Endangered Relationships
Video Segments: CRASH

These brief video segments can be used alone or in combination, to introduce a topic or to spark discussion among your students. The video segments can be adapted for any grade level. Stream the video segments from the playlist below, or scroll to the bottom of the page to find downloadable QuickTime versions of the videos. These videos are also used in the lesson plan Endangered Relationships (grades 5-8).

Excerpts from the NATURE episode “CRASH: A Tale of Two Species”

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Downloadable QuickTime versions of the video segments:
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Clip 1: “The Living Fossil

The horseshoe crab has survived for 350 million years.

Clip 2: “Horseshoe Crabs and Redknots

Horseshoe crabs are an essential source of nutrition for migrating birds.

Clip 3: Protecting the Horseshoe crab

Measures have been undertaken to protect the horseshoe crab.

Clip 4: Horseshoe Crabs and Humans

The horseshoe crab has immense value to humans for its uses in medical technology.

  • Lenore Valero

    I’ve lived by Coney Island Creek my whole life. I have grown up to see a dramatic decrease of horse shoe crabs on our beaches. This segment has encouraged my friend and I to organize a beach clean up this July 18. Thank you for the inspiration. ~Lenore

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