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For Educators - What Do You Do with an Orphaned Cheetah?


What Do You Do with an Orphaned Cheetah?

Cheetah Challenges Grade level: Grades 3 – 5

Grade level: Grades 9 – 12

When filmmaker Simon King rescued two three-month old cheetah orphans, he accepted a daunting responsibility filled with the emotional and strategic challenges of teaching wild animals how to survive in the wild. In this lesson, students will engage their critical thinking skills as they work in teams to brainstorm possible techniques for teaching baby cheetahs what they need to learn to survive in the wild. Students will also predict what happened to the abandoned cheetah orphan after the program was filmed and compare their predictions with what really happened.

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When wild animals are sick, injured, or orphaned, compassionate humans often arrive on the scene to provide assistance. Simon King did just that when he rescued two three-month-old cheetah orphans. In this lesson, students will observe how a team of people from the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy assisted one of the orphans after he had been injured in a fight. They will research how animal rehabilitation programs function and evaluate how well the programs work. Students will also create a blog to share information about cheetahs and the challenges they face.

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  • kylee

    saw toki’s story on pbs, it really touched my heart. so glad to hear that he is doing well,and i hope he continues to do so. also hope he is able to find a mate soon.

  • kylee

    if you find any orphaned wild cat contact: Ray Thunderhawk
    a at thunderhawk big cat rescue in florida!!!

  • Nancy Robles

    I just saw the show and absolutely amazed! But i do hope everyone is all right. And i will watch updates on Toki and i want to learn more about cheetahs. thanks for taking care for him that is really nice.

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