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Tarsiers are one of the world's smallest primates.

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Online Resources

We recommend these Web sites for those interested in the subjects shown on the NATURE program. All links are valid as of August 28, 1998.

Primate Info Net
A primate site sponsored by the Wisconsin Regional Primate Research Center.

Electronic Zoo/NetVet -- Primates Page
A compendium of links for every type of primate.

A biographical sketch of the gorilla, courtesy of Busch Gardens.

American Society of Primatologists
Information on these animals from a scholarly group.

Atlas of the Primate Brain
A primate brain map from the University of Washington.

The Budongo Forest Project
A study of the chimpanzees of the Budongo Forest in Uganda.

Savanna Baboon
A biography of the Savanna Baboon, the most widespread primate in Africa.

Duke University Primate Center
A fact-packed site, with photographs, links, and a "Name the baby aye-aye" contest.

Gorilla Conservation News
An online newsletter about the conservation of gorillas in Africa.

Yerkes Regional Primate Research Center
The Web site of the research center featured in MONKEY IN THE MIRROR.

Animal Omnibus -- Hamadryas Baboon
A page of information from the zoo in Birmingham, Alabama.

Chimpanzee and Great Ape Language Resources
Links, print resources, and photos from the Department of Anthropology at Brown University.

Primate of the Week -- Aye-Aye
Information on this animal from the Primate Gallery.

Print Resources

For those interested in the subjects shown in MONKEY IN THE MIRROR, we recommend the following books and print articles.

Else, J.G. and Lee, P.C., eds. PRIMATE EVOLUTION. London: Cambridge University Press, 1986.

Monkeys' opposable thumbs allow them to grasp the same way we do.

Else, J.G. and Lee, P.C., eds. PRIMATE ECOLOGY AND CONSERVATION. London: Cambridge University Press, 1986.

Fossey, Dian. GORILLAS IN THE MIST. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company. 1983.

Ghiglieri, Michael. EAST OF THE MOUNTAINS OF THE MOON. New York: The Free Press, 1988.

Marchant, Linda F. and Toshisada, Nishida. GREAT APE SOCIETIES. London: Cambridge University Press, 1996.

Richard, Alison F. PRIMATES IN NATURE. New York: W.H. Freeman and Company, 1985.


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