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Welcome to the Cloud Blog! Filmmaker Ginger Kathrens is currently filming the third program in her Cloud series for NATURE. The newest Cloud program, Cloud: Challenge of the Stallions, will premiere Sunday, October 25, 2009.

Until then, check back here for the latest updates from behind the scenes, as Kathrens reports from the mountains of Montana about her ongoing experiences with Cloud and his band.

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Ginger Kathrens

Filmmaker Ginger Kathrens

About Ginger Kathrens

Ginger is an Emmy award-winning producer, cinematographer, writer, and editor. Her documentary filmmaking trips have taken her to locations around the world and all over the U.S. Since his birth in 1995, Ginger has filmed and documented a pale wild stallion in Montana, who she named Cloud. Currently airing on Thirteen/WNET New York’s NATURE series are her two documentaries: Cloud: Wild Stallion of the Rockies and Cloud’s Legacy: The Wild Stallion Returns. She has written two award-winning books about Cloud. Ginger’s revealing journey with wild horses has been compared to Jane Goodall’s experiences with chimpanzees. Her documentation of Cloud represents the only continuing chronicle of a wild animal from birth in our hemisphere.

Ginger is the founder and Executive Director of The Cloud Foundation, a 501(c)(3) dedicated to the preservation of wild horses on our public lands with special attention on isolated, historically significant and genetically unique herds like Cloud’s. She is an informed, impassioned, and entertaining speaker on behalf of wild horses.

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  • Judy Casper

    I have followed all of the Cloud series and often wonder if he is still okay. Please advise of his status and that of his family.

    What are the actually chances of seeing him and his herd if you visit Montana?
    Thanks, Judy C.

  • Debbie

    I have been thinking about White Cloud and his family all winter. I live in north Idaho and we had 190″ of snow and sure that they had the same in MT. Had to have been a hard winter for them.

  • Marj

    Grew up in Big Sandy, Montana. Have seen a herd of wild mustangs while in my high school years. Fifty years later, I still see the herd, the dust, the awesome beauty of nature………..I watch Cloud with tears in my eyes. Such beauty……..God even has them in Heaven.

  • Jeannin

    i have been following Cloud from the start as well. I recently graduated from Post University in Waterbury, Ct. were the Equine Department has been collecting money through thier Equine Club and Equine Newsletter to help sponser wild mustangs that have been sent into rescue farms. I would like to know what else is out there that i can do to help Cloud and others like him.

  • Hazel Owens

    I enjoyed your program so very much, I grew up on a farm in Ark,we had horses , I did not know horses could fight each other like that.I have a son Mike that does some photography , he is 51 yrs old and single , I would love to have a daughter-in-law lioke you. Are you single ?I live in Dallas, Tx.

  • robert

    I just wanted to show my appreciation by letting you know how much I enjoyed today’s program. I live in Calgary, where surrounding country has very similar vistas and nature to Montana. I have no intimate knowledge of horses and I was touched by the insight you afforded me. Watching something that goes on out there, that is so personal to you is an honour. Programming on TV, it’s mindless with ‘reality’ and Cloud’s story and the images of his life, is genuine reality just over the literal south horizon. Best hour I’ve spent all year.

  • Ron J. Klein

    Yes indeed … takes me back to when we always had horses on our farm in Ohio. Their beauty and freedom captivated me in this past hour. Long live the wild animals of the world … despite these mediocre creatures called humans.

  • Elayne Coroneos

    I have recently become involved in taking care of horses that have mustang in them. We have mustang herds here in Lincoln County Nevada and when we turned the tv on tonight and saw the program we couldn’t turn it off. Me and my daughter will be looking for more programs and information on Cloud and the other horses. We could see some of our horse’s personalities in these horses, and can now understand why they do what they do. Thank You for inspiring us all over again.

  • Charmel Price

    As a equine enthusiast all my life, I find Karen’s documentary on wild mustangs informative and entertaining. She has captured not only the beauty of Montana, but also the way of life these truly rugged, and survival oriented horses, live. If I had my life to do over, I would do exactly what she is doing. What a wonderful contribution to our world which is so caught up in such superficial propaganda. I look forward to the release of her next sequence on Cloud, the “little stallion that could” Thank you for bringing sunshine into a somewhat shadowed world.

  • Barbara Plunkett Turner

    I grew up riding almost every weekend with a little Mexican friend of mine. She had 11 horses, 2 of which were Ky. Derby Placers 4th and 7th and 2 ponies. They were from Texas originally and I think one of her Dad’s horses had some Mustang in him.

    I didn’t have a clue the program was going to be on Sunday 7/6 but happened to catch the bulk of it and was enthralled by it. Knew about the horses but Miss Kathrens did a supurb job of bringing their plight to light. Absolutely surreal photography and I loved the respect she gave them while filming! I was so afraid Cloud was going to be sold at the BLM roundup and was so relieved when he was singled out to go back and propagate his line. Was also very glad he finally settled with a beauty as well. Looking forward to seeing more from her. Wish I had her for a sister so I could visit and hang out with her and ride with her! Would love to be a part of all that. She really brought to light their real existence and how they have to really fight to survive. Parts are hard to watch but if anyone wants to appreciate what these beauties go through, they have to watch it and learn it in order to help them move forward. Ginger – WELL DONE!

    P.S. Very nice sweet job you did with Trace! Loving horse! And he still wants to play in the mud! Excellent. He loves you for not breaking his spirit. You are a horse whisperer!

  • Ally

    Last night I watched Cloud:Wild Stallion of the Rockies. I loved it. The only part I didn’t like was when Lookingglass attacked the lame foal. I do think though that Lookingglass did the foal a favor, but it was horrifying to watch. Cloud is an amazing horse. He will forever run free, even when his time comes to either be captured or go into heaven. God Bless Him.
    Ginger Kathrens has done an amazing job tameing ( not breaking ) Trace. It was a little funny when he tried to roll in the mud though! Ginger is a true horse whisperer, God Bless her:)

  • Natalie

    I am 8 years old and want to now if Cloud is still alive. I was really sad when the baby horse died.

  • Grace

    Hi, I am eleven years old and I am I huge fan of the Cloud series. I watched the program last night and was thrilled by it. And I do want to say thank you to Ms. Kathrens for making this series and I can’t wait to watch her latest! God bless her! ;-)
    P.S. My Mom and I were laughing when Trace was trying to roll in the mud! Quite funny!:)

  • Ceci

    Beautiful program! I only caught the last half and wanted to watch the beginning online but the PBS link isn’t working – shucks. Seeing the wild horses in their natural habitat really resonates with me, even though horses have not been a part of my life. It’s very exhilarating to watch them run free! I look forward to the new one coming in Spring 09.

  • Kasey

    What an inspiration! It gave me a better understanding of horses. The whole Cloud story was breathtaking!

  • John S.

    Cloud and the entire Pryor Mountain Range Wild Horses are endangered again, and action is imminent. BLM, the federal Bureau of Land Management, plans to cull most of these horses. Please check out The Cloud Foundation ORG site and phone the Montana senators TODAY to protect these beautiful horses. The deadline to phone the senators is July 11

  • Heidi Helene Christensen

    I LOVED the CLoud Stallion of the Rockies documentory and I too would like to know if he is still alive.

    I just got through reading a young readers series THE PHANTOM STALLION and wonder if Terri Farley, the Author took Part of Cloud and made it into the Phantom.

  • Mike Swider

    Touching, inspiring, bittersweet…I felt so many emotions watching this most excellent program. I applaud the series for bringing attention to their plight. I pray that our Patron Saint of Animals (St. Francis) continues to watch over them. Great job and special kudos not only to Ms. Katherns but to her Team that helped to film her as well. Montana is absolutely beautiful. I have very fond memories of vacationing in Kalispell and swimming in Flathead Lake.

  • Natalie Roberts

    Wow, watching the Cloud documentary made me want to adopt a mustang. I might be able to adopt one in a few years. Out of every 20,000 captured only about 5,000 are adopted. You’d think that it would cost the BLM less money to keep these horses living wild where they wouldn’t need food bought for them or gass or diesel to transport them to adoption facilities. It’s also very expensive to send the helicopters up for the captures. I don’t understand why the BLM just keeps rounding up these fabulous quadrupeds!

  • Lisa Daniel

    How sad that the possible destruction of such beautiful creatures comes down to money. The Cloud series touches my heart in so many ways. Where are the celebrities and the billionaires with their checkbooks?!? These animals and the territory they live in represent a part of America; its past, present and future.

  • Debbie

    Hi my names Debbie and I’m from Indiana. I read the story about Cloud and his herd. I want to try and help these horses if possible. I know that the Indiana Horse Rescue would take these horses in. Last year they took in some wild mustangs from out west. You can contact IHR @ 812-729-7697 please ask for Tony,Cathy,Kelsey or Philip. These are wonderful people trying their hardest to rescue and find homes for unwanted,abused horses. They’ve never said no and I don’t think they would now. This of course is a last resort. Cloud & his herd should be able to remain where they are but I’d rather see them go to a rescue & be adopted out to loving homes then killed. You can reach me by email or at 765-482-6574. Thank you.

  • Regine Goerke

    Sunday I saw the Cloud episode where some of the herd was rounded up by BLM. What a wonderful idea to follow one special wild animal throughout its life. And horses are of course so close to many people’s heart!!

    When the BLM had round up some of the horses, you n bought one of the heard’s members for yourself and said to you took him to your ranch in the Colorado Mtns, if I remember right. You mentioned that you would like to bring him back some day and have him meet his former herd members again. I would love to hear more about that. Have you done so already? I am just burning to learn how your horse reacted!!

    Much looking forward to hear from you!

  • Suzan Garcia

    I saw the first episode of Cloud a few years ago and then couldn’t remember WHERE I had seen it. I looked for it on DVD, etc. I was so excited to see it again on PBS Sunday night. Today I watched the second series on

    I am now living in western Wyoming temporarily and have a new sense of awareness of the wild horses. I can hardly wait for the third series to be completed. I sent the site to my son so that his children will see it as well.

  • Susanne

    If you care about america’s mustangs, realize that they are being removed from the land because of our eating habits. Ranchers want/need land for their cattle to graze, so if there is less demand for meat, less animals will be raised…

  • Kate

    Does anyone have word as to the outcome of the planned culling of Cloud’s herd? I know the deadline was today to contact the Montana senators to try and halt BLM’s plans of removing a large percentage of the wild horses in this area. I pray they are left in peace.

  • Heidi Helene Christensen

    Cloud and all the pryor Mustangs are in severe danger! The BLM is intending to kill all over about 5 years old. You need to write to The BLM and senators Jon Tester and Senator Baucus. If you go to and look for Ginger’s letter, she will tell you what to say and tell you all about it!

    PLEASE do this and SAVE CLOUD!

  • lynnie

    dear ginger,
    you are my idol!!! i love your work and cannot wait until your next piece on “cloud”. i have had up to 40 or so horses (a lot of them are born on my place); 3 beautiful foals this season, 08′. i have noticed all the things in my horses (which i love to study), as you have with your wild bands on the mountain! i live near galena il., which is very mountainess, and love to watch the interactions with my herd. i loved your documentary and wish i could go along with you to meet cloud! i love him.
    i was suprised to see how lightening struck so many, it baffles me.
    keep up your wonderful way of informing people. so many of our population have no idea how these beautiful animals live and survive. we certainly do not need these animals becoming extinct, any bloodlines of them.
    thank you ginger,
    lynnie tamburrino

  • Angel Duckworth

    wow, what can i say….
    ginger you are incredibly talented. hope you truly realize that. your videography is incomparable. i am just now learning all the ins and outs of it and i was just in awe when i saw your work. it seemed the horses where performing just for you. incredible. they way you speak of them was so heartfelt. i could feel your emotion for them through the screen. that’s what every videographer strives for. i just had to say all that. hope i didn’t give you too many compliments…..
    i wish we all didn’t have to wait so long for the next episode. i don’t think my dvr can go that far into the future.
    i wanted to ask a question about looking glass, was it because he could possibly smell the colt’s sickness or something. at least that’s what i figured. still wondering about that.
    anyway bravo to you mam and all who is working beside you. you guys have created something very special for all of us. what’s some of your other work ginger?
    i’ll also pray for your safety hope others do the same. thanks again

  • Karen Leasure

    Is there a way to determine if the letter to the BLM from Representatives Rahall and Grijalva has had or is having any impact?

  • Lea Williams

    Last fall we were in the Pryor Mts. and watched Cloud and his family come to drink in the big water hole near Penns Cabin. I felt like I was watching a movie star. Awsome.

  • Jennifer

    The BLM sucks, they are SUPPOSED to manage the wild horse herds, and instead they destroy them. Go to:

  • Sandra

    I stumbled upon this series today this morning and fell in love. It was really touching to see Cloud and his family.
    The BLM seems to be really bad, I cried a little when they roundedup Cloud and all the other magnificent horses like that.

    Cant wait to know how they are now. Lots of love from Sandra in sweden <3

  • Mickey Bailey

    Dear Ginger,As i stated in the other blogs, i have 1400 acres of Land in Lodgepole,montana-Fort Belknap Indian Reservation, so if i could help adopt any or all of the horses , i will,Just let me know… Mickey Bailey

  • Mattie

    Which of Cloud’s sons were killed, How was he killed.

  • Nakita

    WOW! the Cloud series are awsome i just found and watched the two series online today and i cant belive that the BLM could be so ignorent cruel and heartless to simply kill these horses naure has its own way of taking care of things which means there is no reason for thick headed humans to step in the
    BLM needs to learn when enough is enough!
    im from new Zealand and we have wild kaimanawa horses last i heard they were controlling their numbers but not killing them ! i have an appaloosa mare that dates back to the wild mustangs of america and she is one great horse very intellegent and is a top placing barrel horse too! mustangs should not have to face th brink of extinction just because some cow cockie wants more grazing for his beef! or the BLM cant be bothered with the mustangs.

  • thaddeus hudson

    Hello Miss Katherns, I`ve watched all your films about Cloud and I cant get enough of them. They touch me in ways I did`nt ever think they could. What happened to diamond, red raven, electra,stormy, boulder? Does raven still have the same mares after all this time? How is trace and will you ever (can you) let him run free again? I`ve learned so much from your wonderful films and I`ll love to see the next ones to come. Thank you so much for bringing Cloud and all the wild horses into my life. I hope that you can continue your magnificent work. Be safe and dont let the lions get you and look above your head every now and then(smile).

  • Karen Leasure

    As an animal and horse advocate I follow news reports daily on mustangs, thoroughbreds, and animal issues in general. This morning The Blood-horse Magazine reports that Madeleine Paulson Pickens (owner of the famous Cigar racehorse) is purchasing a million acres of land to become a home for ALL the wild horses now in holding by the BLM! She is creating a foundation to insure that no horse will ever be turned away. It is news that is just overwhelming. For those of us who have written letters ad infinitum on behalf of the mustangs, it feels as though the sea just parted. Thank you forever to Madeleine and T. Boone Pickens!

  • Madi

    Ginger, You are amazing!!! I want to be just like you when I grow up. You’re my role model!!!! Thank you for showing us these beautiful wild horses that I’m sure many people love to watch. I’m sure that you’ve put a smile on many faces. You are amazing. I thank God for you. I hope BLM decides to leave the wild horses alone!!!!! Anyway, I just wanted you to know how much I’m inspired by you. Thank you!!!! :-)

  • Elisa Hensley

    Dear Ginger Katherns
    My two daughters Jalene and Janele have been watching Cloud and his family for the last two and a half years. They are very excited about the next episode coming in May. My oldest daughter is 9 years old and the youngest is 7 years old. They hope to someday make a trip out to see Cloud and the rest of the horses. We try to keep up on the news and to email and do the things that will help the horses to remain free. Thank you for all that you do.
    The Hensley Family

  • Cayce

    Keep up the good work Ms. Katherns. I’d love to meet you, Cloud, his family, and his heard someday. Have a good weekend. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  • susan worthington

    the cloud work you have done has meant so much to me
    I was wondering if you will be doing any updates in the near future on these mustangs. they were made for man. programmed extraordinary creatures, beautiful.

  • Maddie

    I have been watching the Cloud series for quite a long time, and I have always wanted to see Cloud. Is there a possible chance of taking a glimpse of this beautiful horse? I would Love to meet them, or just possibly seeing the beautiful habitat they live in! I love Cloud, Flint, Boulder, and all of Clouds current mares! They are very special to my heart, even though I have never met cloud, nor seen his family up close and personal, he seems to have a place in my heart forever. This was a GREAT piece of video! I love it! Thank you SO much for providing this wonderful footage of the forever free mustangs!

  • Kathy Weigand

    I was again honored & humbled when visiting Cloud this last Summer on Pryor Mountain. We now have many of his photos online at

    It is a magical place! I’ve been watching his family as well as McCullough Peaks since 2004, and cannot wait to go back! I only hope that they are as healthy as possible during the winter months.

    I was so saddened to learn that Raven, Cloud’s father had passed away last winter. He was my favorite, an absolute stunning black stallion. At leasy he lived a full life FREE on the mountain.

    I encourage all to speak up and voice your concerns & help keep safe numbers in the wild!

  • Ursula Doughty

    Kathy Weigand, your picuters are amazing! Thanks for sharing them online.
    I hope that I have a chance to go and see the wild horses in the prior mountains before it is too late and some money oriented people kill all of them…. !

  • taylor

    That was the most beautiful and sadest movie of all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED IT!!!

  • Alan Davis

    Thank you Ms. Kathrens for having done such an awesome job of bringing such an intriging story to the screen. I have both DVD’s and their companion books which I have watched and read over and over. I am highly anticipating the release of the 3rd movie and I am hoping there will be a companion book to accompany it as well. Will there be ??? I do know that literally hundreds of hours of film are taken in order to get the scenes that are then edited for the movie. I’d give my eye teeth to watch every bit of footage taken. I’m enthralled by the interaction of these amazing and beautiful creatures regardless of how small. But then, I’m biased by anything relating to horses. You are living what I have only dreamt of doing and that is following and detailing the daily activities and interactions; the very essence of these individuals lives and made them very personal to all of us. Thank you again for all that you have done to bring their story and plight to the forefront of a very political and controversial stage.

  • Mikayla

    Can you please check up on Cloud and his family again? I would like to see if they are ok. How is they new foal, are there any new foals, or mares? Are Boulder and Flint still living free, or do they have families of their own that they need to care for?

  • Icetalon

    Cloud ROCKS!

  • Christina W.

    I used to have the book. I love seeing things about wild mustangs. I especially would love to hear more about Cloud and his family.

  • Annette

    I Love Cloud I want to know if there will be another book because I have the DVD and both books. I aslo was wundering about Dimond, Red Raven, Raven and Elecktra. Also if i ever go to the Rockied if it’s aloud to go where you go to see the horses

  • Katherine

    I was wondering if we could keep watching Clouds life and if anyone can do what Ginger Katherns did and does.

  • Cassidy

    I love Cloud. I cant wait to see im in the next show. I was wondering are his colts ok. Please gice me the update.

  • Santana

    This was such an inspiration watching you do all this work, for this amazing stallion. If he is still alive will you do another video of him, or have you left your series as is.
    I loved watching all the foals running wild bucking kicking jumping, they are so precious. My mom and I used to have a ranch , we had 14 mares and one stallion that lived together on 40 acres to themselves, I used to go out and sit with them, just absorb they language, watch how they were to each other and they were always surprising, this movie put me back in those does.
    Thank you so much for this it was such a pleasure.
    Santana P

  • Amy

    the BLM people are just itots! they think no horses should be wild!!!!! they are so ignorant

  • laurie

    Is it so far fetched to understand that what needs to be managed is the growth of the human population not that of the wild mustang?

  • roxy

    Ginger, I love the show, I love the mustangs, I love you, applaud you and I appreciate you more than you will ever know. Am waiting on pins and needles for the 3rd show! I hope your next show and your Foundation web page can also stress some of what Marty Stouffer’s shows and other Nature productions show, that living in the wild is deadly (just living is deadly!). I’ve been reading the blogs on the other Cloud connections and the ones here. There is a lot of nasty name calling – and ugly positions – remember folks – most people are just doing their jobs, and mostly for, in their hearts, the good and right reasons (and read some self help books on “How to Win Friends and Influence People” please!). Having said that, my opinion is that everyone is right in some way (more details in another blog another day). Is not man killing horses to balance nature, to save the horses from starving or to save other wildlife, part of nature? Are we humans not part of nautre? I know it does not look like it the way some/many of us have treated earth and outselves for greed and profits. But, focusing on the mustangs, what are the solutions? We could all become vegans and the cattle ranchers could all become farmers instead? Probably not. Everyone could adopt a mustang? Probably not. Does everyone buy pet food for your critters that is meat free? Would that even be good for your critters? Probably not. My heart wants to agree to let every single mustang be free and nature will starve out or freeze out the overpopulation or other animals will naturally kill and eat the mustangs so that they can live, and vegitation will not become extint, and the landscape will not errode – but we have seen that does not always work. My hope would be that everyone would try to uncover postiive solutions, keeping everyones interests, and every living “thing’s” needs in balance – as naturally and humanly as possible.

    I think that some cameras should be permanently posted in the wild so people could watch nature all the time – like the NASA station. Everyone – every chance you get – go out into nature once in a while – it is awesome! Seeing what “human nature” is doing to much of it is very sad – everyong needs to “see” that too, in person – pictures are never as impactful as the real thing.

    Adopt! – a mustang, a dog, a cat, a bird, or support a rescue group. Spay and neuter your animals. Don’t breed animals irresponsibly for profits. Don’t buy from irresponsible breeders! Research what this means. Tune in to “Best Friends” santuary and what they are about. Join Cloud’s Foundation. (are these solicitations?)

    Everyone should also watch “Never Cry Wolf”. Funny and enlightening!

  • Madison

    Ever since I was a little girl I have always been around horses.Paliminos are my favorite type of horse.I started liking horses when I was two or three years old.
    It all started when my family and I took a trip to the Smoky Mountains.We were taking a drive around Cades Cove like we always do when we go there.Sometimes we stop at the horse pasture to feed a few horses some apples.On that trip I was feeding horses some apples. I turned oround so my dad could take a picture of me in front of a white stallion that looked like Cloud.While I had my back turned the stallion reached out and bit me in the shoulder.As if it was a magic horse and it cast a spell on me that bite in the shoulder seemed to make like horses alot more.
    Now for the last seven or eight years I have been riding horses,learning about them,and learning how to take care of them.Now I have two dreams.Go to the Arrow Head Mountains one day and study the wild horses there.Then get my own horse one day.
    Tankyou Cloud and Cloud’s family.

  • roxy


    Cloud and his herd are again facing a roundup – the BLM has rescheduled this for the end of this month -

    Go to The Cloud Foundation, see the latest new bulletines, listen to Ms Kathrens latest U-Tube.

    We must bombard the politicians with e-mails, phone calls – tell all your freinds, get the kids to send-mails.

    Otherwise CLOUD MAY NOT BE ROAMING FREE ON THE RANGE by the time the 3rd Cloud episode airs in October.

  • Makendra Silverman

    BLM on Rampage to Destroy Wild Horse Herds– including Cloud’s…
    PRESS RELEASE from The Cloud Foundation:
    Cloud and the wild horses of Montana’s Pryor Mountains are world famous but fame it appears is not going to protect the herd from a drastic government round up planned to begin September 1st in their spectacular wilderness home.
    There are currently only 190 wild horses (one year and older) living in the Pryor Mountains. The BLM plans to remove 70 of them, plus foals. According to the foremost equine geneticist, Dr. Gus Cothran, 150-200 adult horses are needed in the herd to ensure their genetic diversity, which is vital to their long term survival.
    These 70 horses would be placed in jeopardy. Any horses over 10 years of age can be bought directly by killer buyers and transported over the Northern border to Canadian slaughterhouses or south into Mexico. Younger horses not adopted would be put into government holding with 33,000 others that the BLM has removed from the wild and has proposed killing because they can no longer afford to feed them.
    BLM cites poor range condition as the reason to remove the horses but abundant snow and rain for the past two and a half years has produced wonderful range conditions according to all who have visited Cloud and his herd. The Agency is not listening to anyone. They want this herd gutted. Nearly all the mares returned to the range would be given an experimental two-year infertility drug, PZP-22.
    This helicopter round up is just one among many that the BLM is trying to complete, before the Obama Administration can catch up with what is going on.
    The Pryor Mountain wild horses are descendents of the Lewis and Clark horses who were stolen by the Crow Indians in the early 1800’s. They can be traced further back to the horses brought over with the Spanish Conquistadors in 1500 making them the most Spanish of all wild horse herds in North America.
    Please contact The Cloud Foundation for more information.,, 719-633-3842

  • Makendra Silverman
  • The Cloud Foundation


    We’ve just been told that BLM Director Bob Abbey is meeting with other officials regarding this round up due to the number of calls and e-mails they are receiving. KEEP IT UP- KEEP CALLING, FAXING AND E-MAILING.
    These are our wild horses living on our public lands!
    HALT THE PRYORS ROUND UP and all others across the west.
    BLM Director Bob Abbey
    Call: 202-208-3801
    Fax: 202-208-5242
    read alert at:

  • Susan Hawkins

    I received an email from Breyer letting us know Cloud’s situation – the round up scheduled – both my daughter and I sent messages – we love all horses and hopefully one day it would be a great opportunity to see the wild ones running free – what a great vacation that would be – my daughter is almost 13 and lives for horses just like I did growing up – eats, sleeps and talks – horses, horses, horses.

  • Ginger Kathrens

    No Roundup Yet For Cloud’s Herd- BLM Agreed to Two-Day Delay for our Lawsuit to be Heard
    — read online at
    Dear Supporter,
    We are here in Lovell, Wyoming where the roundup of the Pryor Herd was
    supposed to begin today. However the BLM has agreed to a two-day delay for
    our court case to be heard in Federal District Court in Washington DC
    tomorrow. We are hopeful that this roundup will not begin on Thursday but
    please don’t stop making calls and writing letters on behalf of this herd
    and all wild horses.

    On Sunday atop the mountain, we spent some time observing a foal who is only
    a few days old. This filly would be in grave danger if any roundup
    operations begin. There are other foals who are just a few weeks old too.
    The range is still green, even in late August and the horses are fat.
    [1]Read more in our latest press release and please help by getting this out
    to the media.
    We’ll keep you updated– check out our new website for more YouTube
    videos and information. Thanks for all you are doing, we need to stop this
    unnecessary removal from even starting. Happy Trails

  • makendra

    At 4:03 cloud and his family were driven by helicopter into the corrals. Cloud was in the front, followed by his black mare and the others. Image brought up the rear. They gave the helicopter a run for its money- breaking back towards Turkey Flats, away from the corrals. When the pilot got them back into the wings of the trap Cloud did not follow the pilot horse, instead he turned and took steps backward, stood still and then went in. Cloud’s daughter’s Dancer and Rain as well as his grandchildren, Arrow and Image, are all to be removed. The rest of the family will be released without them.
    updates posting regularly at:

  • karengohler

    maybe with your money Ted Turner would take some of your horses to thin out pack.. He has the land and has one of the largest Bison herds in U.S.

  • Diana

    Is it more humane to have them stand in a feed lot or let them be over populated?

  • sarah

    the movies was good and i loved the ending has cloud a fawn the same color as him?

  • wayne hicks

    Thank you for your presentations about the Prior Mountain herd. Due to the small area, it does not take many animamls to go over the healthy carrying capacity so it is imperative that the population be regulated. Is it possible for surplus horses to be transfered to applicable habitat on the Native American Reservations without possible cross-breeding????

  • Chance Kafka

    My high school global science class wathced this film as a part of a study unit dealing with management of wild horses in the American West, which is considered by our teacher to be an important issue since we are in Wyoming. I had very little knowledge of wild horses before, so I felt the movie was very informative. Ginger Kathrens did an excellent job with her cinemography; the sound and footage was great for an individually produced film. She did an exceptional job following Cloud and using various techniques to make the viewer feel engrossed in the movie. It was refreshing to see a film from this point of view. Although I believe there was quite a bit of bias in the way she associated wild horses with people and treated Cloud almost like a child, I now believe that wild horses are a majestic animal. I believe they should not be treated simply as varmits, and they deserve respect and the ability to roam freely. I think it is inhumane for them to be kept in feedlots forever. However, I do not think they are so scarce or special that they deserve to be heavily pretected as an endagered species. Instead, I think they should be left alone as most other animals are.

  • Colby Geile

    In my global science class, we watched the movie, and, i have to say, it was very interesting. I thought that the connections that she made between the behavior of the horses and the behavior of humans was an interesting way to look at it. I also liked the fact that she talked a lot about the hierarchy of the wild horses and what it took to become different “rankings.”

  • roxy

    # 68 Diana,

    Good question – I think the answer is neither. This does not appear to be an “all or nothing” issue and not a “one size fits all” solution. I have been engrossed to learn as much as possible since I first stumbled upon the series just a few months ago, and everytime I learn more, it leaves more questions. I do know that Ginger Kathrens’ heart, mind and soul are in the right place, as is evidenced in the trailer for the 3rd show.

    Right now a huge political effort is underway to bring reason to the table. We need to get the Senate to pass the R.O.A.M. Restore Our American Mustang Act S 1579, so that clearer minds, and real science, peer and public scurtinized, can start making the right decisions. I have written to President Obama and asked him this question – What will be your reply when asked “Where were you when the last wild horse vanished?”.

    If you feel moved, please visit, where you will find links to all kinds of research and eye witness accounts,much more information from Ginger Kathrens and join in saving our American Wild Horse.

    Students of all ages – did you know that Wild Horse Annies 1971 Free Roaming Wild Horse and Burro legislaton passed because of students like you? Check it out.

  • Layla

    I see everyone on here hailing from places like Montana and Arkansas and talking about their childhood experiances with horses…I’m so jealous. I’m from central Jersey where it’s VERY crowded and although we have the most horses per square mile out of all the states in the US, you’d be hard pressed to tell as much driving through center city. I watch Cloud and I’m amazed at how beautiful and simple life can be…it’s really a treat for me just to be able to see such magnificent horses in their homes. Thanks so much for making a great show…

  • concerned

    I am a horse owner for many years, and horse lover for even longer. I saw this film series a year ago, and felt as romantic as the next person about the families of horses, but there are some realities to understand.

    Mustangs are not indigenous. They are feral, meaning they are turned out, escaped or descendants of, domestic animals. They are living on borrowed time on borrowed land on limited forage, taking away from real wildlife. Even today, in hard economic times, horse owners are turning out their domestic horses onto BLM land so that they “might have a chance” to survive in the wild, whereas they are no longer affordable in a suburban or rural home. This same phenomenon has been going on with cats and dogs for decades. As a farm girl in the 60’s, we had dogs and cats dropped off every spring and summer at the end of our driveway, because somehow, they would be wanted or could survive on a farm better than in the city. (?)

    You can test that statement by driving out to a BLM horse herd, with a bucket of grain; shake it so the horses will hear it, and they will come running. Bring your trailer along and cut out the whole BLM adoption program in 5 minutes or less. There are plenty of well trained horses out there.

    Last spring, adoption programs for mustangs were largely unattended. Weekly I receive emails from various sources looking for homes for horses needing a home. Recently there was one for an adopted BLM horse, that is just not supposed to happen.

    Natural predators can not keep the population of these horses balanced, they are not allowed! Starvation will keep their numbers down, depending on rainfall for any given year.

    Let the BLM do what they need to do to keep a preservation of the romance, but realistically, adopt a wild horse if you can, buy from responsible breeders if you want a nice horse, or be prepared to see a very unromantic end to the surplus of invaders in the wilderness you think you want to keep.

    There now, I’ve had my say, I think I can sleep now.

  • DarioTW

    To ‘Concerned’ et al -
    these feral horses in the Pryors, Cerbat and Kiger are as indigenous as they can be – they are actually more American than us here. So unless you and the rest of this great nation are ready to move out from your land back to Europe, Asia or Africa the horses will stay here as they always have – not to mention that wild horses first appeared here, on this continent and from here they migrated to Eurasia, only to return in 1519 AD. They’re living on the fringes of their natural habitat, and their numbers are a tiny fraction of what it used to be in the 19th century (one million in Texas alone). They are part of the Western natural habitat, unless you are talking about restoring the pre-1800 AD natural habitat of the West, with all plants and animal life. But I do not see large herds of bison, elk and pronghorns followed by the prairie wolves and peregrine doves etc appearing outside the few preserves etc – last time bison herd tried to walk out the Yellowstone Park they shot them point bank. This type of horse as in the Cloud series – the Spanish mustang – exists nowhere in the world and should be protected as any endangered species in the Americas.

    The BLM is not doing the job, they not protecting the herds or the nature – especially the genetic viability of the so called special herds – Pryor, Cerbat, Kiger etc. The are protecting ranchers (lately almost exclusively corporate ranchers) interests and Wall Street money invested in those cows and their calves grazing on the public (our) lands where they are paying next to nothing for the grazing fees. And it is our tax money that is paying for these ludicrous policies and practices.

    A good book to read is the story of the dramatic rescue of the wild herd of White Sands, New Mexico. I have bad news for you Dear Concerned : there has been no romance in the story of the wild horse of the West, instead there has been plenty of pain, sweat, blood and lots, lots of dying… Perhaps now there is time to change that, isn’t there?

  • Michelle Jackson


    Loved the movie this evening. I’ve seen all of them. Is Cloud still free? How is he? If they roundup more of his family, I would be willing to give some a good home. I’ve saved two mustang fillys from death when I was 13 years old, and have a deep love for them. Thanks for all your doing

  • Moon Yakopatz

    I wonder what animals are grazing that land right now?? I thought the same as the comment before. Ranchers and their intrests are using that land, our land and for little of no money. The wild horses are not all feral, as you can see from the film, Many are born right there in the moutains as God intended, which makes them wild. They seem to survive quite well untill we step in. LEAVE THEM ALONE

  • Cindy fox

    I hated the way the show ended tonight, but I knew deep down it would. Let the wild things be wild. This is there land & were taking over every inch of it. Thank you for the beatiful filming you brought to the television, it will someday be the last time to see such wonderful things created by god.

  • Barb Beck

    Ginger, thank you for educating the American public about the fate of all our wild horses. We will continue our fight to pass the R.O.A.M. Act.

  • Amelia Fernandez

    Ginger, thank you deeply for your wonderful shows. I was very upset to learn that Cloud and the other horses were captured, it is so unfair. Definitely I support the passing of the ROAM Act. I still hope he can be saved.



    you had said the herds were rounded up, were are cloud, boulder and all the other stallion now?

  • Sherry Hood

    Thank you for this beautiful series, Ginger. The subject is magnificent and the filming is breathtaking. We cannot let the voice you’ve given Cloud and his wild families through your work and the Cloud Foundation go unheeded.

  • Deedee Strimas

    I’m so glad someone cared enough to bring it to the public’s attention. Hopefully, this series will bring the much needed attention to these incredible animals. Ginger, you are the one that put names to these beautiful faces. Maybe now the government will watch and listen and be more compassionate. The wild horses are our national treasures representng everything that we, as Americans, want for ourselves. They should always be protected and highly regarded. The horse has been our way of life always. Whether it has been the way of travel, made possible our discoveries, tilling our fields to keep food on the table, fighting in wars, saving a family from famine, or being our loyal companion. The American Mustang has not been given the respect and admiration it so well deserves.
    We want to know (I think), what has happened to your starring bands?

  • Katie

    Thank you, Ginger, for producing such a nostalgic and inspiring documentary. I’ve really enjoyed growing up with Cloud and his family. I burst into tears last night when you let us know of the auction. I feel like I’ve lost a friend. I know you’ve reached out to a lot of people with awareness and I thank you for that, as well. I hope to see more of your work in the future.

  • Bonnie Alonzo

    Ginger, Ijust wanted to tell you I watched the show last night on TV. You are a saint. At the end of the show you said they had rounded up Cloud and his family. I cant believe it.Since you are so close to this whole situation it had got to be breaking your heart. Since you have a wild horse of your own isnt there any way you can adopt Cloud. This whole story is your baby anyway.If anyone deserves him, you do. I relize you want him free but if the government says no then why cant you get him? You are to be commended for all of your work. It brings tears to my eyes.

  • Mary Mihalyfi

    Isaw white clouds 3rd segment last night and he has been on my mind continuously ever since. I woke up this morning literally in tears. He and you have touched my heart so deeply. I have to know if he is okay and still alive. I am cheokee indian and my soul is 100% indian. It is terrable that we as a nation can’t take care of this land and our nature’s gifts the way that God intenede us to do. It haunts me every day of my life and brings me uncontrolable sorrow when I know that this is all so wrong. I pray for what you are doing and thank you for your endeavors and will for the rest of my life. Mary.

  • Starshine

    Your story was deeply inspiring, intimate, and heartbreaking. Please tell us what happened to the those who were not sold at auction – were they allowed to survive somewhere? How can we help?

  • HFar

    How sad to hear about the Wild Horses being auctioned–all of them are such a thing of beauty to behold. After watching your beautifully caught pictures and story, I felt horrified to hear they’d be rounded up. What can we do? Where is Cloud?

  • Savannah Mattox

    I saw last nights show (3rd chapter of Cloud) I cryed at the end because of how his family and him were auctioned off away from eachother. Is cloud okay and is his family okay? I am still beside myself that such beauty could be takened away. I believe that we should give some respect to those animals that was here before us and give them back their land!

  • Annamaria

    What has happened to Cloud, to his mares, to Flint, to them all? You mentioned that some of the colts/foals were actioned off. Well, when you did not mention what happened to Cloud, my body and soul just registered pain and sadness. I could not get on to PBS’ website to participate in the live chat which would have answered these tormenting questions. Please tell us.

    I agree with Mary – your spirit and probably all of ours – if we could only learn to express our deepest longings and desire for stewardship to this planet like you have – is dead on; we spin in circles with each generation getting closer to understanding and cherishing our country’s nature beauty and its creatures. For you, you are more evolved – but I think that of all Native Americans. We still need to learn so much from you and your culture.

  • J

    My understanding is that Cloud and Bolder along with the older mares were released back to their range but the yearlings and foals were auctioned off. Wild horses here now are feral (bred from domestic stock) however, wild horses were native to the Americas until about 10,000 years ago when they and most of the other large wildlife fauna was wiped out (apparently due to a comet’s impact based on the latest research). Western lands are dominated by ranchers who lease property at very low rates. They and their families often feel that they are entitled to continued use of the land just as inherited land passes down through families. Often this land is badly overgrazed–while the leasers/ranchers would like us to believe it is the result of the horses, it is usually a result of their own poor range practices. Admittedly, the horses contribute to overgrazing when the land is already overtaxed.

  • janet tedford

    I saw it last night and was sad to here about what happened to dusty and some of the other colts I fell in love with cloud ,flint and the others i want to belive thay are all my friends I wish that I could have been on your live chat but I could not be my thoughts are with cloud and the other wildhorses I cryed to here that some where rounddedup and sold off how are the remaning wildhorses is cloud ok and what of raven clouds father
    your new friend janet

  • Thistle

    If there is no room for wild horses in the U.S.A., what hope do humans have? All these horses ask is the right to live. All that requires is for us humans to leave them alone – doing nothing. Let them be. We are, after all, not human doings. We are human beings. Yet, NOT doing seems impossible for us to achieve. We never merely observe. We must always interject ourselves into the picture, to the detriment of that “picture”.

  • Ginny King

    I was so distressed to learn that Cloud et al were rounded up to be sold or killed. According to your show, the herds were not overpopulated and overwhelming the land. It is painful to become attached to these magnificiant animals only to have them all become wards of the state and slauderhouses. Unless there is something that we can do to prevent their capture and destruction, maybe films like yours should have viewer warning labels so that we do not get our hearts broken because of the tragic ending.

  • mitch

    where does vloud live now?

  • Shirley


    Great series on Cloud and the other wild horses. Very disturbing that they were rounded up. Who would we contact in order to try to adopt Cloud?

  • minnassota

    my husbnd and i just purchase two colts from the black hills horse santuray. its so amazing to have them and give them a home i hope the foals find good homes like ours have.

  • minnassota

    my husbnd and i just purchase two colts from the black hills horse santuray. its so amazing to have them and give them a home i hope the foals find good homes like ours have. if you want a horse to adopt please look in to this place, maybe some of the horse from the show went there.

  • Kathy

    THANK YOU Ginger, PBS, and everyone else involved in the creation of the Cloud Series. What started out as a ‘job’ for Ginger has turned into the heart and soul of our American West and Wild Horses. Ginger has been bravely facing an uphill battle this entire time with the BLM and their poor decisions. WHY? Because she truely CARES, she has learned so much about the horses social behaviors, and the unfair treatment they have been receiving through the BLM. Her videos are just the begining of the true understanding of these Horses.

    Through her movies, it is so obvious that they have a strong bond and understanding of family ties. Just look at Red Raven & Blue Sioux’s relationship and how they managed to get back together (2nd Movie), and how Cloud allows and ‘chooses’ another Stallion for his 2 year old daughter to mate with.(3rd Movie) – its just amazing!

    I am from a small ranch, and was raised with Cattle & Horses. I have always felt that Horses are much more special and ‘know’ more things than what humans give them credit for. Ginger has tapped into their lives – and it is so important to keep safe genetics in the wild. Keep at least 150 head per Range. Give back the land that has been taken away from them since 1971. Keep it up Ginger! You are our current ‘Wild Horse Annie’ and we are looking for you to lead the way to the truth. With Ginger leading the way to the true education of the horses, the Good wil win! But it will take work – from all of us! Support Ginger, PBS, and The Cloud Foundation!

  • gabbie

    i love cloud he is a perfect horse and i just love sitku and her son flint he grow up to be daring just like his farther!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kazren

    After the end of last night’s show, I tried to get online, but the chat was so full, it wouldn’t let me in. The news about the BLM capturing the wild horses had really upset me. I’ve felt like there’s a lump in my gut all day. I’ve written my senators and friends and family. What more can we do?

  • not telling

    what happened to cloud afterr the fact he was caught because i have been crieing and dieng to know please tell me

  • Tawn

    The need and greed of a few will determine the survival of these magnificent horses. The horses and predators are national treasures. The government’s “management” of these lands and inhabitants has a long history of failure. Will we ever learn? Ask the bison, bear, wolves etc. about our conservation policies? Tampering with any species in this natural environment, will have long and far reaching effects we can’t begin to imagine. Most importantly to the livestock ranchers, the horses are a food source for the top predators. No horses equals predation on livestock. I guess then, we slaughter the cougars, bears, wolves. Oops, haven’t we already done that once. Now, were paying to reintroduce these animals. The difference for the horses, they are herd animals. The horse’s genetic viability will be destroyed under current practice. This alone will destroy a species. However, that’s not good enough. Let’s capture, injure and mame the horses first. They are relatively cheap to adopt by anyone. A well meaning novice adopts a wild horse. They are unaware of the cost involved in keeping any horse. Let alone a wild one, who requires gentle training and conditioning into a strange enviroment. Thus a cycle of abuse/neglect ensues until the animal is sold at auction. Here horses are purchased for slaughter in other countries. Believe it or not, I’m beginning to think shooting the horses out of helicopters was more humane. If we as country are going to kill these wonderful animals, at least make it quick. For every one adoption success there are probably 10 failures. Write your congressmen, senators, and the president. The voice of many cannot be ignored. These animals should remain free and untouched by all of “good intentions”.

  • Mollie King

    When I saw the first Cloud movie, I was amazed! Then the second, so fantastic! & now,
    the emotional and epic third film. I thank Ginger for her unbelievable dedication to Cloud’s
    story and to the story of all wild horses in America. I have a horse in Tennessee and grew up around them. I love horses, their spirits,
    their personalities, grace, wisdom and strength. I almost fell on the floor Sunday night to learn of the round-up and the separation of Cloud’s beautiful family. I cried like a river. HOW? WHAT? WHY? With so many problems in this country, these people take time and force to steal horses from the wilderness? for what money??? are you kidding me? Those horses don’t belong to them! They belong only to the earth itself! This has broken my heart. This makes me want to lay on the
    ground and weep and wail forever. They destroyed all that Cloud and every wild horse lived to fight for! They starve through the winter
    storms, lose babies to mountain lions and constantly battle with each other yet they were surviving without any human contact, without
    causing any damage to the earth, a part of the food chain, a perfect part of nature. Domesticated, trained and cared for horses would never survive in the wild, especially in the Mountains. Wild horses are indeed a different breed all together. Without freedom, I fear for the survival of these horses and the unusual power and intelligence of their breed will become extinct. Whoever is buying these horses may or may not have any idea how to care for them. Tame them? put them in stalls? ride them? make them work? isolate them after their lives of being so free? This is animal cruelty! exploitation! inhumane and a horrible crime against the natural world! I didn’t know about the round-up and I truly can’t explain how much I wish I could have saved those horses. Cloud is an inspirational and majestic wild animal. I am totally devastated and hope to know someday what happened to him and his courageous family. Are there any wild horses left on the Mountain? Anywhere in America?

  • Deb

    The Cloud series has fascinated me from the first. I have been a horsewoman for more years than I wish to admit, and I feel deeply that we are doing an unjustice to allow these wild horses to be rounded up and sold/auctioned/adopted just to satisfy someone’s greed. There is such a problem now in our country with domestic horses of all breeds that are homeless and unwanted by people who cannot afford to keep them any longer due to the economy. A lot of my friends have horses that are over 20 yrs old and now retired that need new homes. At least the wild horses know how to take care of themselves! It’s illegal to slaughter horses in the US now and the horses once killed in the US are now transported to Mexico or Canada where they are slaughtered and the meat is sold overseas. It’s unbearable to think of those poor horses being slaughter because simeone can’t feed them. Is the BLM going to transport these wild horses to slaughtering plants elsewhere? If they want to make money on horses, they should visit a few stockyards where all they have to do is pay a little money, load them up and haul them away. No expensive round ups, etc. of the wild horses. Leave the wild ones where they are – in the wild! Once they are gone, they will be forever gone. And then what do we tell our grandchildren when they ask what’s a mustang?

  • Rae

    Mollie and others said everything I wanted to say. I would like to thank Ginger, Trace, PBS and everyone involved for a great series. I lived with horses and can’t find the words to say about their kindness and how intuitive they are. It’s obvious many of us watched and truly appreciated Cloud, his family and how they lived, died and managed to survive. I hope PBS can find a way to continue this story and help us find a happier ending. We were all so involved – this is painful.

  • Hawkeye/Radar

    I just watched an episode and it is by far the best horse shop EVER and EVERY horses-lover sould see it!!!!!!!!

  • D

    Me & my children watched this show and enjoyed it VERY much. Thanks so much. We were all upset though that these animals are no longer wild. It is not fair that these beautiful horses and other animals cannot stay in their natural habits. Why do we have to control everything. It’s a big world. Just let the wild animals have their freedom.

  • Sheryl :(

    I am amazed at the work you do Ginger. I wrote my senators today. How would you say we could make the biggest difference? What is most effective? Email? Letter? Call? I will send a donation as soon as I can. I try to support wildlife and domestic animals as I can. Have you always been in this work? How did you learn your trade? I love to take pictures but have never had a class in photography.

    I love the wild horse and was able to visit the Pryor mountains in 1999. I have to wonder if the Black colt with the star down in the valley was related to Raven. That would make the colt/filly about 10 this year. I have some pictures but nothing very big. It was the best vacation of my life. Wyoming is beautiful.

  • Suzanne Moore

    To all who are concerned about Cloud and the others ~ Go here: You can keep up with all the news about the horses and learn what you can do.

    Cloud is back free with what’s left of his family. He and some of his mares were injured, but they seem fine now. Although it would have been better to stay free, Clouds foals Rain, Ember and Image DO have wonderful new homes with people who know how to work with them, and love them very much. Ember and Image are together.

    The older horses and their bands were saved by the Foundation and volunteers. They are free and together on a large ranch near their old range.

  • Ben Barker

    I want details on how to buy the whole cloud saga,thanks,Ben

  • gregory kesler

    No one is explaining what the motivation is for BLM in doing this. What is their goal? Clearly this is a sad and horrible incursion into our remaining wild country in the west. Please stop. But someone please explain why BLM is doing this.

  • Mallory

    I can’t believe that the government did that! Did they really have to take away more of nature. They already are destroying the national parks. Just stop, stop.

  • Annie

    Hello Ginger! I’m 11 years old and ever since my mom bought me the two disc Cloud saga DVD years ago, he has become one of my very favorite horses. I have the Cloud’s legacy models made by Breyer, and I’ve memorized each story! Since I ride horses myself, I was very glad to hear what a wonderful job you did with Trace.

    Tell Cloud Good Luck!!

    ~ Annie Keller

  • Nathan

    Two words for Gregory and everyone else who asks why the BLM has to interfere with the lives of these noble animals: Cattle interests.

  • magda toth-wheeler

    our gov’t is too large to care about us or things of beauty like Cloud and other wild things. our gov’t representative remain in office so long they feel safe enough not to feel compelled to listen to we the people they were elected to serve. vote them all out of office in 2010. after a term or two in gov’t they become corrupt. the politicans must learn to fear us who elect them. i hope Cloud and his girls are safe.

  • Linda Ragin

    I have been bothered by the way the BLM acts like they are employed by the ranchers, oil drillers, and loggers. When oil shale was discovered in Wyoming, the BLM rounded up the legitimate horses in the area so Big Oil could proceed.

  • Roxy

    Ben Barker –

  • Paula Amin

    What will happen to Boulder and Cloud? We are in awe of your time with these groups. I wanted to Know if you were able to follow up on their development.

  • Horse crazy

    I love the cloud episodes I am 10 I love horses alot and someday want to actually see a wild musting in montana. PLEASE DONT STOP MAKING CLOUD SERIES

  • Olivia

    What is the status of Cloud today. In the last show we saw Cloud was rounded up but it didn’t say whether he was adopted or released. Please let me know.

  • Tommy

    Is it fun to search and find out acout Cloud and his group.

  • Shirley Dykhuis

    I watch the video’s you made of Cloud,Bolder and all the horse bands you have watched and wrote about I watch the videa’s over and over,I love horse,I always have since I was a small child,please let me know the statis on Cloud and Bolder and all the bands of horses,I pray the BLM will leave them alone and let them roam free all their lives.they deserve to run free,God made them to run free and if not to run free to be pets and be taken very special care of.they’re a very Beautiful animal to see and behold forever.I know if anyone knows about Cloud and all of them would be you,as you are a very caring person to search out these wonderful horses and check on them.I appreciate your work about these horses very much,so do please let me know how Cloud and Bolder and all of them are doing and whats become of them.

  • Bree

    Is cloud still ALIVE someone PLEASE TELL ME!!!! I love the horses they are beautiful… my horse book it looks like a pic of clouds mate and her baby!

  • Bree

    Clouds still alive right! I love the horses they are beautiful… my horse book it looks like a pic of clouds mate and her baby!

  • Bree

    I love the horses they are beautiful… my horse book it looks like a pic of clouds mate and her baby!



  • Katharina

    hello i´m katharina.
    i come from Germany and i´ve seen all your videos.
    i find it verry interesting and the natur and the horses are nice.. i like the rocky mountains and the animlas!
    love greeting


  • Shirley

    Hi,I am so thrilled with your video’s Ginger,they are so great to see Cloud and his band and all the bands on the mountains in Montana.How is Cloud,is he still the alfa male on the mountain.He,like his father Raven are such majestic beautiful Stallions,as so is Bolder.I could go on and on with the names of the foals that were born during the time you filmed these magnificent animals.the people need to ban the BLM ffrom rounding up any of the wild horses,they’re crueland mean to them.God intended for them to run free.the way they brand them and where is cruel.I hope one day we won’t hear anymore about BLM.the animals got along fie in the wild till man messed with them.

  • Amanda Sheppard

    I and my son have watched the first show you did twice.Hope everything is going ok with the band. I can’t wait to see the new shows. Our horse a Tennesee Walker recently died. She was a rescue horse. Hope to have another friend come to live with us one day. Hope everything is ok with Cloud and his family and the other bands too.

  • jaelyn

    hi, i have been watching the cloud series since they began and i am just wondering if you could tell me what has become of cloud…any updates?

  • Isabelle Adler

    I love sidcu, and of course Flint. Its really too bad that Flint turned on Cloud, because they’d always been so close. It makes me sad to see that the wild horses are being captured, I HATE to see those poor horses in corals, especially when Bolder was little and he was stiff, and foot sore. I LOVE your videos. I wish I could see Cloud. It’d be so great to see him and the band, running free in the Arrow Head Mountains. Bye!

  • Isabelle Adler

    Hey, can you tell me when it was the last time you saw Cloud? Where was he? Was he in good health? Was the band with him? Is he alive? Izzy

  • Shaunacey

    Yes is this horse still alive and when will other installment come on PBS

  • kimberly schiele

    hey i think boulder and cloud mated with the same mares

  • Joh

    thought you’d all wanna see this….

    The Cloud Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of wild horses and burros on our western public lands with a focus on Cloud’s herd in the Arrowhead Mountains of Montana. Cloud was rounded up for the third time in September of 2009 despite an enormous public outcry. Cloud and his band were released two days after they were captured but Cloud’s grandchildren and his daughter were removed along with more than 50 others, leaving the herd at only 125 horses. Cloud is now back in the wild & we continue our work to preserve what wild horses value most- their freedom and their families. Click here for a recent update on Cloud and the wild horses of the Pryors, including the four bands we rescued, a whole sub-population removed in the last roundup. Check back often to stay abreast of current events involving Cloud and all of his compatriots. America’s wild horses and burros live on public land and are currently being managed to extinction by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Check our action alerts and blog to find out more on what you can do.

  • slayme

    Josh – Thanks for the update and info. I can’t believe we can not preserve enough land for these beautiful animals! I am going to that site right now to see what I can do to help. If anyone knows if or when a follow-up show will be aired, please post it here. Thanks.

  • Deborah y

    I hope to see wild horses like you have was it really fun working with cloud???
    thanks deborah

  • Shirley

    I do so hope Cloud and his band are still alive and doing heart aches when I thnk of the cruel and inhumane treatment that the BLM does to these magnificent beautiful horses.I will continue to e-mail the President and my Senators and ASPCA and the WASPCA and anyone else I think of that can stop Salazar and the BLM.I read on another blog that the BLM and Salazar are going to be brought up on charges I do hope this happens as they deserve to be prosecuted for the cruel inhumane treatment of these animals.The BLM and Salazar should be made to return the land they took away from the wild horses so the cattlemen can graze their cattle and sheep and God knows what,it belongs to the wild horses and it should be returned to the wild horses to roam free on and multiply as God so intended them to do,without the BLM and Salazar to oversee them.I pray every night that Cloud and all the wild mustangs will be released to roam free for ever and ever.

  • Sylvestor

    I hope CLoud and his family are ok. Horses really are great animals. I think what the BLM does are cruel and inhumane. I also want to know if there will be another installment to the Cloud Saga, as I want to know how they are fairing.

  • Lynne

    Please keep up the great work and keep informing everybody about these great animals. I work for Thress Feathers Horse Rescue in Pyatt , Ar. We were just give a mustang that came off the Navada wild horse range. He is well broke but badly founderd. I’m hoping we can save this animal and a part of our history. He’s a super animal and kid broke. He was born in 1992.

  • Rachel Barnett

    I just love cloud he is the most muscular stallion i have ever seen!

  • Naomi Dunwoodie

    I absolutly love this series of nature shows i love horses and clould has an amazing life. Like you said in one of the clips is you admired wild horses but never actually thought it was like this until black raven let you follow his herd and then when one of his lead mares came out of the trees for the first time she had a little colt that you named cloud. I think when all the bachloers were trying to take Princes mares it was very interesting, i liked the part where cloud keeps velvet (black velvet) away from prince then trys to keep his own family safe but then he goes back to velvet. but he was pretty confident that his lead mare would lead them back and she did he could always count on his lead mare sitka and then he had his new and old family thanks for all the videos hope you make more thanks again i love all this facinating stuff about these wild horses and how they live!! :)

  • Mag

    Someone asked why BLM does roundups… it’s to prevent overgrazing, leading to starvation, a very cruel death. Nature needs a hand here, since the modern horse is not a native species.

  • Ray Davis

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    Ray Davis

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  • lilly

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    My family when I was younger would go to Corrolla NC for horse riding, I know what it is like to see wild horses. I know WE NEED to SAVE OUR heritage throughout the U.S.A.. They are trying to get rid of the beautiful horses of the OUTER BANKS!!!!!!

  • morgan skidmore

    I love cloud! From watching every video of cloud and his family i now know that life for them is hard. I get the Mustang breyer horses because every one you buy half of it goes to saving wild horses. Cloud is going to have a visit from me before i die!!!

  • sierra robinson

    i love cloud i watched so many videos i think it would be cool to come with you and come watch them personly i have horses of my own and i love them just as much as cloud and i collect breyer horses and i have clouds herd just not cloud …..yet…. well i hope i get to visit cloud its my biggest dream hope you read this bye!!! :)

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    Please keep up the great work and keep informing everybody about these great animals. I work for Thress Feathers Horse Rescue in Pyatt , Ar. We were just give a mustang that came off the Navada wild horse range. He is well broke but badly founderd. I’m hoping we can save this animal and a part of our history. He’s a super animal and kid broke. He was born in 1992.

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  • KrystenaK

    Thank you so much for your outstanding work, I absolutly love the cloud series and I hope that there will be many more to come. I love anticipating what wll happen next. I am glad that cloud seems to be doing okay, and I can’t wait to see if image lives up up to his fathers legacy. Then maybe you can continue the series on image’s life, but I would love to see another one of your films. You are an inspiration to me and alot of other horselovers out there, and I hope that you will continue to bring cloud’s adventures into my home and many others. Thank you so much!

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  • Allison Elizabeth
  • Denise

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    I love the series and am gonna show it to my own kids some day

  • Becca

    My family got a small group of mustangs when I was six years old, in Colorado. Three years later, a beautiful palomino mare had a “cremello” foal, named Frosty. I had Frosty for all of her life, except about eight months, in which she chose to leave us and live wild. We got her back, and she passed away in October at the age of 35. Mustangs have a deep place in my heart. I’m writing Frosty’s story from “her perspective” for the young adult age group. If I had one wish, it would be to travel to the Arrowhead mts and spend months following the herds and painting them.

  • Becca

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  • Sara

    I loved watching the shows. Cloud is quite a horse and he is just a amazing character. I do wonder what happened to Sitka though. I wish it could be known if she did survive. And I hope Boulder got reunited with his father and he, Flint, and Storm are now band stallions that will follow their father’s footsteps.

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    P.S Cloud is a gorg. horse!!! :)

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  • Hilary Dipilato

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  • Mary Copeland

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  • mary copeland

    I am a BIG fan of cloud. I have 3 sisters, Elizabeth, Rachel, and Hannah. Elizabeth and me take horse-riding lessons. I ride a draft mix. and Elizabeth rides a mix too.

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  • fultonk

    Hi Kit,
    Ginger Kathrens created a short video update on Cloud in May 2012. Here’s the link:

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    Did He who and Jewel have foals together? I’ve been wating forever for the nature program of cloud come on.! I can’t watch it online because my computer is S……L…..O……W……. Is cloud alive? I know he’s like 18 years old, and i’ve been dying to know!

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