NATURE Community: Your Hummingbird Photos

All of these photos of hummingbirds were submitted by members of the NATURE Flickr group. To add your hummingbird photos to this slideshow, add them to the group with the tag “hummingbird”. After they’re approved, they’ll show up here.

No photos? There are lots of ways you can join the NATURE community.

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  • Andrea L. Cowart

    Love this shot. Good capture!

  • Dave Wyman

    Awesome photos.

  • Dan Wyman

    Good shots!

  • Robert Ross Smith

    Spent winters in Suprise, Az. Loads of HUMMERS there These pics are wonderful.

  • jania sanchez

    each bird is beatiful thank for share

  • Joseph Nagy

    Each photo brightens every day,thank you

  • betty guillory

    I would like to know what is the best nectar to fix for the hummingbirds. Please give me the ingredients so i can get my feeders ready. I am wondering if sugar water is the safest?

  • Ralph Dessau

    Yes, sugar water is the “right stuff”. For more info, go to There you will find all the info you need.

  • beth

    hey nice picture you take a lot it is nice to have some one to see the nature of hummingbirds

  • DeWayne

    Many great shots of hummingbirds, but one does not look like any species of hummingbird I am familiar with. It has two large antennae and several retracted legs along its segmented side, and its tail is very abbreviated for a bird. It looks to me like some kind of rather large moth visiting some little purple flowers. I like moths too, but I wouldn’t want the hummingbirds to be miffed.

  • Margo

    Love thee close ups of hummingbirds from everyone-makes me curious about WHERE and which flower???
    Are we allowed to copy and save ones we like? Thanks, nature-lovers!

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