending – almost every day there is a new revelation. So don’t believe any statements on face value about mustang overpopulation, desease, environmental degradation, etc. Further more, if a mustang dies in the wild from starvation, they die in nature as nature intends, and other animals will eat them.

    Again, see the movie “Never Cry Wolf”. It is related and will shed some very important light, besides being very funny.

  • M C Holiman

    Ms. Kathrens,
    We THANK YOU for your caring heart to spend oh-so-many cold hours outside to bring to us such a divine story.
    We had a dvd to watch (& we’re looking forward to it) but when your documentary came on, we waited and watched with awe inspiring love; for God’s creatures
    and your profound diligence, patience, and gentle spirit/soul to get the job done. THANK YOU THANK YOU.
    If you and yours are ever in beautiful Monterey/Carmel, Ca. PLEASE let us know, perhaps
    you’d agree to get together. We’d relish the opportunity!
    Most Respectfully and Thank You again!,

    MC & Patrick Holiman

  • Ginger

    Thanks so much for caring about Cloud. As you all may know, Cloud’s herd (Pryor Herd) is threatened with a massive removal that will begin on September 1. There is little time left to stop it but we are trying. Cloud’s mother, Cloud’s mare Velvet (you will meet her in the new Cloud program: Cloud: Challenge of the Stallions, to premier October 25, 2009), my wild horse Trace’s mother, Cloud’s sister Mariah, and many more older horses that have lived their lives in freedom. Cloud’s mother is 18 years old. I can’t even imagine that the last few years of her life would be spent confined without her family or herd mates. This would be horribly cruel. Please do everything you can. Vist and find out more. Sign our petition to stop this massive removal. Thanks everyone. Thank you on behalf of Cloud, his family and his herd. Happy Trails, Ginger

  • Ginger Kathrens

    As the day of the round up draws closer and I consider that Cloud’s mother, Trace’s mother and many of the other older horses I’ve known for the past 15 years could be removed in less than two weeks, I am saddened that they might spend the last few years of their lives in holding facility or worse. What is the point of removing these older horses- pure cruelty or just short-sighted management?
    Please email and call President Obama and Vice President Biden at 202-456-9000! Email by going to Call your congressional representatives too!
    Many thanks!

    Please help in doing all that you can to save these horses!

  • Bella

    Hi Ginger…I love your work with the Cloud documentaries. I was wondering, I thought I saw Clouds ‘pedigree’ somewhere but now I can’t find it. I play a Virtual horse game on the internet and I wanted to name my horses after Cloud’s family and some of the other Pryor mustangs but I can’t remember all their names. Could you possibly give me a list of the names and such?

  • Gabrielle

    Hi I was wondering what happened to clouds mare Sidka and the colt she had at the end of the second production. If sidka died was it related to her lump on her side? I cant wait for the cloud 3!!


  • Cody

    I believe it is more humane to delt with rather than stand in a feed lot for the rest of their natural lives. On another note The film was good

  • Matthan

    Hi i thought your movie was very interesting. I never saw a movie like that before it was good

  • Jazz

    hello Ginger
    i think the movie is very good and kind of interesting. its a very good movie to show in the class room. and i sure hope cloud is still alive

  • Sheri Magnuson

    i love horses and i help my dad train them. my class of global science watched this movie. they all thought it was cruel what the stallion did to the foal with bad leggs. i knew that it would be best for the foal sence it more then likely not have lived. it was a good show and i liked it.

  • Andrew

    I liked the movie it was interesting i think that keeping them locked up is useing more money than it is worth. I think either they should dispose of them to dog food.

  • Trav

    Howdy. I like horses. the movie was very interesting and informative. I believe they shouldnt stand in them feed lots but am not really in favor of them being disposed of either

  • Shawn Zavala

    Ginger Kathryn im am a huge fan! You’re #1. I love mustangs! They are sooooooo cute! Your movie was really interesting.I didn’t understand it but its ok. :):)much Love Peace

  • bob

    btw trav is from WYOMIN

  • cloud #1 fan

    this movies was sooo amazing. omg i love cloud. i learned a ton about the mustangs and the amazing lives. i think we should protect them up the wazoo. PEACE your #1 fan

  • David Lopez

    Ginger Kathryn, your movie was good and very intersesting. Cloud was a soldier. Peace

  • Kolton Irby

    Cloud was a very interesting movies i learned alot. i think we should protect the mustangs. i would rather not see them in feed lots but what we gona do. I’m Out

  • M. Ryan Court

    Your movies have some very interesting comments and I don’t 100% agree with you and some of your ideas but I support the fact that your trying to help them for a better cuase.

  • Carebear

    I like the idea of the movie if i had the time i would love to do something like this. Thank you. If you think of anything i can do to help the mustangs let me know please they have the right to be here just as much has we do.

  • Dustin

    That movie was so amazing,i loved every second of it. Cloud is my hero for never giving up and starting a family of his own. It takes a lot of dedication for you to be able to follow him around and let people around the nation enjoy this beautiful creature.

  • Ashleigh S.

    The movie Cloud was very interesting. I learned a lot and I really think that those wild horses deserve to be free. It’s not fair to take them away from their natural habitat.

  • Roy

    Great movie. Great to see Cloud found a family. I think mustangs should be left alone.

  • J Dap

    Great movie, learned a lot. I think the mustangs should keep doin their own thing and should be kept out of feed lots. Cloud is prolly gonna have the biggest herd of mares ever.

  • Mickie Lockman

    Ginger Kathren, your movie about cloud was very peaceful to watch. in global scince we had to watch your movie about cloud. when i started watching the film i always wanted to see what happened to cloud next it was like a lifetime movie about a killer. i was shocked that the horse killed the poor baby foal but i think it was for the best. i can not wait to see your next movie…keep on filming your horses there so beautiful…thanks for producing your movies enjoy. i really did enjoy the film

  • L Day


  • Brady

    Ithink that wat you are doing is graet but I think that your time could be better spent on things like making sher that they will still be there for years to come.

  • Keith

    its great how you went out and had the desire to show the people of the nation what wild horses are really like… leave them in their habitat… thte only problem i had with the movie was the names, how do you think of some of them

  • jaci

    I really enjoyed your film. I think its great you show such intrest in horses and go out to learn more about them. I though cloud was really cool and it was cool how you “mothered” him. I hope you keep up your hobbie and i want you to know i enjoyed it.

  • Willie

    I really love horses and really love cloud

  • willie

    i am so in love with little ponys i mean i really love them i lov love love cloud

  • Curran Irvine

    I once owned a horse just like cloud, i loved that horse so much it meant the world to me. Then i went to ride it one day and it died, i sat on it. i cried a lot. The End

  • Roberta “Punk” Madaras

    Hi Ginger, We met a long time ago in OH. I have been a close friend with Blake and his family for over forty years. Having read a column in the AZ Republic today, I saw your name and was so proud to see what you have and continue to pursue. Just wanted to say “Hi” and …you go girl! Punk Madaras, Payson, AZ

  • Emily F.

    Curran Irvine – Aw, that’s SO sad! I wonder how your horse died?
    So, Cloud: Challenge of the Stallions looks epic! Only 9 more days… :D
    I own both Breyer sets of Cloud, the one that includes Cloud, Sitka, baby Bolder and baby Flint, and the second one that includes adult Bolder, Firestorm, Ember, and Image. I love them! I enjoy making the Breyer Cloud fight with Breyer Bolder [adult] over the herd. It’s also fun to make Image and Ember play with baby Flint and Bolder.
    I heard that Sitka died, right? Was that in 2002 or 2003? (Or 2006?) I know it was after Storm was born, and she had that bulge. Maybe her stomach turned or one of her organs got big, or she got an injury and just couldn’t heal. What happened to Storm, by the way? Did he die over that winter or get killed by a predator or what? I really would enjoy to know this, please, Ginger.

    Emily F.

  • DANA

    I remember as a gradeschooler back in the 60s working to get signatures for petition to save the mustangs which became a bill and did pass and became law. what the hell happened?

  • joan valent

    thank you for what you do. i would like to know what happened to cloud and his family after they were caught. i was so downhearted when i found out about them as i am for all the wild horses that fall that horrible fate. thank you again.

  • Beth H.

    I am so upset to find out that Cloud and his family were rounded up by the BLM and auctioned off. What can we do? Do you know why the BLM rounds them up when they are not bothering anyone?

  • Hannah

    Hi Ginger! I love the Cloud serious and everything about Cloud and wild horses of the Arrowhead mountains! I plan to try and see him this summer so i cant wait to see him in person!! I was wondering if you were going to make another Cloud film… please do!!!!!

    P.S Other then cloud, I’m also a big fan of Flint. How old is he now? I also would like to know if he has any mares or babies.
    Thanks so much!!!!

  • Samantha S

    Hi Ginger i’ve seen the new episode of cloud and it is so cool!I’m disapointed that Sitka died bit that’s just the way of,flint,and boulder look more beautiful than ever and I hope they wool live free the rest of their lives.Your friend samantha. :)

  • jenn

    is ther a 4th movie coming

  • Judy


    Can you please advise where Cloud is today (1/25/10) and how he is doing. I always follow via your movies his family, etc.

    Thank you, Judy

  • Shirley

    hello Ginger K. I have e-mailed the President Obama,the Senators in my state of Texas..I love Cloud and his band and all the wild horses everywhere.they don’t deserve to be treated the way the BLM treats them,and Traces mom and Clouds mom are two that should never be rounded up to be confined actually none of the wild horses,they were meant to roam free as God intended them to and the land that was taken away from them should be returned,and the BLM should be band and done away with for good all they do is inhumane and cruel.And since our tax dollar pays for them we should be allowed to FIRE them and DISBAND the organization NOW FOR GOOD !!! I wonder if the wspa ,could or would get into the fight for these wonderful horse,I’ve seen on there when they ask for donations about rescuing wild horses and other animals around the world.Its worth a shot to get more on board to save these magnificent beautiful horses that all they asked is to be left alone and live their lives as God their maker had designed for them not what the BLM is doing and trying to do.

  • Sami

    Hi Ginger. I was wondering, What happened to Cloud?? I heard about his mare’s being sterilized, and the fact that Cloud’s herd was captured, and his brave dash for freedom, and the fact that he was returned to the Pryor Mts. But what happened after that? Were any of his family NOT returned to their rightful place? What happened?

  • Shirley

    Hello,Ginger I just e-mailed the WSPA and tol them of the plight about Clloud and his family and all the wild horses,I made a plea that they will step in and stop the insanity of the bad we couldn’t put a bounty on the BLM,they might listen then.I just don’t understand how people can be so cold hearted towards one of Gods special creations.The Blm needs to be all fired and sent down the road barefoot and walking.I will sign every petition,will ncontact my reps’and senators,till they hear the cry to save these magnificent animals.I hope the BLM understands that God knows what they’ve been doing and are doing to his beautiful creations,and I’m sure he’s not happy with them at all.

  • Shirley

    Hello,,Ginger I e-mailed Congress lady Kay Granger with the problem with the BLM,I let her know she needs to let President Obama know he could save tax payers money by illiminating the BLM and STOP paying them as all they do is destroy the magnificent beautiful wild horses.and they’re going to end up being extinct if they don’t stop the BLM Now.Before all the horses are sterilized so then there will not be anymore foals to carry on the wild horse bands anywhere.If they would stop paying the BLM and prosecute each and everyone of them for all the laws they’ve broken,plus the neglect and inhumane treatment of these horse bands.they could help the economy at the same time,by getting rid of the misuse and miscarriage of justice for the wild horses and burro’s by illiminating the BLM NOW

  • Shirley

    .Dear ginger K. I just heard back from our senators of Texas and the BLM is claiming that they have to do what they’re doing to get rid of most of the horses that they have in holding pens and on the ranges because they’re way overly populated with the wild horses and I can’t and won’t believe that.I think they just want to get paid for doing nothing to save these precious animals but instead run them to extinction which would be terrible,terrible thing for them to get away with doing to Gods beloved creations such as the wild horses and burro’s.But I will keep bugging the senators and congress and the President to put a stop to the BLM and what they’re doing before its to late,hopefully its not already.I just don’t know how people can be so cold and callus,and heartless to punishing a wild horses and burro’s for just wanting to live their lives where they can roam free kknow that saying never give up,well I’m not going to give up.God Bless you Ginger

  • Jonathan

    Hi Ginger. Im a huge fan of your Cloud programs. I think it was funny when Storm was pestering his big brother Flint in the 2nd Cloud program. What happened to Storm and is he a bachelor stallion or a band stallion now? I’ve been riding horses since I was 7 years old and I wish I could see Cloud’s herd. I wanted to know what is Velvet’s black daughter’s name is? In the 1st Cloud Program, is Pococeno’s blue roan yearling a boy or a girl and what is his or her’s name?

  • Polly

    I just returned from the viewing the wild horses in the Pryors. It was a life changing experience for me. I am hooked. I saw a white horse standing with another horse and he seemed to be staying somewhat away from the other group of about 25 horses in all. Could that be Cloud? Or is he even still alive?

  • mistie

    Who is ember and firestorm ?

  • Delaney

    I love horses so much! and Breyers I have the first clouds set and I’m 90% sure I am going to get the second one, I am confused though, who is Image? and is all this right?
    I mostly just want to know who Image is, you don’t have to answer the rest oh and when is the next cloud episode thingy coming out?
    oh and sorry one more, who is the lead mare since Sitka died?

    just trying to figure out who is who
    before I get the breyers

    Dusty-Sire Cloud,Dam Velvet
    Color Buckskin
    dead at not barely week old

    Rain-Sire Cloud ,Dam Velvet
    Color Black
    Born in the pouring rain

    Storm-Sire: Cloud, Dam Stika
    Color dark version of his Father, Cloud so He
    Is a Storm Cloud

    Firestrom-Sire Cloud,Dam Velvet
    Color Strawberry roanish
    Great Friend and sister to Dusty

    Flax-Sire Cloud, Dam-A dun mare
    Clouds daughter

    Jasper-Sire Flint,Dam Feldspar
    Color ?
    clouds grand duaghter

    Ember-Sire some stud you showed us , Dam Firestorm
    Color ?

    Windlfower-Sire ??? Dam Windflower
    Clouds Grand daughter

  • hannah g

    hey i love cloud. did sikta die with the foal or did she give birth and then die please anwser

  • Cinda (Kathrens) Harris

    Hi Ginger. I am Loren Kathrens daughter. I have been a fan of the Cloud series since it’s beginning and also have the books. I just found this website so hope this gets to you. Loren passed in 2000 at aage 98. Mable is 97 and in an assisted living facility in Logansport, In. My sister Jane is in Tennessee and I am in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

  • juicy girls

    Once the new W isconsin logo was launched most absolutely everyone here was in a state of shock.Ugh. Hopefully it’s going to d isappear as speedily as it arrived.

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  • Savanna

    Ginger, I am just wondering if Sitka’s ”yearling” dugher is still alive. If she isn’t do you know where she is? Sorry ro bother you I just fell in love with her.

  • Savanna

    I also would like to know where is Raven and clouds mother? are they still alive? what about shaman?

  • hannah g

    hey i hate glass the other stallion that killed that foal i am sorry but hes mean i know the foals back legs did not work but i am sure the foal could kept on trying cloud is the most coolest mustang ever i want to see him in real life i am getting him in breyer form he rocks i wish the blm would stop killing horses the blm sucks :).i heard flint died from a cougar i feel bad for him is boulder ok i have a horse in my family named boulder he rocks sitka rocks to i miss her i wish she did not die. make more films of cloud.

    happy trails
    from hannah g

  • courtney

    why havent you ansewerd any of this questions ?

  • Emily Forrest

    Hi im 11 years old and in love with horses. I simply am moved by your courage and pashon to film these wild horses. Whe my mother bought the nature movies when i saw the cover with a horse on it i just had to watch it. Ginger you are the one that inspired me to work with animals. If you could tell me any more facts about horses that would be wonderful.

    Love: Emily Forrest

  • Emily Forrest

    Hi Ginger the same emily i want to know what was your insperation to film cloud. What made you pick out Ravens band? please write me back

    Emily Forrest

  • Emily Forrest

    I will ask my mom to look at the wild horses at auction and if we buy one i would want to set it free back into the wild!!!!!!! :)

  • Tony Demars

    I know it’s hard,but you have to let her cry in her crib. Feed her and then put her right back. My daughter is now 5 and that’s excatly what I did with her when she was a newborn,and I still have problems with her still wanting to sleep with me! Good luck,I know it’s hard!

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  • Fletcher

    Ginger!!! I just saw here on the local PBS station in El Paso (visiting from Houston) we get to see a new installment i haven’t seen. I wish you the best on your filming and please, please, please! Keep us updated on your adventures! God bless you and god bless your herd =) I’m so excited!!!

  • Fletcher

    Please let me know how we can all help here in Houston. We don’t all have the ability and talent to show what you share with us, but I would love to know if there’s any agencies or non-profit organizations we can support-anything that we can do to help the cause. I’m about to read your page here, I’m just so excited I found you. I have been known to bring up the “horse-lady on PBS, and cloud” and how it’s such a cliff-hanger always! Ginger Kathrens. Noted. Such an Amazing woman!!!

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