Scoring Rubric for Challenge #3

Part I -- Water

The average thickness of the ice in Antarctica is 2,133 meters.
The area of Antarctica is 14,245,000sq. km.
This is equal to 14,245,000,000sq. meters.

This means that the volume of ice covering Antarctica is 14,245,000,000 X 2133 = 3.04 X 1013 cubic meters.

Scoring: 25 points for the exact answer. 5 points for each of the above steps.

Part II -- Penguin Species

See Teacher Page "Where the Penguins Are." 5 points for each penguin species. 5 points for the correct location of each species.

Part III -- Locations

5 points for each correctly marked location.

Part IV -- Food Web

There are a variety of answers to this. Refer to the Teacher Page "Food Web" for most of the correct connections. Award 5 points for each correct connection. Subtract one point for each incorrect connection.