Watch a Preview of the Newest Season of NATURE!

The new PBS NATURE season is fast approaching! What’s in store? Here’s a sneak peek of Season 31, which premieres in October 2012. Which of the highlighted shows are you most excited about?

  • Mike Yell

    Looks like another incredible season; I can’t wait!

    BTW,would love to hear the narration of F. Murray Abraham on Nature once again; in my opinion the best narrator there is!

  • Sonora

    First, this won’t play on iPhone. Second, I love all your shows that are not about primates. I don’t even look at stills of primates!

  • Juan Garcia

    I can’t wait to see the new season because the episodes look so amazing.
    Keep up the great work NATURE!

  • Larry

    Any time NATURE puts on a show it’s breathtaking. I’m always in AWE when I view your shows. The photography is next to none. I’m so amazed when I think of the time and effort that it took to air just one show each week. My hat is off to all of you who put this show together.

    Thank You so uch.

    – Larry Savage -

  • joanne

    WOW!!! The best in tv! What else can be said after Larry’s respons? Keep it up PBS.

  • Keith Summers

    The snowy owl brings a welcome departure from the standard Nature bears and wolves fare.

    For the gentleman that mentioned F Murray, really? On the occasion I heard him narrate Nature his voice struck me as the strangest of bedfellows, Shakespeare meets the wild. Much too obtrusive. Such an odd choice for a producer to make. Now Attenborough, yes.

  • Garrilynn Harvey

    Stunning, Breathtaking, Vivid, Compassionate, Wise, A Love of Earth & Animals of this Planet. More of this needs to be done worldwide.

    A tribute to animals and hopefully shall continue to inspire generations to come to be kind and to care for the animals as sentient beings deserving of humanities good will and respect.

    Thank you to PBS and for this Nature Show.

  • Matt Karns

    Looks like another great season! David Attenborough AND Lippizaner Stallions? AWESOME…can’t wait!

  • Michigan Birder

    It’s great that they made a tribute to David Attenborough and his work in wildlife programs for so many years. F. Murray Abraham is good, but I still miss George Page, who was the host and narrator at the beginning of the Nature series.

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