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This series of six one-hour natural history specials, including four encore presentations and two new programs, features celebrities fulfilling long-held dreams of encountering wild animals in their natural habitats and promoting their survival.
Orangutans with Julia Roberts (R) -- September 12, 1999
Julia Roberts travels to the Indonesian island of Borneo to investigate the orangutan, the sole survivor of the great apes of Asia. As the largest tree-living primates in the world, orangutans are quiet, solitary animals who exhibit human-like emotions and a remarkable intelligence. Roberts hopes not just to meet the orangutans, but to highlight their intelligence and true gentle nature. Her quest puts her in the company of a remarkable woman, Birute Galdikas, who has devoted her entire adult life to protecting and studying the orangutans of Borneo.
Gray Whales with Christopher Reeve (R) -- September 19, 1999
Actor Christopher Reeve traces the gray whale's 10,000-mile migration from the chilling waters of Siberia to sultry Mexico, where the actor actually swims with the huge mammals. Reeve completed the principal photography of the episode shortly before his riding accident. Actor Stephen Collins, a longtime friend of Reeve, narrates.
The Galapagos Islands with Richard Dreyfuss (R) -- September 26, 1999
Academy Award-winning actor Richard Dreyfuss travels to the Galapagos Islands off Ecuador to explore their rich diversity of exotic wildlife. There, he encounters stoic-looking marine iguanas, playful sea lions, waved albatrosses, enormous tortoises, masked boobies, frigate birds, and the flightless cormorant, among others.
Zoo Babies with Whoopi Goldberg -- October 3, 1999
Actress Whoopi Goldberg visits San Diego Zoo and San Diego Wild Animal Park to explore the challenges that the staff have overcome in order to breed some critically endangered species. During her visit, Goldberg encounters pandas, Bonobo chimps, and Californian condors.
Lemurs with John Cleese -- October 10, 1999
Actor John Cleese travels to the rainforests of Madagascar to locate lemurs that were born in captivity and then were the first ever to be released into the wild. The hope is that they will survive and eventually mate with the existing population of lemurs, thereby introducing new genes to it.
The Elephants of India with Goldie Hawn (R) -- October 17, 1999
Actress Goldie Hawn journeys through India in search of a blind female elephant she first saw seven years ago in the wild. Hawn reminisces about her first encounter with a wild Asian elephant herd. The program chronicles Hawn's return to India to find "her elephant," heightening awareness of an endangered species.
Park Foundation and Public Television Viewers

Tigress Production for Thirteen/WNET New York (Zoo Babies with Whoopi Goldberg)

Tigress Production, co-production of Thirteen/WNET and the BBC (Lemurs with John Cleese)


Fred Kaufman, Thirteen/WNET and Jeremy Bradshaw, Tigress Productions (Zoo Babies with Whoopi Goldberg)

Fred Kaufman, Thirteen/WNET, Jeremy Bradshaw, Tigress Productions and Adam Kemp, BBC (Lemurs with John Cleese)

Justine Kershaw (Zoo Babies with Whoopi Goldberg) and Sarah Williams (Lemurs with John Cleese)

Mark Chapman (Zoo Babies with Whoopi Goldberg) and Justine Kershaw (Lemurs with John Cleese)


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