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Video: A Message from Ginger Kathrens

In this video message, Ginger Kathrens of The Cloud Foundation issues a call to action to save America’s wild horses. For more information, visit the The Cloud Foundation Web site.

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  • Emily F.

    You go, Ginger! I’m sad that some of Cloud’s band has passed away or gotten killed. I did everything I could to try to help! I wish I could be up in Montana and Colorado helping you and Cloud. I now HATE the BLM! As long as all the horses on the range are there and healthy (at least) I’m happy. The population doesn’t matter to me! They can eat and breed and so on all they want. I wish the BLM would stop. Hey, doesn’t the BLM get the money from when they auction off the wild horses? If so…they should be like, rich!


  • Harmoni

    Yeah, tell it Ginger! How can they do this? They’re wipping out a species of animals! No one has an excuse to do this! Why don’t they just find the horses new homes or set them free? This is complete stupidity, and totally unnecsasarry (sp?). The mustangs deserve better then this, they shouldn’t be killed because we cant afford something, and they definetly shouldn’t be killed at all. This is so spirit crushing for me and yet I can’t be there to save just one mustang. I’m not even American (I live in the middle of Canada) and I can’t tolerate this. Kick thier butts for me, Ginger!

  • MickeyBailey

    Dear Ginger, I was truely touched by your story..If i can be of any asistence to u & the horses,let me know,I have emailed the senator of Mt.&BLM…in support f your work..I am a member of the Fort Belknap Indian Tribe,out of Lodepole Mt.I just inherited 1400acres of land, on the reservation, so if u need any of that land as an alternitive to house the horses, I would be willing to let them come over there and Live,free…Sincerly Mickey Bailey..

  • Jennifer

    Go to scroll down to the bottom of the page, there is a box where you can type in a charity, type in: The Cloud Foundation, and every time you use their search engine, it will give money to that charity.

  • Morgan Jernstadt

    Dear Ginger Kathrens,
    My name is Morgan and I am a big fan of the Cloud series. I can’t wait for the 3rd episode to come out this spring. The way that you film Cloud and the other wild horses makes me feel like I’m there with you. I may not own a horse, but when I watch you film him, it’s amazing. I wish that I could have that job. I have a couple questions to ask you. It would be nice if you email me back. PLEASE!
    Warm Regards,
    Morgan Jernstadt

  • jho

    …ti stimo molto per quello che stai facendo…vorrei avere la tua stessa determinazione per combattere contro chi vuole sterminare questi meravigliosi animali…

  • Magnus

    Hey Ginger,
    I want to help the mustangs but I am too young. First I want to have someone who can answer all my questions. I´m so tired cause I know I can never get in this place…Please give me reply

  • NINA

    Wolves, bison, prairie dogs etc,etc. They are all in trouble thanks to mankind. Man has dominion says the Bible. Well, yea, but dominion should not be tyranny. We should care for our planet and its animals. Shame on mankind who commits these atrocities.

  • Emily F.

    Why can’t the BLM just leave the horses alone and let nature do the work on the population?
    Nature does this to help the population stay level: Old age, predation, lame foals (like the one Looking Glass killed in Cloud: Wild Stallion of the Rockies)
    BLM does this: Round up horses of all ages, PzP birth-control, sell/kill horses
    Now, you other people out there, tell me which one sounds better to you.
    If you think NATURE IS BETTER, then you rock!
    The BLM also shouldn’t interfere, because they are using money, which comes from our TAXES, which seem to keep rising because of who-knows-what.

  • Jessica M

    This is why we need to pull together and shout how we all feel about this. My 13 yr old, some of her friends, and myself are starting a patition to do our part to help to put a stop to these round ups. These horses was on this land first and what right do they have to take them from their land. Just because some humans say we want it doesnt give them the right to do this to them. Horses have feelings to. would they want someone to come into their homes and round them up and take their loved ones like they are doung these beauiful gifts from GOD. I don’t think they would so as I tell my kids it takes on voice to create a roar. So lets start roaring for those who can not speak. I challenge everyone to do whatever they can just as we are to speak up and shout out on behave of all wild horses every where and say this is not right its time to stop these round ups every where………

  • hannah g


  • Leinaala Kalama

    Aloha from a Hawaiian living California. watched pbs this a.m. and was so emotionally involved in your beautiful filming and seeing the birth of cloud and the beautiful roaming of their freedom on the mountains..such a touching film so I went on my computer to find out who you were..I enjoyed reading about your passion to save the Mustangs and so sad to hear their fate as it exists today. Several years ago I saw a newscast about rounding up the Mustangs and felt so sad for them and their fate..but never heard anymore after the news shout-out until I watched your film this a.m.Unfortunately, I am not a horse person but I was very moved by your filming and proceeded to check out your website…and read the various comments, and the various groups that are supporting your “saving the Mustangs and Horses”…I am not a rich person monetarily but I do have a rich sounding voice to shout out the horror, treatment, abuse of the many horses..So sad. Reminds me of what Hawaii has become…so similar to the state of Florida..commercialized, the natives are moving away (those that can) to the “Mainland” because lands has become so valuable and only the wealthy can afford land in Hawaii…So, see…the Mustangs and mountains animals are no longer free to roam without being chased, frightened, and so abused once they are captured…I also saw the “clip” of the injured, starved, and unhealthy stock…so sad….Thank you for that marvelous film, ….Loved it! Leinaala Kalama

  • Makayla

    O support u ginger and cloud I love every animal on earth but horses are on the top of my list. I love cloud to he is so cute

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