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Video: Ginger and Cloud Featured on the Today Show

The Today Show this morning aired a segment featuring filmmaker Ginger Kathrens and Cloud. The segment explored the controversy about what should be done with wild horses in the Pryor Mountains. Ginger believes that the horses should be left to roam free.

The third installment in NATURE’s Cloud series is coming October 25, 2009 on PBS.

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  • Fred

    NBC calls Cloud ‘the most famous wild horse.’ Long live Cloud!!

  • Kim

    For once someone gets it right! A great newscast done by Kerry. I hope that many people will see this and fight the LBM. Cattle don’t need so much land. Wild horses do! It’s a beautiful thing to see wild horses in their natural habitat untouched by humans. In some ways I see it when my mare is out playing with her pasturemates in their big field they romp around without a care in the world. That is how it should be.

  • Dale Shoemaker

    It’s all about greed. Large corporations lease BLM land at a nominal charge. The little money collected for grazing is eaten up by the improvements the government has to make to the land to maintain it for cattle. Money is also spent on wild horse roundups. This is all done to keep the big Corporate Cowboys happy. You want real change??? End this government subsidy and the Corporate Cowboys will DRIVE off into the sunset. The land will shorly return to the Indian, the Buffalo, and the Mustang.

  • Cayce

    The BLM is 100% evil. Why don’t they just let the Wild Horses go in the Mountains where they can run free? There’s probably pleanty of room.

  • Priscilla Khweis

    Shame,shame on the BLM!!!Its all because of BIG cattle business! It is time the americian public stands up for those(mustangs)that have no voice!!!!

  • alicia

    I have done my share of letter writing and I will keep doing so. How we got suckered by the BLM is shameful lets not let it happen again. I for one would like future generations see wild horses. If things keep going the way they are they will be gone before we know it.

  • Sheila

    If we allow agencies like the BLM to continue their shameful practices, then where will it end? Wild mustangs are representative of the American West. Please, let us join together to keep them alive and in their native habitat! BLM, stop your shameful roundups!

  • Ed Casillas

    Cloud endures beyond this lifecycle, but being a part of his life through Ginger’s films will endear future generations & cynics . the Native Americans like the mustangs and legends of horses were here waiting when they came back to the Americas to be thier brothers and now we can embrace brotherhood to our teachers the wild equines of the west.Feral horses and Mustangs are not the same and films like these do educate what the differance is.

  • Tina Crook

    Its not just the cattle biz people its also industry in particular energy co’s set up way out in the middle of nowhere…aka the open range and wild west…you should watch the documentary currently airing on the DOC channel about the wild horses and the round ups…i forget the exact name but you can do a local search. Its VERY informative and worth watching…im so ashamed of MY government…

  • shane

    boo! blm how would you like it if hores killed us cause we took up to much space.the blm BEEPS! BEEEEEEPS! save the wild hores! oh and make a 4th movie

  • Michel

    Horses are the most beautiful, spirited animals on the planet (even over humans!). What our government is doing is a travesty. And all for the almighty dollar. How can you murder these beautiful, intelligent beauties!?

  • Ursula Doughty

    It is not acceptable what BLM is / wants to do. I also have seen pictures from the seventies what they did back then. It is terrible. Hopefully that somebody will wake up the goverment and somebody will have enough power to see that problem and will have some influence to stop this murdering of the most beautiful creature. Too many things happen to horses. They kill them and send the meat to Europe/Switzerland and lable it as from Canada/US…and people buy it. There is enough room for horses and cattle in the US. Even though I am living in Switzerland we have read and see the documentary of Cloud. Horses have to be free….

  • Viola Glaz

    The BLM should be ashamed of what they are doing to the mustangs. These horses are beautiful, noble, spirited, free and inspiring animals. Once more nature is being ravaged by the greed of money grubbers. Mustangs have inhabited North America much longer than cattle have and belong to the public and generations to come. The BLM must be stopped!

  • Emily

    Hi Ginger! I love the Cloud series, and I can’t wait for the new one this November! Could you update once or twice a month if possible and tell how Cloud and Image are doing? (Oh, and Bolder, too!) I’m a HUGE fan of the Cloud series. I love the other horses, too, but Cloud, Bolder, and Image are my favorites! And do Flint and Bolder have any foals yet? And is Raven still alive? (If so, he’s like a great-grandfather! Imagine that…)

  • Martin

    I start to think meat consumption might be the root problem… Cattle found on the ranges is not there for milk!
    Eating less red meat might be a viable solution for the horses…

  • Cam

    Long live Wild Horses! My family and I are going to visit some this summer. I think there’s a bit of that same Cloudy spirit in all the horses. Keep it alive. You know, I want to buy a wild horse from the BLM and set it free!

  • Brielle

    i htink the blm and the government should go f*** themselves

  • Alexandra

    Why cant the horses be free? sure they can take photos and video’s of them but what i mean is no fences… their own will and nobody touch them they are so beautiful… i think its unfair that some humans come and destroy the destiny of these beautiful animals… LEAVE THEM ALONE PLEASE… i honestly agree with Brielle

  • Lenka

    Hi, my husband and I would like to come to Montana, although it’s pretty far away from us because we live in Illinois and see Cloud and the other horses. Could someone tell us when would be the best time of the year to see them and where they are? It’s Pryor Mountains, but give us a better clue. Thanks!

  • JIM B


  • Barbara

    My question is why are the cattlemen in the west allowed access to public land when cattlemen in the rest of the country pay for their land and taxes>Maybe the cattle grown on private land should be labeled as such so buyers could make their own decisions! Why couldn’t horse advocacy groups be allowed to “purchase” the same grazing right for the horses as the cattle. The answer is that the cattlemen don’t want the predators like wolves on the public land. So wolves and horses lose. These interviewers need to ask the right question which they never do.

  • Barbara Warner

    Unfortunately it was stated that there are 37,000 wild horses still roaming the West. This is NOT true. The BLM only tells the public this but actually there are only about 13,000 and most mares have been or are going to be given PZP to prevent births. Soon our wild horses will be extinct if the Senate doesn’t hurry and pass the ROAM Act to stop the unnecessary and cruel roundups.

  • Heidi H Christensen

    PART (the MAIN?!) reason the Secretary of the interior and BLM want these horses removed is because there is uranium on the property and they WANT it.

  • Angela Sellitto

    Heidi hit it on the head. It’s about the mineral rights as much as it is about grazing rights. Maybe more.

  • Leanne Baker

    Where or what has happened to Cloud?

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