Lost World of the Holy Land

Additional Web and Print Resources

Web Sites

The Jerusalem Bird Observatory


Web site of one of the few traditional birdwatching areas in Jerusalem.

Migrating Birds Know No Boundaries


Extensive information on the Middle East’s migrating birds.

Israel Nature and National Parks Protection Authority


Information on Israel’s parks and their programs.

Children for the Protection of Nature in Palestine


Web site for a bird banding station in Beit Jalla.

Neot Kedumim


The biblical landscape reserve where much of Lost World of the Holy Land was filmed.

Nature Conservation in Israel


Informative web page from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Ein Gedi Reserve


A description from the Jewish Agency for Israel.

Noah’s Ark Search


Site offering information on the search for the ark.

The Search for Noah’s Ark


Another site looking for clues.


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